Crazy Stupid Love

"Can't we just hit rewind and go back to when it was just you and I?"


2. Chapter 2: Birthday Girl

Brie's POV:

The morning sun peered through the curtains warming the side of my face. I sat up yawning as I ran my hand through my hair. The sound of my doorbell ringing buzzed throughout my apartment causing me to groan as I stumbled to my feet and headed towards my door. I opened up the door and felt two arms wrap around my waist, and two around my shoulders. As I stepped back I noticed two faces smiling at me intently.
"Lou.. Mia.." I mumbled.
"Hi Auntie." Mia smiled brightly walking passed me towards the living room.
"What are you guys doing here?" I asked Lou as I shut the door behind him.
"It's your birthday sis." He smiled at me before handing me a small little box. I stared at it for a few seconds before opening it. Inside was a necklace with red gems, my birth stone.
"It's beautiful…" I mumbled before putting it around my neck.
"I picked it out!" Mia said excitedly from the couch as she watched TV.
"Thank you guys." I smiled at him.
"That's not all." He said softly. "Go get dressed so we can go get some lunch."
"Okay." I laughed as I hurried towards my bedroom. It may not seem like it sometimes, but I do miss having Lou around. Things just aren't the same being alone.
After I got dressed I walked out of my room tying my hair up into a messy bun. That's when I heard my phone start going off, at first I was confused but when I answered it the confusion went right away.
"Hello birthday girl." Luke said as I answered.
"Luke." I smiled even through I knew he wouldn't be able to see it.
"I got big news to share with you, are you busy tonight?" He asked.
"Uh hold on let me ask Lou." I said.
"He's there with you?"
"Yeah it was a surprise to me too." I giggled. "Are we doing anything tonight?"
"Tonight? Just dinner. Why?" Louis answered.
"Just dinner he said." I replayed the message.
"Good then after dinner I'll be over." He said excitedly.
"Okay." I laughed.
"I'll see you tonight then. Bye birthday girl."
After I hung up the phone I looked over at Lou who was staring at me with a lot of confusion on his face. I softly smiled at him as I placed my phone in my back pocket and grabbed my bag.
"What did Luke want?" Lou asked as we headed out of my apartment.
"He has some very big news to share with me tonight." I chuckled.
"So is he joining us for dinner?"
"No he's coming over afterwards."
"Okay that works." He chuckled.
"So I get to see uncle Luke?" Mia cheered.
"It appears so." We both chuckled.
"Awesome!" She cheered as she skipped in front of us.
As we walked through town towards the Café, Lou explained to me everything that had been going on in their lives. Still no lady interest which for some reason highly upset me. After the Café Lou insisted on going shopping, I hate shopping but for him I agreed.
"Wow! Auntie you would look so pretty in that!!" I turned my head to see Mia pointing towards a short black dress in the window.
"I agree with her." I felt a hand on my shoulder so I turned my head to see Jace smiling at me as he held flowers in his hand.
"Jace!" Mia screamed as she jumped into his arms.
"What are you guys doing here?" He asked as he swung Mia around.
"It's my sister's birthday of course you don't think I would miss it now do you?" Louis said a bit coldly.
"No. No of course not." Jace smiled smugly as he set Mia down.
"Honestly I didn't think you guys were going to make it." I said nervously.
"What?" Louis frowned at me.
"Well Mia has school and you have work.." I muttered.
"Brie.." Louis looked at me so sadly. "You're my sister, you are all I have left besides Mia."
"I know.." I looked at him trying to fight back the tears.
"Lets go get some ice cream!" Mia said grabbing both of our hands and pulling us down the street.
As we sat down in the park watching Mia play I noticed the light that glowed in Lou's eyes. I haven't seen that kind of light in forever, maybe thinking that he needed to go find someone to love wasn't the right kind of thinking. He has Mia, a love that will never vanish.
"She's looking more and more like her mother." He finally said as he watched her.
"Funny I think she looks more like you than El." I smiled.
"Minus the big nose." Jace chimed in.
"Hey I do not have a big nose!" Lou said covering his nose.
"No you don't it's a perfect size for your big head." I teased causing him to smash his ice cream cone in my face. Jace and Lou started laughing as I tried to get the ice cream out of my nose.
"This isn't funny!" I growled which only made them laugh more.

After a few more hours of window shopping we headed back to my apartment. Mia quickly headed to the TV turning on one of her shows, as Jace made himself comfortable next to her. It was nice to have them all here with me for a change. I mean I know I get to see Jace all the time but it's different when we're alone.
"Oh hey Brie!" Louis turned around quickly.
"Yes Lou?" I looked at him confused.
"You have an appointment!" He grinned.
"An appointment?"
"Yes! Go to this place here and you'll find out." He pushed me out the door in a hurry leaving me full of confusion. However I didn't question it, and just headed to the place that was written down on the piece of paper.
When I got there I realized that he had sent me to a salon. Just as I was about to turn back around I felt arms wrapping around my shoulders pulling my close. It only took about a second to figure out that it was a female hugging me. As she pulled away her dark hair fell against her side as tears started swelling her eyes.
"Ally?" I questioned even though I knew it was her, she was a hard person to forget.
You see I met Ally a year ago when Louis and I were still travelling around together. Neither of us at that time had a stable job, so when we needed some extra cash he would sit at the park with his guitar and sing for the public. Which gave us about $300 every time.
"I've missed you!" She squealed whipping away the tears. "I have missed you too Ally." I smiled at her. "Did Lou set this up?" "I told him to keep it a secret, that I wanted to surprise you." "Well I'm kinda glad that this was the surprise." I chuckled. "Oh no this isn't it!" She giggled as she pulled me into the salon causing me to groan. As she flipped through the hair styling book I started to get extremely nervous. The last time I got my hair styled was before I moved into the apartment place back home.
As we walked back to my apartment, Ally told me about the new things that she's seen on the road. I remember the day that I met Ally, she was such a quiet girl, so it surprised me to learn that she travelled for years. When we got back to my place Mia was sitting on the couch drawing while the guys were in the kitchen talking. "Whoa!" Jace gasped when his eyes caught a hold of the newly blonde hair.
"You look beautiful sis." Louis smiled at me.
"Thanks." I rolled my eyes as I smiled.
"I thought the blonde hair would be a fresh change." Ally said taking a seat next to Mia.
"Ally!" Mia squealed as she wrapped her arms around her.
"You've gotten so big!"
"Who's she?" Jace asked walking out into the living room.
"Our friend Ally, we met her on the road." Louis said smiling at his daughter and Ally.
"I thought you didn't have friends, Gabby." Jace frowned.
"I never said that, I just said I didn't need more." I teased.
"Go get ready for dinner Brie." Louis said and I nodded as I headed back to my room. I changed into my long sleeved black lacy shirt and black jean skirt. After I curled my hair and did my make up I headed back out to the others who were all sitting around the living room. That's when I heard my phone start buzzing on the kitchen counter.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Where are you right now?" It was Luke again, this time he sounded panicked.
"Still at home, about to go to dinner." I said. "Luke is something wrong?"
"Stay there! I am on my way over!" He was out of breath I could tell.
"Please don't go anywhere yet Gabby.."
"I won't Luke."
After I hung up I just stared at the phone for a few seconds, wondering what was bothering Luke so much.  I set my phone down and looked over at the others who were all staring at me contently.
"What?" I questioned.
"What did Luke want?" Louis asked.
"He's on his way over."
"But what about dinner?" Jace groaned.
"It can wait." I stated.
"Why can't he just wait?" Jace narrowed his eyes.
"Because I promised him I wouldn't leave." I crossed my arms getting annoyed.
"But." He began.
"She said dinner can wait so just drop it already." Ally growled.
"What." He gasped before jumping up and storming out of the apartment leaving us speechless. Jace has never acted so immature before, what is his deal? I sighed and walked over to the couch taking a seat next to Louis.
"What is his deal?" Lou asked.
"I don't know, ever since last night he's been acting very strange." I sighed.
"Last night? What happened?"
"I got a letter from Zayn." I said softly smiling.
"What?!" They both looked at me shocked.
When we travelled with Ally I had told her all about Zayn. That was usually our main subject, and she was convinced that I was in love with him by the way I talked. It was actually nice being able to let out all of my feelings to someone who wasn't going to hold it against me. Which she never did. The sound of someone banging on my door broke my thoughts, as I opened it I was engulfed in a tight hug.
"Luke." I said softly as I wrapped my arms around him.
"Thank god." He whispered.
"Aston?" I turned my head to see another guy walking inside, who looked a bit like Harry at least with the crazy hair. When he turned his head to looked at me he smiled softly.
"Hi Lou long time." Ashton said.
"Wow." Ally mumbled.
"Can I talk to you for a second? Alone?" Luke asked softly staring at me.
"Yes of course." I smiled softly before walking back towards my room with him following me. He took a seat on my bed as I closed my door. He looked completely pale like he had seen a ghost or something.
"I'm so relived that you are okay.." He mumbled throwing his head into his hands.
"What's going on Luke?" I asked taking a seat next to him.
"I keep getting letters, with pictures of you Gabby." His blue eyes looked at me with fear lingering deep. "W-what?" My voice cracked.
"Knock knock." I looked up to see Ally cracking up the door. "Brie you have a visitor."
"What?" I looked at her confused then looked at Luke who also looked confused.
I pushed myself up off the bed and nervously made my way out to the living room. As I turned the corner my heart jumped out of my chest when my eyes locked with the tall figure bent down in front of Mia. A small gasped left my lips before my hand covered my mouth. I fought back the tears as he stood up looking at me with a soft smile lined his lips.
"You look just as beautiful as ever Brie." Hearing him say my name caused the tears to flow out as I ran over to him jumping into his arms. He wrapped his arms around me lifting me off the ground holding me tightly.

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