Will you be mine?

Jennifer has lived in care for most of her life. Finally fostered and living a normal teenage life, Jen couldn't be happier. Then Ben, Jen's boyfriend's brother, comes into the picture and tears the couple apart. Whilst Jen tries to win Michael back, his brother will stop at nothing to make Jen his.


4. Chapter four

I woke up early for a change. 5:38 on a Monday morning, time for school soon. Oh joy! Note the sarcasm. Another chance to see Michael and that jerk he calls a brother. It's too soon to face them but I have no choice. I've had too many 'sick days' this year already and I can't take anymore off without the school getting involved. Not that I was actually sick on all of these days. In fact, for most of them I was perfectly healthy. I spent them at Michael's house making out with him...and some other stuff if you get what I mean ;).I lay there, various scenarios of today played out in my head, all of them ending badly for me.


I got ready for school and left the house at 8:12. I was going to be late but since that was my plan for avoiding Michael, I didn't give it a second thought. I arrived at school at 9:03. Only three minutes late despite leaveing twelve minutes late. It's kind of ironic seeing as I normally leave unbelievably early and I end up arriving at school not long before form finishes, sometimes I can be up to 20 minutes late. To be honest, I'm not even sure if Michael and Ben are in school but I'm not taking any chances. Seeing them now will probably just cause me to burst into tears which is just going to leave me wide open for ridicule. I walk into my form room; cheers erupted throughout the class.

"Couldn't keep your hands to yourself, Jen?"

"Fancied someone more mature?"

“Always knew she was a slut.”

They kept chucking insults at me, each one pushing down my hopes of ever getting Michael to love me again. Deep down I knew that Michael wasn't good enough for me but he is all that I want. So one of them has been spreading my business around the whole school. Nice. I bet it was Ben. I can't believe he's done this after all he said to me yesterday. Shows you how much he really cared about me. Ben can't have what he wants so he's gonna ruin my life like it’s some kind of consolation for his loss. He's got a funny way of showing that he cares. I don't think my life can get any worse than this.

Suddenly a paper aeroplane crashed into the side of my face and fell onto my desk, where suprise suprise I was sitting alone. I unfolded it and began to read the message inside it. ‘Its over!’ written in Michael’s scruffy handwriting. Just those two words inside the plane. Just two words which hurt so much. I knew exactly who they were from. Michael. Why does he believe the utter crap that Ben is spouting? I looked over to the other side of the classroom and immediately spotted Michael, surrounded by several admirers and his friends. Funny how I used to be the popular one. He caught me eye and I turned away, my face burning up. He always could make me blush. I peeked over in his direction from under my blonde highlights. Good job I decided to leave my hair loose today. His eyes were still fixed on me. This time as our eyes met his blank expression transformed into a scowl and he slowly turned away. Even though I knew that things were over yesterday it was still a shock for me to see it in writing. I didn't think it was possible to be any sadder than I already was, but I was wrong.


The rest of my day wasn't any better. As soon as school ended, I darted out of science and ran along the street. I didn't stop until I reached Starbucks. That was a pretty good run since I always come last in any race- sprinting, cross-country; you name it I've lost it. I even lost the egg and spoon races in primary school. Once I barely made it past the starting line before they announced the winner. Jeez I'm out of air. My lungs feel like they're going to collapse.

Suddenly I noticed Ben walking towards me with a satisfied smirk on his face. I feel like punching that stupid grin right off of his face. That's if he was like 3 years younger and a foot smaller. He approached me and stood before me, looming over my petite 5”1’ frame. He didn't say a word but the smile said it all. I looked up at him with what I hoped was a look of contempt. Probably looked more like a toddler having a tantrum when their parents refused to buy them something. He begins to walk away from me, turning back every now and then with that stupid smirk plastered across his face. I briskly marched on to my destination. Costa. I ordered a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and marshmallows, and a brownie and took a seat near the window. Brrr. It was really chilly today. Good thing I'd brought my jacket. I gazed outside, my mind slipping into fantasy world. My fantasy hadn't changed since mum and Ben died. Now I could visualise the calm blue ocean of my dreamworld. Full of tranquility. I used to wonder what it would be like to have a brother. If Ben's is anything to go by then I'm definately better off without, no matter how evil that sounds. It’s such a coincidence that Michael's brother and my little brother share the same name. Ben. Thinking of his name abruptly ends my dream and I come back to reality with a thunk. I suddenly realise that I am crying, the salty tears trickling softly down my cheeks, no doubt ruining my mascara. I sniff softly and brush away the tears, trying not to totally wreck my makeup. I probably look like a panda right now. I suddenly realise that me and Michael always used to come here afterschool every Monday. I quickly finish my snack and vacate my seat incase Michael's around. I step out into the crisp autumn air and head home.

Quote of the day: Real men damage your lipstick, not your mascara.

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