Poetry Collection

I recently started writing poetry as a way of relaxation and have found myself to enjoy it very much. It is something I have never done so I have no I idea whether my poems are any good, I just want to share what I have wrote so far.


2. Picking Weeds

The corn sliced against my knee,
I slowly threaded through the acre field,
Steering the heavy wheelbarrow,
On the hunt for dirty weeds,

I stopped when I saw one,
So tall, almost to my hip,
Reaching out I strangled it,
Straight out from the ground,

 My poor hands burned with 
Electrifying pain horrible little stings,
Dropping the weed in the barrow,
I sorely struggled on,

Little legs carrying some shallow cuts,
Hands barely able to do no more,
I told the farmer the deed was done,
He smiled and thanked me for my work

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