The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

It’s the Monday they go back to school, everyone is at their own home now.

Louis POV

“Lou? Wake up dear, you have to go to school” i hear my mum calling from downstairs.

I grumbel a “i’m coming mum” and turn around another time.

Not a very long time after she called me the first time and i didn’t come out of my bed  i hear my mothers lovely voice again.

“LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON! Get your LAZY ASS out of your bed and get down here NOW!” yeah, so much love.

I sigh and scream back “YEAH MUM I SAID I’M COMING!”

I quickly change in my thight red skinny jeans that makes my butt look bigger and my white T-shirt with blue stripes that makes my body look more muscular.

I quickly do my hair in my i didn’t bother to do my hair coupe and take a last glance in the mirror before putting on my TOM’S and heading downstairs.

“Finally!” my mum exclaimes when I appear in the kitchen. “you have to hurry up. You don’t want to be late for your first day of school”

I quickly shove my breakfast in my mouth, give my mum a peck on her cheek, grab my skateboard and head to Niall his house to pick him, Liam and Zayn up.

Harry’s POV

It’s my first day of school today and I’m pretty exited. Yeah I know, I’m exited to go to school. It’s that bad.
I had put my alarm on six in the morning and am now ready to go. Which is weird  because i’d normally stay in bed until the cleaner, Gemma would drag me out.
But today i had this kind of strange feeling i had to be in time. So here i am, ready to go and half an hour to early.

I spent the whole morning in front of my closet, because i wanted to make a good first inpression. I finally decided to put on my  tightest black skinny jeans and a simple white T-shirt. I shake my curly hair, flip it to one side and put on my white converses.

Before i go to school i take a last glance in the mirror i can be satisfied.

I don’t have a boyfriend. Yeah.. i’m gay. I’m not openly gay because no one out of my family know’s i am, and i’d like to keep it that way.

my mom isn’t home often, she has to work all day, since we aren’t that rich and she has to pay all the bills by her own. I know what you think, why do we have a cleaner if you aren’t  rich? Well, it’s a long story but it comes down to the point that we found her on the street and she needed a house to live in. We took her in under one condition, she had to clean the house. By now she’s almost like a sister for me. The sister i never had.
Well yeah, back to my mum. She leaves extremely early in the morning, like three a clock of something and she’s home around eleven in the evening. I really don’t know how she does it. she barely gets the chance to sleep.
My dad? Yeah… i don’t really wanna talk about that.

When i turned 16 my mom got me a car for my birthday so i could drive to school, back then my school was almost 25 miles.
i still have the car, but we moved and now my school is almost next door. Like 5 minutes walking. So i don’t need it for school anymore.

I put on my jacket  and head to school, still plenty of time left.

Niall’s  POV

The morning was quite relaxed. Before i knew zayn and Liam where in front of the door and not much later Lou was too.

we never went straight to school, we always stayed at my house for a while. Doing, well… nothing.

Lou said he wanted to play Mario, so here we are. Playing Mario 5 minutes before school. We all have skateboards so we don’t have to walk. None of us has a car so skateboarding is our only option.

“c’mon lads, we’ve got to go. School start’s in a minute”

They all nod and head to our skateboards, we step on them and ride to school. As soon as we arrive, we’re greeted by all of our friends who are standing on our usual spot on the side of the footballfield.

“ZAYN!!” I hear Perrie shout the minute she see’s us. I turn towards her and see her running to Zayn giving him a tight hug.

“yeah, hey Perrie. I’m great thanks for asking, you?” i hear Louis say and he rolls his eyes when she ignores his comment and keeps talking to Zayn, causing me to chuckle.

Perrie is a good friend of ours. She and Zayn would make a cute couple if you ask me.

Then we have Selena and Nick, they’re together  since the beginning of highschool. Which is now almost 3 years, and as last we have Danielle.

We all hug eachother, talk and laugh until we hear the bell ring. When we walk into the schoolbuilsing we all go our separate ways, not seeing eachother until lunch.

Luckily for me Lou, Zayn and i have the first period together.

“Niall, can I see what our first period is?” Lou asks, and I hand him my timetable. He takes a look at it and I cringe when I hear him shout “OMG NOT MATHS, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”

“LOU!”  Zayn says.

“what?” he groans.

“You’re making me deaf with your shouting”

“sorry, but they can’t do this to me. I mean school on it’s own is hell, but they begin the week with maths and I hate maths. They do this to torture me, I know for sure”

I chuckle, grab his arm and pull him with us to the classroom.

“NOOOO!, no, no, no, I WON’T take math on Monday, I refuse. Niall you wanker, don’t make me do this pleaseee” Louis whines and tries to get free.

Meanwhile, Zayn is practicaly dying of a laughter because of Louis his childish behaviour. We reach the classroom and I drag him inside. The teacher looks up when Louis begins to shout again and he gives us a knowing glance.

We all know Lou just acts like a child, and this isn’t the first time. Actually this is him after every schoolbreak, so every teacher knows.

I put Lou on his usual seat and as soon as his butt hits the stool he groans. Yeah, he still has a huge bruise on his butt. “Niall, be carefull. My ass still hurts like hell”

Suddenly the teacher looks up at us with an amusing look on his face “why does your butt hurts Louis?”

“you don’t want to know”

“he fell down the balcony” Zayn laughs and I just sit down next to Lou.

“you know, that doesn’t surprise me actually” the teacher chuckles.

“yeah I know right” I say and Louis groans

“will you just shut up?”

Louis POV

they’re so annoying, I know I fell down the balcony but they keep laughing at me.

A few of the students walk into the classroom and they offer me a smile. I’m sure they saw my scene in the hallway earlier, but everyone thinks it’s amusing so I won’t hear anything about it I assume. They’re used to my behaviour.

When everyone’s in the classroom and in their seats, the lesson starts.

“okay, today we’re talking about graphs, anyone familiar with this?”

A few people raise their hands, but since I’m not familiar with anything that has to do with maths I remain still.

Suddenly we hear the familiar ding of the speakers in the classroom, announcing that the principal has something to say.

“good morning students, great to see all of you here. It will be a wonderfull new year with wonderfull new students. I want to say a few things, but first. Louis Tomlinson can you come to my office please? I repeat Louis Tomlinson can you come to my office please?”

Why would I have to come to his office? I haven’t even done anything wrong yet.

Niall taps on my shoulder “Good luck mate”

“Yeah, good luck” Zayn adds

I look at the teacher for permission and he gives me a nod. I stand up and make my way to the office for the first time this year, on the first day. New record.

I arrive at the office and sigh before knocking on the door. I have no idea why I have to come, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon.

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