The Charmer from above

I was the gray mouse, the one that no one saw. Niall was the man who was everything else. He charmed everyone and he got whatever and whoever he wanted.


3. The bet

"Perrie and Eleanor!" Niall exclaimed as soon as he had closed the door. It was the girls who sat on the couch and I noticed that they had a certain opinion about me. I swallowed and I greeted everyone. Niall made ​​sure I sat down on a chair and quickly I got a drink in my hand. I was scared, I was insecure and I had no idea what I would say. 
"So how was it like on your job?" asked Louis and I saw at him he that was joking with me. He didn't wanna know and he wasn't curious. 
"Good!" I replied just to not show my disgust. 
"Many books?" asked Louis. I was annoyed. I knew what he was doing and I knew he liked to make me feel worse. 
"And your job?" I got out of me. Louis laughed and then he didn't paid me more of his attention. Instead, they continued to talk to each other and I realized that their topic was about who was rich and who was poor. They were so superficial. Niall came into the room and gave everyone more drinking. He then sat down on the couch and he looked pleased. He looked at his friends and then he looked at me. It was as if he was satisfied. Now he had allowed me to be involved and then he could enjoy that he had made charitable towards me.
"You work at the library?" 
I balked. Perrie looked at me and it was as if she knew who I was. I nodded a little weak. She smiled big and leaned toward me. 
"Have you received any new books?" 
I hesitated and she saw at me that I didn't know if I would answer her question or not. Perrie cleared her throat lightly and she made ​​sure the guys didn't hear us. 

"I usually borrow books." she said kindly. "I don't wanna make fun of you or make myself merry at your expense." 
I blushed. 
She smiled. 
"I'm actually interested in books, although I'm rich and sitting in Nialls couch."
I believed her and I tried to look nice, if one could look nice when I looked like I did? 
"You are welcome and I can show you the best books?" 
She nodded. 
"I promise to show up this week. I need some books to read."


Right as it was caught Harry my interest. He laughed at one of Louis comment. 
"But you can't always see who's poor or rich. I don't believe in your theory." 
Louis snorted. 
"But look at Sally?" 
I blushed. Why was I a good example of poor people? Louis meant certainly nothing, but I didn't like his words. Harry looked at me and he didn't seem to understand. 
"She's a normal girl?" 
Louis snorted. 
"She has no direct modern clothes and she doesn't even have color in her face. Therefore, she's not rich, and she doesn't care about what people think about her." 
I became angry. 
"I do certainly, but I choose clothes that I feel comfortable in." 
He laughed. 
"Comfortable, you have for God's sake yesterday's clothes?"
All stared at me and I felt like an idiot. 
"I like my clothes." I swallowed and I felt a lump in my stomach. "Just because I don't look like Perrie or Eleanor doesn't make me a lesser human being?" 
Louis was amused. 
"But if you had the money would you care?" 
I hesitated. 
He laughed. 
"So if you got a bunch of dollars, you wouldn't buy nicer clothes? Expensive clothes and more fitting clothes?" 
I hesitated, but it was because I knew he was wrong. I would primarily change my home, but I didn't want to tell him about that part. 
Louis leaned lightly against the table and he looked straight at me. 
"You're not happy with your life. I see it on your body and your way of being. But with some money, you had at least been happier?"
Eleanor agreed. 
"You had been feeling better in other clothes." she said. "It's all in the clothes, and if you had received new clothes, which was more modern, had you changed all about yourself." 
I disagreed. Niall smiled a little bit and he looked at me. 
"I would agree with them. If you had a nice dress and some makeup, you had become a different person." 
I felt like an idiot. 
"I don't think so!" 
Liam stood up and he seemed to like the subject. 
"With a little change in everyday life, can you be like Eleanor or Perrie. I'll bet you'd be a model., You could have anyone you want?"
Louis started to laugh. 
"You can never get that boring girl  to become a model." 
I frowned and I could hear the conversation began to be formed toward one direction. Right as it was Liam took out his wallet and he put a bunch of notes on the table. 
"Louis, you dare to bet, betting money?" 
There was silence in the room. All stared at Liam's money and then at him. Louis was quick. He picked up the wallet and put money on the table. 
"You can never change her." 
Harry and Zayn were also on betting money. Harry and Liam were on my side. Niall sat long time silent, and he hesitated. He looked at me and then he cleared his throat lightly. 
"I'm the one taking care of Sally." he said. "In a month I'll have changed her into a model and she will be able to get any guy to fall for her." 
Perrie giggled. 
"I'll help you Niall. I love challenges." 
Louis nodded instantly. 
"Okay, a month!"
Louis nodded and he was sure of his cause. 
"A month and we want to see a model and we can't recognize her." 
I hesitated and I just stared at them. 
"You can't..." 
Niall leaned toward me and he smiled with his whole face. 
"Come on darling, I promise to let you free in a month."
His eyes attracted me. He smiled charmingly and it was the first time he really looked at me. I swallowed and my whole body trembled. I had no idea why I reacted that way. A month with Niall? I just couldn't say no to that or back off? 
"Okay!" I whispered hoarsely. "One single month?" 
Niall lit up and immediately he stood up. He laughed and gathered up the money on the table. 
"I'll keep these and about a month, Liam and Harry will be richer." 
Louis laughed. 
"You mean me and Zayn?"


"Tomorrow it starts!" Eleanor whispered to me. She smiled with her whole face. "I'll help you too, and we'll fix this." 
I swallowed and I wasn't sure if she meant it as something good. 
"So, have you done this before?" 
She shook her head. 
"No, this is the first time." 
Perrie nodded and she giggled happily. 
"It's so exciting."
Niall sat next to me and he smiled at us all three. 
"We will become a great team." 
Eleanor snorted. 
"Well, now you get three girls on the neck?" 
He continued to smile. 
"Yes, but I will be needing time for my own too?" 
I understood what he was referring to. Niall wanted to flirt with others and he wanted to take home new girls to seduce, but not me. 
"Sure!" I replied quietly. Niall looked at me and I noticed that he really went to look at me, not around me. 
"You will thank me later." he whispered to just me. "I will change your life completely." 
I didn't believe him. 
"By giving me clothes?" 
He laughed. 
"No, I'll give you a new personality, a new life and you will become a better person."

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