Crazy Stupid Love

"Can't we just hit rewind and go back to when it was just you and I?"


1. Chapter 1: Birthday Surprises.

Brie's POV:

The soft music filled my ears as I walked through the crowd of people. Snow was falling gently as the sky was filled with whiteness. It's been two years since that explosion, and two long years thinking about how naive I was. Louis and Mia settled down a few towns over from where I am. She said it made her think of Eleanor so Louis decided to make a home there for them. I on the other hand was more or so not really ready to stay put in a place. That was until I got here and something about the place seemed right so I found an apartment. 

"Welcome home Ms.Gabby." My thoughts broke when I saw Mrs.Hens in front of me with two big bags of food. 

"Need any help?" I asked. 

"If it's not too much to ask." She smiled softly at me as I grabbed the bags and started walking into the building. She opened up her door and I walked in. Mr.Hens was asleep in his chair as the six o'clock news played. I set the bags down on her counter before heading upstairs to my apartment. 

Being in this place made me think of the apartment I used to share with the boys. Sometimes I would wake up screaming for help in the middle of the night. No matter how hard I try to forget that night, those painful months, they always haunted me at night. 

"Happy Birthday!" My thoughts broke as I was engulfed in a tight warm hug. I turned my head to see my friend Jace smiling cheekily at me. 

"It's not my birthday yet." I mocked. 

"I wanted to be the first one to say it." He frowned. 

"You're gonna be the only one to say it." I teased. 

"You need more friends." He sighed. 

"No I think I'm good." 

"What about your brother and niece?" He frowned. 

"Louis has to work and Mia has school." 

"Isn't it winter break yet though?" 

"No not quite." I laughed. 

He sighed realizing that he in fact lost this argument. I smiled as I shook my head. I met Jace about five months ago through my brother. At first he reminded me so much of Harry that I hated his guts, but the more I got to know him the more I realized he wasn't anything like that jerk. 

"This came for you today." Jace said handing me a letter and breaking my thoughts. I stared at the letter with disbelief. I tore the letter open as fast as my shaky hands would let me. 


Dear Ella, 

Hopefully this letter reaches you on your birthday like I planned it to. That night of the accident I thought I was gonna lose you and when I woke up in the hospital every negative thought bled through my mind causing me to think that maybe the best way to make sure you're safe is to leave. I know that was selfish of me wasn't it? I'm writing you this to warn you, there's someone who's out to get you. Someone that was close to Liam, I don't know who he is but all I know is that he knows all about you and knows exactly how to make you crack. Be careful.



What? You gotta be kidding me. It's been two long years and yet there's still someone out to get me?!

"Maybe he's just trying to scare you." Jace said with very little emotion in his voice. 

"N..o.." I mumbled. "Zayn isn't like that."

"How would you know it's been two years since you've seen him. Maybe he's the one after you Gabby." He growled. 

"What's gotten into you?" I snipped. 

"Nothing! I'm just stating the obvious!" He growled before running out of my apartment and slamming the down behind him. I sighed as I fell back onto the couch. Two questions lingered in my mind. Who was out to get me now and why was Jace pushing Zayn under the bus?


A/N Who do you think is out to get Brie now? Comment below :)

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