The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


6. chapter 6

Harry’s POV
(next day)
It was Friday today, it seemed a normal Friday. Everything was like normal. The birds chirping, the vegetable man who says hello to me like evey other morning.
Yeah it seemed completely normal. But it’s not. Today is the day we’re going to make the plan reality.
Today is the day we’re getting Zayn and Perrie together.

Today is the- “HARRY!!!” Lou came running to me. Snapping me out of my thoughts

“What’s up Lou?”

“No time to talk. Quick come with me. It’s for your own safety. THE PINK ALIENS WILL CATCH US IF YOU DON’T HURRY UP!” I chuckled at him. The amount of fantasy this boy has is unreal.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the school building.

“Lou, where are we going?”

“I said no time to talk. C’mon we have to go left here.”

“But I want to know where are we going.” I pulled my hand back out of Louis' grasp and stood still with my hands crossed over my chest.

“Oh c’mon Harry don’t be stubborn if you come with me now I’ll explain it on our way to…….” He trailed off.

“To what?” I said

“To the basement” he wispers close to my ear.
So close it sent shivers down my spine. Right after he wispered that in my ear, he grabbed my arm again and dragged me with him. Sure, I was confused but decided not to question it. Lou dragged me up the stairs and runned to so many different directions that I didn’t know where we were anymore, but Lou seemed to know exactly where he went and I trusted him so I let him drag me with him. On the other side. This part of the school seemed quite empty and abandoned to me. The walls weren’t colorful anymore, the lights flickered and the classrooms looked like there hasn’t been someone in years. We went around the corner one more time and then Lou stopped running. I looked up and saw a huge wall in front of me and when I say huge a mean HUGE. The wall was like 10 meters high and 5 meters wide. I was more then confused now.

“Lou?” I breathed

“Yeah?” “You said we would go to the basement.” I looked at him and frowned

“Well we are going to the basement.” a triumphant smile shows on his face.

“But we’re on the first floor and where standing in front of a huge wall, which by the way we can’t past bacause THE CORRIDOR HAS A DEAD END! so where are we going. Tell me or I will go back.” I threaten.

“NO!” he grabs my arm sending tingles down my arm.

“Don’t go back” he pleaded.

“I took you here for your own safety, aliens will get us I swear” he jokes.

“Lou” I sigh “I don’t have time for jokes I’m going back”

He grabs both of my arms “I promise you we are going to the basement please stay here” Tears welled up in his eyes.

My eyes widen. “Okay okay I won’t go back but please tell me what’s going on and how we’re going to find a basement on the first floor”

He sighed in relief and gave me a weak smile “I’ll show you the way to the basement. Watch and learn”
He walked to the huge wall, knocked on differend places on the wall and walked back to where I stood. I looked at him puzzeled until I heard a loud noise and I felt the ground shake under my feet. I grabbed Lou’s hand tightly and looked at the wall which slowly turned around.

“Come” Lou said to me and walked with me to the wall. There was a small step where you could stand on. Lou walked towards it and hopped on the wooden shelf.

“You coming Hazza?” He laughed when he saw I wasn’t coming. I doubted but then I reminded myself I sure wouldn’t find the way back and hopped on it too. Lou jumped on the shelf two times and the wall began to turn back.

“Hold on tight Hazza.” He smiled

And the wall had turned completely, bringing me and Lou in a dark room.

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