The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


5. chapter 5

Chapter five

Harry POV

The next morning I’m rudely awakened by Gemma, who storms into my room. “Hazz, get up. You’ll be late if you won’t get out of bed now” she says, much too loud if I might add.
I groan when she walks out of the room and let myself fall out of my bed. Litteraly. Much to my bad luck, I fall face down on the floor, and I can tell you. That fucking hurts. Not my best idea I guess.
Gemma must have heard the thump of me falling out of my bed, because when she runs back into the room and sees me laying on te ground she begins to scream. “Gosh, Gemma. Stop screaming will you” I groan and cover my ears.
Luckily for me, she stops screaming “what the hell Harry. I thought you where dead” she exlaimes.
I chuckle “does it seem like I’m dead?”
“no, but….. ughh just… just get up and change” she says annoyed and walks out of my room.
“love you too Gem” I shout after her.
“yeah sure, just get up” she shouts back.
I chuckle, stand up from the floor and walk into the bathroom to get ready. I decide to have a quick shower, so I step under it, only to get a cold jet of water over me when I turn on the water.
“why would I do that?” she shouts back.
“my water is freezing”
“so, just shower with cold water” she answers, and I can literaly hear the smirk in her voice.
I sigh and quickly clean myself so I can get out of the shower. When ready, I grab a towel from under the sink dry myself and walk back to my bedroom with it around my waist. I open the drawer and grab a pair of boxers putting them on. Then I walk towards my closet and grab my purple hoodie and blue skinnyjeans. I comb through my hair, ruffle it and move it to one side before walking downstairs.
As usual mum isn’t home so Gemma made my breakfast. “thanks Gem” I say and begin to eat my eggs and bacon.
“Hazz, only thirty minutes until school starts. You have to go now”
I nod, put my empty plate in the sink and walk towards the hall to put on my white converses, which aren’t exactly white anymore. I grab my jacket from the peg, say bye to Gemma and make my way to school.

When i arrive at school I see Louis and his friends at the side of the footballfield, they’re the only ones there so I’m beginning to think that it’s there spot. Louis was looking around, as if he was searching for something, or someone. Suddenly his eyes crossed mine and his face lightend up. ‘Hmmm, weird’ I thought.
“Hazz come stand here!” I hear him shout.
I smile and make my way to him and his friends.

Louis POV

I was standing on the side of the footballfield with Niall, Zayn, Liam, Perrie, Selena and Nick, talking about……uhmm yeah, I don’t really know cause i’m not paying attention. You want to know why? Well I’m searching for a sertain person called Harry. I missed him so much. Erhmm, did I just say that? Pff no I didn’t.
Suddenly I spot him, standing all akward and alone. I smile widely and shout “Hazz come stand here!”
He smiles and walks over to me.
“Hi” he smiles and waves awkwardly.
“Hey, Hazza. Just so you know, you’re always welcome to stand with us you know”
“Thanks Lou” he smiles “I just thought you didn’t want me standing with you, you know since you’re all populair and I’m just Harry”
“Hazzy, of course I want you to stand with us, you’re not just Harry, you’re special. Don’t think that way, it makes me sad”
Suddenly he pulls me in a bonebreaking hug, and sniffles.
“what’s wrong Hazz?” I ask, concerned.
He looks at me and says “you care”
Yes, now I am confused “what? Hazz wha-“ I’m cut off by the bell ringing.
“Come Lou, let’s head inside” he grabs my hand and I feel my hand tingle. It feels nice. What?.
“Hazz, what do you mean by you care?” I try again.
“nevermind, I never should’ve said it”
“no tell me”
He shaked his head and walkes into the classroom, letting go of my hand, leaving me with a cold feeling. I liked it better when his hand was connected with mine. I thought.
I bit my lip in confusion and walked into the classroom, taking a seat next to Harry. We have English from miss Flack, she’s like 80 years old and I have no idea why the school let’s her teach at that age. Not that I’m complaining though, she falls asleep in every lesson. So English is pretty much my favorite subject because of that.
“Hey, new kid. Get the hell out of my seat” I hear behind me.
I turn around and see James, the boy who i usually sit next to in English. He grabs Harry by his collar and pushes him away. Harry tries to keep himself from falling down by grabbing the side of the table, but ends up falling down with the table on top of him.
I feel anger boiling inside me. How dare James to push Harry away. My Harry. Then James begins to laugh at Harry and I snap.
I push James of his chair and begin to hit him, then I realise that Harry is still on the ground with the table on top of him. I rush over and help him up. “why does nobody help him?” I scold.
“Harry are you okay? Did he hurt you?”
“I’m fine Lou, don’t worry. It’s okay” he smiles.
“No, it’s not okay. He had no right to push you away and he’s going to pa-“
“NO! Louis. Like I said before. It’s okay” he cut me off.
I gaped at him “but”
He sends me a glare and I groan “fine”
I walk over to James and point my finger towards him “HARRY is going to sit here. And if you DARE to touch him again or even look at him, you will pay for it. Get it?”
“y-yeah” he nods, a bit in schock of my reaction.
“good. Now, apologise and get the hell out of my eyes”
“I’m sorry Harry” he says and quickly walks to the other side of the classroom.
I sit back down in my seat and Harry sits down next to me.
“thanks for sticking up for me Lou” he smiles.
“No probs Hazz” I smile “that’s what friends do for eachother”
“yeah, friends” he smiles back.
Soon after the whole thing, mrs. Flack walks in. “Hello class, take your seats. I want to begin”
“Hello mrs. Flack” we all said in chorus.
“ah, we have a new student I see? Introduce yourself please?”
“ermm, Hi, I’m Harry. The new student” he says and waves.
“Yes, okay. And does Harry have a surname?”
“uhh yeah”
“care to tell me what it is?”
“it’s Styles mrs. Flack. Harry Styles”
“Well, mr. Styles. Welcome here, I hope you have a wonderfull time”
“Thanks Mrs. Flack”
“Okay, we’re beginning, grab your textbook and take page 68 in front of you. You’re making exercise 24 and 25. If you have any questions. I’m right here”
“she’ll fall asleep in no time if we’re quiet” I whisper to Harry.
Harry chuckles and looks at me with his beautiful green orbs. Wait….No, they aren’t beautiful. I meant green orbs. Yeah that’s it. Just normal green orbs.
Harry, waves his hand in front of my face and chuckles. God that chuckle.
“Huh? What?”
“You weren’t paying attention, were you?” he chuckles again.
I give him a sheepish smile “No, I guess I didn’t”
He shakes his head in amusement “I said mrs. Flack fell asleep, let’s discuss our plan”
“yeah, that would be great” I smile
“alrighty then. Have any idea’s?”
We discuss our plan until the end of class. When the bell rings we’re pretty far with the idea. We decide to go to mine after school, to finish the plan. We walk towards the canteen and sit with our friends during lunch.
The rest of the day went by very quick, and before I knew it. We could head home. Harry and I waited outside for Liam, Niall and Zayn to come and when they finally walked out of the building, we could head home.

Harry POV

The schoolday went by pretty fast. I loved English class, since me and Lou could discuss our plan. We decided to call it ‘matchmakers’ pretty cool huh.
When the last bell rung, Lou and I headed outside to wait for Niall, Liam and Zayn to come. Once they were outside we could go home. We said bye to the rest of the lads when we arrived at Lou his house. He opens the frontdoor with his key and I’m welcomed by a huge hall with thousands of family pictures on the walls. I look at a one and see Louis with four girls standing next to him. All of them a bright smile on their faces. They look so happy. I smile at the picture and turn to Louis. “your house is beautiful”
He chuckles “it’s nothing, but thanks”
“are they your sisters?” I ask, curious about who the girls in the pictures are.
“yeah, they’re my sisters. I’m the only man in the house” he chuckles and shows me his biceps, I look at him and my breath hitches. He’s so fit.
“do you workout?” I ask randomly.
He bursts out in a fit of a laughter.
“what?” i ask puzzled
“no, nothing, you’re cute” his eyes went wide in realizion what he just said. “i-I meant  funny, you’re funny”
“oh, ermm yeah. Thanks” I chuckle awkwardly.
After a while Louis breaks the uncomfortable silence “let’s head to the livingroom”
“yeah” I agree.
We walk trough the giant hall and make our way to the last door on the left side “I’m sure it seems like a maze to you, but you know the way after a while”
“LOU! YOU’RE HOME!”  I heard two girls shout as soon as Louis opens the door. They run towards him and clamp themselves on his legs. “hey, Lou. Who’s your friend” Louis' mum says from her place on the couch.
“hi, mum. This is Harry. Harry, this is my mum”
“oh you’re the new kid. Louis couldn’t stop talking about you yesterday” she smiles.
“Mum! Don’t” Louis gives her a warning look and I chuckle.
She holds her hands up in defence and laughs “Okay okay, I’ll stop”
“HARRY!” I heard and before I knew it, the two girls had themselves clamped on my leg.
Louis chuckled “Harry, this girls here are Daisy and Phoebe”
“what a lovely names do you have” I say and kneel down to their length “and who is who if I may ask”
They chuckle and smile “I’m Daisy” the one in the pink shirt says “and I’m Phoebe” the one in the green shirt says.
“I think I can remember that” I smile “so, you are Daisy” I say and point at Phoebe “and you’re Phoebe” I say and point at Daisy. They look at me and burst out in giggles. “no, you’ve got it wrong. It’s the other way around”
“ohh” I prentend I didn’t knew “that makes sense. “so I'm going to try again. And this time I’ll do it right, yeah?”
They nod and I smile “you’re Daisy, and you’re Phoebe” I say and point at them.
They cheer and hug me “yay! You did it right”
I grin and cheer “yeshh”
I look up at Louis, and he looks at us adoringly. “Hazz, are you coming upstairs with me?”
I nod “sure” then I look at the girls “I’m sorry girls but your brother wants me”
“that’s okay, have fun Harry” they say in unison.
I chuckle “bye girls”
Louis grabs my hand and takes me upstairs to his room. “I love your sisters Lou, they’re adorable”
He chuckles “yeah, I know. Wait until you meet the other ones. They’re not as adorable, but they’re amazing”
Louis holds the door open and lets me go first. “and here my lovely Hazza. Is my room”
I gape at his room “wow!, this place is huge”
The walls of his room are painted a light blue, and he has a wooden floor. There is a couch placed on the left side of his room, together with a refrigerator and a flatscreen tv on the wall. There are two doors in his room, one to his closet and one to his bathroom. HE HAS HIS OWN FUCKING BATHROOM! In the middle of the room there’s a canopy bed for two people. He has posters of famous footie players on the wall, and trophies on multiple shelves. His room is awesome.
“you play footie?” I ask when I’m done gaping at his room.
He laughs “I used to”
“you stopped? Why?”
“Don’t know, I guess I didn’t feel like it anymore” he schrugs.
“hmm kay” I hummed.
Lou trows his schoolbag on the ground and lets himself fall on his bed.
“do you like it?”
“my room, do you like it?” he smiles.
“your room is amazing. It’s huge and really I can only dream of a room like yours”
“glad you like it. We’re going to spend a lot of time here” he smiles and winks at me causing me to blush.
“your sisters” I quickly say, changing the subject.
“what’s with my sisters?” he chuckles at my sudden subject change.
“What are there names? I mean I know Daisy and Phoebe. But you said you have 4 sisters”
“oh yeah. The other two are named Charlotte and Felicite, but you can call them Lottie and Fizzy”
“hmm, cool. Is it fun to have that many sisters?” I ask Louis who is still lying on his bed but now leaning on his elbows.
“most of the time yeah, but sometimes they can annoy the shit out of me” he chuckles “do you have any brothers or sisters?”
“uhmm, yeah and no. not blood related but I concider her a sister. Shall we work on our plan?”
I can see he’s confused by my answer, but he schrugs it off “yeah, sure”
“Okey, so tomorrow I put the letter in his locker and you put the letter in hers. Then we make the classroom ready and wait for them to come” I say.
Louis nods “yep, I think that’ll work”
I grin “good. I can’t wait till tomorrow”
“me neither Hazza” he smiles back.
“Lou, I think I should head ho-“ I get cut off by Louis' mum, who walks into the room
“Harry, would you like to stay for dinner?” she asks.
“I would love to, I only need to give my mother a call to say I stay here for dinner” I smile politely.
“That’s okay. You can use our phone if you want to”
“that’s okay. I can use my own phone. Thank you”
“okay, I’ll call you guys when dinner’s ready. Have fun!” she says and winks at Louis.
“MUM!” Louis shouts and trows a pillow at her. She laughs and walks out of the room just in time for the pillow to hit the door and not his mother.
“what a lovely mother do you have” I chuckle. “why did she wink?”
“yeah, a super lovely and annoying mother” he chuckles “and for the wink. That’s for me to know, and for you to find out”
I huff and give him my best pout. He smiles and shakes his head “nope, still not going to tell you”
I huff another time and begin to smirk “well, if you’re not going to tell me. Then i’ll have to tickle it out of you isn’t it”
His eyes become wide and he sits straight up, scrambeling away “no, no, no you’re not going to tickle me”
My smirk grows wider “here comes the tickle monster” I say and chase him.
I manage to get a hold of him and begin to tickle his sides causing him to laugh uncontrollable. He lets himself fall on the ground and I’m quick to straddle him so he can’t go anywhere.
“p-please s-stop” he says.
I stop tickling him and pin his arms above his head. I bring my face closer to his and wisper in his ear “then tell me Louis”
His breath hitches and he looks at me. For a mere second I see his eyes flicker to my lips then back to my eyes. I lick them and slowly inch closer to his face, still straddeling him. Our noses touch and our breath mengles when. “Louis Harry, dinner’s ready”
I snap back in reality and quickly get off of him. My cheeks red from embarrassing. I akwardly scratch the back of my neck “uhmm, i-I’m sorry”
“no it’s okay” he replies.
“I shouldn’t have done tha- what?” I cut myself off.
“it’s okay, it doesn’t matter” he smiles getting of the floor.
“oh o-okay then” I smile back.

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