The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Harry’s POV

When i arrived at school i walked though the big doors and came into a large hall. I stood there lost for a while since i didn’t know where to go.

“Do you need something boy?"

I turn around and see a women sitting behind the information desk.

“Yes actually, i’m new here”

“Ohh yes of course, the principal mentioned you. He asked me to send you to his office, it’s at the end of that corridor, the last door on the right side” she instructs.

“Thank you” I smile at her.

I walk to where she said the office was and knock on the door. “come in” I hear, and I step inside, the office is quite large and there’s pictures and other stuff on the wall. He even has a stuffed wezel standing on his desk, which frights me actually.

"you must be Harry, our new student” the principal stands up from behind his desk and sticks his hand out for me to shake. He’s a rather small man and has a big belly. His hair is becoming grey and he’s wearing a suit.

“Yeah i am” I say and shake his hand.

“Well sit down my boy. I’ll explain the rules on my school so you won’t get in trouble. i don’t want smoking on school property, it ruins your live and it smells bad. If you Skip classes you’ll have detention for two weeks. If you skip classes for a second time, you’ll be suspended for one week” I frown at the rules and continue to listen.

“Well that are the main rules, there aren’t many rules but it i catch you doing this you’re in trouble. Do you understand that?”

“Yes mister” I nod

“Good. Can you wait a minute, i have to send someone to my office”

I nod and look around the room for a little bit more. He pushes the small red button on his microphone and begins to speak “good morning students, great to see all of you here. It will be a wonderfull new year with wonderfull new students” I roll my eyes, typical.  “I want to say a few things, but first. Louis Tomlinson can you come to my office please? I repeat Louis Tomlinson can you come to my office please?”

“Who is Louis Tomlinson?” I ask when he stops talking.

“You’ll see when he’s here”

Not much later we hear a knock on the door “Come in” the principal says. A guy, that i think is Louis, steps in inside and begins to defent himself immediately,

“I didn’t do it! i swear. I was the whole morning with my friends. It wasn’t me!”

Then he turns around and sees me.

I chuckle, the look on his face is priceles, confusion written all over it.

Louis POV

as soon as I hear the faint “Come in” I step inside and begin to defent myself even before the prinicpal can say a word. “I didn’t do it I swear, I was the whole morning with my friends. It wasn’t me!”

when the principal doesn’t answer I turn around, only to see a curly haired boy sitting in the chair at the desk of the principal. Why the hell is that boy here, and why the hell am I here?
I hear him chuckle, it’s the most perfect sound I heard in my entire life. His voice is so deep and raspy. I shake the tought off of me and turn to the principal again.

“Wait what?..... why am I here?”

The principal let out a chuckle “take a seat I’ll explain”

I grab a seat and sit down next to the curly haired boy.

“Louis this is Harry Styles, the new student. And Harry, this is Louis Tomlinson. He will supervise you this week” the principal explains.

“Hi” the curly haided boy next to me says and waves a little.

I look at him and smile “hey”

His face turns into a large grin and I chuckle “what?”

He blushes a deep shade of red and looks away mumbeling a “nothing”

I shake my head smiling and look back at the principal.

Harry here is new, and since you two have the same schedule I want you to supervise Harry. I want you to show him the school. Make sure he feels home here” the principal instructs.

I look at him and smile “Okay I’ll supervise him. Does he starts today?”

“Yeah you can bring him to you next class”

“Well then Harry I guess you’ll be stuck with me for the rest of the week” I chuckle and he smiles at me.

We walk though the corridors towards the history classroom. I knock on the door and as soon as we step inside of the room thirty pair of eyes turn towards us. I see Harry shift uncomfortably out of the corner of my eye and quickly speak up.

“sorry we’re late”

The teacher smiles at us “no problem, the principal told me. Welcome Harry, you can sit next to Louis if you want to. I’ll grab some books for you”

“thanks mister” Harry answers politely and walks after me towards the two empty tables.

Harry's POV

The rest of the time is filled with me and Louis talking about everything and nothing. It feels like I’ve known him forever. It feels familiar with him. I’ve learned that he has 5 half sisters, actually 6 but he doesn’t know the last one very well, and he has only one half brother.
I also learned that he doesn’t take things very seriously and that he’s very funny. Apparently he’s one of the most polulair guys at school, together with his best mates Liam, Zayn and Niall and some of his other mates Perrie, Selena and Nick.

When the bell rings Louis grabs my hand and drags me with him to the cafeteria. We step inside and I see his eyes scan over the tables. When he finds what he’s looking for his eyes light up and he once again drags me with him.

“Guys this is Harry, the new kid. Also known as my new friend” he introduces me to the people around the lunchtable. They wave at me and give me a friendly smile.

“Harry this are my friends Niall, Zayn, Liam, Perrie, Selena and Nick” he says while pointing at them. I give them an akward wave and sit down next to Louis.

The blonde on the other side of me gives me a tap on my shoulder “Hawwy wight?” he says with his mouth full of food.
Louis notices and scowles at him causing him to hold his hands up in defeat.

I chuckle and nod “yeah it’s Harry. You’re Liam right?”  he suddenly bursts out in a laughter and I feel my cheeks turn red “no mate, I’m Niall the proud Irishman. That’s Liam” he says and points at the brown haired boy on the other side of the table.


He chuckles and pets me on my back “doesn’t matter mate, hey want to know a secret?”

“sure” I smile.

He grins “okay then, Louis fell down the balcony and now his ass is sore” he says and bursts out in a laughter once again, me joining him.

“oi, Niall. Will you shut up already” Louis says and glares at the little Irishman.

“I’m sorry mate, it’s just too funny”

“Yeah whatever” he mumbles and turns to me “Hey Harry, Zayn and Perrie would make a cute couple don’t you think?”

I look over at them talking and laughing with eachother and nod “yeah they would”

“want to play matchmaker?” he says and wiggles his eyebrows

I chuckle and nod “sure”

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