Crazy Stupid Love

"Can't we just hit rewind and go back to when it was just you and I?"


4. Chapter 4: More Than You Realize

"Oh my." I quickly pulled away at the sound of Ally's voice. I turned my head to see her leaning against the wall with a huge smirk lining her lips. I felt my face start warming up. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Zayn had a soft smile on his face, which caused me to smile a bit.

"So obviously Jace struck a nerve with you lover boy." Ally teased Zayn as she made her way into the kitchen between us.

"Hmm I don't know what you mean." He smugly smiled.

"Oh so him saying that at least he had the balls to admit that he was in love with our Gabby had nothing to do with your random midnight kiss?" She smiled.

The more she talked about it the more it made my heart race. It's been years since I first met Zayn, and if were to know something like this would happen I don't think I would have ever dated Harry, or slept with Liam.

"Or was it just merely a birthday kiss?" Her question broke my thoughts causing a deep pain grow inside my chest. He didn't answer her, he just sent her his normal sly smile that would drive me crazy.

"Two glasses? Aren't you sleeping in Brie's room?" He finally asked. My eyes widened as I realized that she hasn't been in my room since an hour after we all went to bed, she went to the "bathroom" and never returned. I looked at her newly reddened face as it was clear the tables had turned, and she was clearly busted.

"Ally!" I finally gasped.

"I-" Before she could come up with a lie Louis came out only in his boxers, that brings back memories. All of our eyes locked on him as he stopped awkwardly.

"W-what?" He coughed out.

"Care to explain?" I teased.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He smirked at me as he grabbed one of the glasses of water out of Ally's hand before grabbing her hand pulling her back to the guest room. Zayn's laugh broke the silence causing shivers throughout my body. I smiled at him before heading back to my room without saying anything else. I honestly was afraid to say anything, because I didn't want that kiss to have been just some birthday kiss. I was hoping it was more than that.


The morning light rain through my curtains causing my eyes to flicker open. I let out a yawn as I struggled to get out of bed. The chatter coming from the living room instantly put a smile on my face as I made my way out there.

"Good morning sunshine." Ally smiled at me.

"Morning." I smiled at her.

"Can we have a picnic today auntie?" I looked over to see Mia sitting next to Zayn on the couch.

"Of course sweetie, anything you want." I smiled.

"Hey now don't tell her that." Louis scolded me.

"I am her aunt, meaning I am aloud to spoil her." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Just wait till you have a kid."

"As if that will happen."

"Oh really?" Ally looked at me deviously.

"So what were you two doing last night?" I quickly changed the subject causing them both to blush.

"N-nothing.." They both stuttered.

Zayn just laughed as they both tried to nervously put some distance between themselves. Part of me feels a bit betrayed on the fact that they wouldn't tell me that something was going on between them, I thought that I had a right to know at least.

After a few hours we decided to get ourselves around and head off to the park to have a picnic, I had of course invited Luke and Ashton to join us if they had some free time. I even tried to call Jace but it kept going to voicemail, so it was clear he was still upset about last night.

"I never did get to ask you Zayn, how did you know where Gabby lived?" Louis asked.

"Luke told me, very cautiously too I might add." He chuckled.

"How come you never came to visit her before?" Ally butted in causing my heart to burn with pain at that question.

"I had to take care of somethings first." He frowned.

"He wouldn't keep his distance without a reason." I smiled softly. "He's always looked after me, like a brother would his sister."

"Ohhh!" Both Ally and Louis said together with a hint that I might have said something wrong. I looked over at Zayn to see a strong frown glued to his face, maybe I did say something wrong.

"The beach!!" Mia screamed as she ran across the sand towards the water leaving the picnic basket behind. Ally and Louis quickly followed her as I picked up the basket.

"Is that really how what you think I think Brie?" I turned my head to see a trace of hurt swimming through those golden brown eyes of his.

"Isn't it though?" I questioned.

"Brie do you really think I would have did what I did last night if I thought that way?" He growled.

"Wasn't it just a birthday kiss?" There it was, took all the courage inside me to spit the question out. Without hesitation he quickly stepped forward cuffing my face in his hands as he pressed his lips against mine, sending the same spark I felt last night through my body again. I felt the basket slip out of my hands as I rested them on top of his.

"Oh my god." That voice broke our kiss and caused us to pull away from each other. There he stood with blood shot eyes, an evil grimace and a bottle of rum in his hands.

"Jace…" I muttered.

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