I drove over to nials house with a frown and was crying.mommy were are we going .suprise.we went to the hotel and found nials room .he opened the door.well we'll look who's forgot somthing at my house.nikolas walked out from the back of me .hi daddy.daddy?!.i walked back to the elevator before she could come back and closed the door and rode down and left .


2. getting her

I walked up to her daycare and put her in the back seat as she slept

We drove to the hotel and I told the guy

I'm here to see Niall Horan

Ok here room 67


Your welcome

We rode to floor room 5-67

I knocked on the door and woke up nikolas to see Niall with a smirk

Thirsty Lila

No you left somthing when you left


Nikolas walked out from behind me and said

Hi daddy


She hugged his legas he looked confused

Where did this red hair come from

You Niall

Are you leaving her here with me

She is your child

Ph kay

I handed him her bags and ran to the elevator and closed the door as I heard a door close

I ran to my car then drove away

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