The Summerhouse (Larry Stylinson)


10. chapter 10

Louis POV

I really had much fun today, cleaning the canteen turned out to be quite fun when you do it together with Hazz.
He even walked me home. I gave him my number because I wanted to be able to talk to Harry all the time.
 When I was home for like 2 minutes my phone buzzed. I had a text message from an unknown number. I opened the text message.

From unknown number: Hey Lou, loved cleaning the canteen with you today Xx Hazza

A smile appeared on my face, he really texted me.
I quikly saved the number in my phone as My little Hazza <3, and texted him back.

To My little Hazza <3: Hey Hazza, me too can’t wait till towmorrow haha ;) love you my little Hazza Xx Lou

I locked my phone and plopped down on the couch in the livingroom. I just watched some  tv until I heard the front door.
My four sisters stormed in the room, jumping on me and hugging me.

“Lou!, Lou!, Lou!”

I laughed “mum help me!!”

My mum laughed and after a while she finally decided to help me.

“Girls, please let go of your brother”

They released and ran upstairs to play with things girls play with.

I trew my arms in the air. “Thanks. Mom!”

She looked at me with a smirk on her face. Oh no, that smirk never ment something good. “And because I helped you your gonna help me. Come to the kitchen, I need someone to cook dinner” she said and smiled triumphanticly

“But moooomm!!” I wined

“No but’s, you’re gonna help me” she said sternly

I sighed deep. Okay, but I can’t cook, so if I burn everything, don’t blame me. I said.

She laughed “Oh I’ll blame you, so make sure you don’t burn anything”

Cooking dinner went great! (note the sarcasm) I burned like everything I could burn. Mum sent me back to the supermarket to get new stuff. When I got back, I handed the stuff to my mum.

 “Thanks sweetheart, you can go watch tv or something I think I can handle it myself” She smiled.

“Kay” I said and walked upstairs. I knew she just wanted to get rid of me since I’m just burning the food so I’m not a great help. Not that I mind. I hate cooking.
After we finished eating dinner I had to make my homework *sigh*. I really hate making homework, I mean who doesn’t. First maths. I opened the book and read the exercise I had to make. I really don’t get it. I’ll ask Harry if he wants to explain it tomorrow.
I just finished my homework for the next day. I really didn’t feel like making more. I unlocked my phone to see shat time it was. 10PM. I decided to go to sleep, changed in my pyjama’s and let myself fall on my bed when I felt my phone buzzing.
Yay a text!. I unlocked my phone, it was a text from Harry.

From My little Hazza <3: i‘m going to sleep, can’t wait till towmorrow x

I grinned, and thought ‘you’re not the only one’
I quickly sended a text back.

To My little Hazza <3: me too, sweet dreams Hazz x

Almost immediately I got one back.
From My little Hazza <3: sweet dreams Lou ;)

I smiled down at my phone. He really is cute. No, he’s not. Oh but he is. Ugh.
 I’m not gay. Am i?

Harry’s POV (next day)

My morning was like the usual. Be dragged out of bed by Gemma, change, have breakfast and go to school. Nothing special. But when I was on my way to school, I reminded that Lou and I had a plan. A plan to get Zayn an Perrie together. We didn’t had the chance to do it yesterday. But we had it all figured out, so I thought why not do it today.
When I saw Lou at our usual spot, I didn’t walk towards him. I just stood there a few steps behind him, waiting for him to turn around and look for me. It didn’t take long before he looked behind him and spotted me. I waved at him and beckoned him. He sai”d something to Niall and walked to me.

“Why aren’t you coming to us? He asked confused

“Cause Zayn and Perrie are there” I explained

“What’s the matter with Zayn and Perrie? I mean there nice and stuff” he said, confusion written all over his face.

“Yeah I know, I never said I don’t like them. But we have to discuss the matchmakers plan. i mean, since we didn’t had the chance to do it yesterday, I thought maybe we could bring them together today”

“Ohw, yeahh of course. I totally forgot” he exlaimed “Sure, it would be great to bring them together today” he then said

“So it’s on?”

“It’s on”

“Great. I have the stuff in my backpak shall we begin?”

“Yeah, come” he said and grabbed my arm dragging me with him.

We walked into the schoolbuilding, in the direction of the lockers.

“Do you know which locker belongs to Perrie?” I asked him.

“Yeah, it’s the one close to the canteen. First row, third locker” he answered

“Kay, thanks. I’ll do hers, you’ll do Zayn’s?”

“Yeah, I’ll be right back”

“Me too” I said.

We both had letters with us, we where going to put them in Zayn and Perrie’s locker. The letters said:
Hi lovely,
I really, really like you.
I have for a while now.
Will you come to the empty classroom after school?
I have a surprise for you.
Xx  Yours Sincerely.

It wasn’t romantic or something, but it was enough to let them both come to the classroom. Hopefully.
I put the letter in Perrie’s locker and quickly walked back. When I got back Lou was already there waiting for me.

“Hurry Hazz, we still have to put up the inside picknick and we don’t have much time left”

“Yeah, i‘m sorry”

We walked to the empty classroom and placed everything. It really looked romantic.
if this doesn’t work, nothing will.
The bell rung, signaling we had to go to class.
We got up and went to our classes. I really couldn’t wait till school was over.
When the last bel finally rung, we quickly swung our backpacks over our shoulders and stormed out of the classroom.

“Come” Lou said and grabbed my hand. God it fits so perfectly in mine. No Harry, focus.
 We’re going to hide in the closet on the opposite of the empty classroom. We can wait there till Zayn and Perrie are in the room. I just nodded and let him drag me to the closet. He opened the door and shoved me in before getting in himself and closing the door behind him.
After  while we heard footsteps come closer and a door that opened and closed. Not much later we heard more footsteps and again the door opened and closed.

“They’re here” Lou whispered to me. “I wanna eavesdrop them”

 “me too” I whispered back.

Louis opened the door of the closet slightly. Just enough for us to fit through it. We crawled to the other side of the hall, towards the small window on the left side of the room and peeked through it. Perrie stood behind Zayn and Zayn stood with his back towards Perrie, not noticing her.

“Zayn?” We heard Perrie say.

“That’s m- Perrie?! What are you doing here?” confusion written all over his face

“I was supposed to meet someone here” she answered just as confused

“That’s weird. I was supposed to meet someone here too” Zayn said showing her the letter.

Perrie read what was on it, her eyes widened. “Omg Zayn, I have exactly the same letter. Look” She said showing Zayn her letter.

“Hmm that’s weird”

“Sure thing”

“I swear, if this is Lou’s work I’m gonna kill him” Zayn laughed after a while

Perrie laughed “it wouldn’t surprise me actually”

“No, me neither” Zayn smiled.

“But Zayn?”


“Do you u-uhmm like me??” Perrie asked, a blush spreading over her face.

 “Well… I guess” He answered. “Do you uhmm like me back??”

“Yeahh, I guess” Perrie smiled, mimicking Zayn’s answer from earlier

“Well, lets sit down and talk for a bit” He smiled

“Great idea” she smiled back.

“Mission accomplished Hazza” Lou said highfiving me.

“Mission accomplished Lou” I agreed and laughed.

“Well lets go, we still have to clean the canteen, sadly”

“Oh yeah, yay!” he said sighing and pouting

I laughed “ahhw Louu! Just come. It’ll be over soon”

“I hope so” He said getting up.

“I know so” I said walking with him.

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