The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


8. chapter 8

Harry POV

I still couldn’t believe what Lou told me. It was horrible. Who would dp something like that to such a sweet boy?
And the fact that the man who did this to Lou is out of prison and looking for Lou scares the shit out of me.
I mean what is he going to do to Lou when he finds him?
I promised him I would protect him and I’m gonna keep my promise. But it’s gonna be difficult, hell I don’t even know what the man looks like.
Lou fell asleep on my chest a while ago. He looks so pretty, he has his arms wrapped tight around my body and his face burried in my chest, tear stains cover his rosy cheeks. It’s adorable
No wait! He isn’t adorable. You can’t fall for him.
He would never like you back. Sadly. No! Harry Don’t.
I sat there thinking about what Lou told me when I felt him shifting, he began to sweat and he looked scared.

“Harry??” He mumbled

I looked down at him “Yeah?

 “Hazza??” He said a little bit louder
“What’s wrong Lou?” I started to get worried.

“Hazza don’t do it!” I decided he was having a nightmare and tried to wake him.

“Don't do what?? Lou? c'mon, wake up” I shaked him softly.

“HARRY!!! NOO!!!” he began to scream
“LOUIS!!” I grabbed his shoulder and shook him.

Suddenly his eyes flew open, he sat straight up and his breathing was heavy. He looked at me fell into my arms and began to cry loudly. He clenched his hands in my shirt. Shoulders shaking from the crying. “You’re here. Hazz Please don’t leave me” he begged

“Shhhh Lou, shhh it was just a dream. It’s over now, don’t worry. Shhhh I’m here, I won’t leave you.” I said while hugging him and slowly rocking him back and forth.

“It looked so real Hazza, please promise me you’ll never leave me. Please promise me? he said to me between sobs.

“I’ll never leave you. Never. I promise Lou”

Louis POV
(back in time)

I was tired from the crying and Harry’s chest was so warm and cozy that I slowly fell asleep.
I sat on the ground in the middle of  a dark room. Alone. I screamed loud, no one. Suddenly a dark shadow came to me.

“Who’s there?” I asked scared.

The shadow came closer.

“C’mon tell me, who’s there. It’s not funny” I demanded

Then a door, which I didn’t noticed before opened. A figure stepped inside and flicked a weak light on. it walked closer to the light and I could see the curly headed boy come closer to me.


There was no answer. And it seemed like he didn’t notice me. or hear me.
I tried to stand up. I could’t. my legs where to heavy.

“Hazza?? Is that you?” I tried again.

No answer. He walked to the middle of the room. Closer to the shadow that was still in the room.
the shadow came closer to the light, and closer to Harry.
Harry who didn’t seem to notice anything stopped in the middle of the room. Close to me.
the shadow came towards Harry and reached for him.
Harry looked at the shadow which is the only thing he seemed to notice. The shadow came into the light. It was the man who raped me. My eyes widened. The man lifted his hand for Harry to grab.

“Hazza don’t do it!!”  I shouted panicked.

Harry grabbed the hand of the man.
The man grinned evily and dragged Harry with him quick. Out of the room.


I woke up, sweat on my forhead. I was breathing heavy.
I looked next to me, seeing Harry looking at me with a worried look on his face.
I fell into his arms, and began crying. Clenching onto Harry’s shirt.

 “You’re here. Hazz Please don’t leave me” I begged

“Shhhh Lou, shhh it was just a dream. It’s over now, don’t worry. Shhhh I’m here, I won’t leave you.”  He said while hugging me and slowly rocking me back and forth.

“It looked so real Hazza, please promise me you’ll never leave me. Please promise me? i said between sobs.
“I’ll never leave you. Never. I promise Lou”

When I calmed down a bit I unclenched Harry’s shirt and looked at him.
I looked straight into his beautiful green eyes. Without noticing I slowly leaned closer, until our noses touched. I felt his warm breath on my skin. My eyes flicked to his lips and back to his eyes

“u-uhh-hh Lou?” He stuttered


“I thi-ink we sho-ould head u-uhh-hm back to-o the scho-ol.”

I still had my face close to his, but slowly pulled back.

“Oh, Yeah, uhhmm sorry.” I said awkwardly. I knew I shouldn’t have done that. I wanted to slap myself. He would never like me like that. 

“No point mate.” He smiled

“Yeah. Mate” I said a little disappointed. But I don’t want to be friends, I wan’t so much more.

We took the same way back. I knew we weren’t on time anymore so hurrying would be pointless. When we where back in the school the third period had already started. We stayed there longer than I thought.
not that I minded. I mean I loved being with Harry.
I always love being with Harry.
My thoughts where interrupted by the principal.

“Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Well, well, well, finally decided to show up I see.” He said.

“I’m so sorry mr. it won’t happen again. I swear” Harry said a look of guilt on his face.

“Sure  thing mr. Styles. follow me to my office”

We walked through the hallway, in the direction of the principals office. Once we were in there, the principal told us to grab a seat.

“So, gentlemen. I guess you know why you’re here?” He says while folding his hands.

“Yeah, listening to your endless whining about how you don’t tolerate skipping classes” I mutterd under my breath. Causing Harry to laugh.

“What did you say? Mr. Tomlinson” the principal asked suspisious

”Oh nothing sir” Louis said. A pround smile hanging on his lips. Wonder why.

“Okay, well because it’s the first time for both of you guys, I won’t call your parents or suspent the both of you. Instead you will have detention for two whole weeks, and the both of you will clean the canteen after school”

We both nodded slowly. Ugh that sucks, I hate cleaning.

“Great. Then this will be your punishment. But remember, next time you’ll we suspended”

“Yes sir. We won’t do it again” I said. Harry nodding in agreement.

“Just keep that promise” He said while standing up. “Then I expect you both in the canteen after school . Now, go to your classes”

We left without saying a word. As soon as we stepped out of the office, we let out a deep sigh.

“Well that went great” Harry said sarcastically.

“Yeah, couldn’t went better” I said while pulling a silly face causing Harry to laugh. I love making him laugh. it’s such a beautiful sound.

“Well, lets go to our classes. Can’t wait to clean the canteen after school. Not!” Harry sighed.

“Yeah, curious how we’re gonna survive that” I chuckled.

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