The Charmer from above

I was the gray mouse, the one that no one saw. Niall was the man who was everything else. He charmed everyone and he got whatever and whoever he wanted.


1. prologue

Niall Horan. It was possible to describe him with a long book. He was the guy who knew what he would do to get the old lady to smile. He could charm the store clerk so she gave him the item for free. It was enough that he arrived at the party and then was all the girls got on mood. Niall was the guy who got all fade and he knew it. He knew he was the answer to God's question, "Who's perfect?"


Niall could dance. Maybe he wasn't perfect at it, but he could move on his hip. He could wave his arms and he could take over the dance floor. He knew what the girls wanted and he delivered it. Niall knew what girls wanted in bed. He could take over their bodies totally and bring them to a place where they would never go again, not without him. He knew he had everything that was needed and his hands could perform miracles. He was like a rabbit and he loved sex.


Niall might not belong to the rich, but for some reason he always had money in the wallet and he could invite the girls on romantic and seductive dining. He could buy the right gift and he could fill a girl's home with roses, just because she would say yes to him. Niall knew everything, everything that had to do with charm and he used it often.


Where will I fit in? Yes I wasn't maybe not that beautiful girl that he wanted and I wasn't the one he put on the charm. I was simply his neighbor and I had many times watering his flowers when he was away on a trip. I was the girl that he took advantage over just because he would have time for other things and I was so stupid that I said yes every time. He didn't charm me and he didn't even smile at me. I was still at home, usually, and I had nothing better to do.


"I'll be home in a week!" 
He put the keys in my hand and he gave me a hug. A short, friendly hug to suggest that he had to go now, if he would catch the flight. 
"A week?" 
Niall nodded and he picked up the bag from the floor. 
"Don't forget the flower in the bedroom." he said quickly, looking at the clock. "And if someone calls on the phone ..." 
I knew. 
",,,I don't answer it."
Niall nodded and he gave me a quick dry smile. 
"I promise to pay you when I get home." 
I nodded and I saw him vanish away. He nearly ran down the stairs and I heard he came out on the street.


I lived in a boring apartment. The walls were pretty gray and boring. I had furniture, but it was old furniture that I had received from my grandmother, the day she died. I tried not to have an out-dated home, but still I didn't managed to  even get it to look nice. I had almost given up. I looked like a normal girl, in general. I had clothes that I considered to be comfortable. I never bought clothes with colors or patterns, don't ask me why, but I felt more comfortable in not being visible. I had always been gray and you could say that I was born as a gray mouse. My mom said already in the hospital that I would be a normal girl and I was a normal girl. Not even my hair was special. I had long brown hair. I drew her hair sometimes, I had my hair in a knot at times, but it made no difference. Nobody saw that I changed my hairstyle.


Nialls apartment was anything but mine. It was white, bright, and he had modern furniture that was either white or black. He had a bar, a large renovated kitchen and he had even a larger bedroom. His bed had been used many times for his needs, but I was still jealous. He had everything that I hadn't and I knew why he wanted me as helper. I wasn't a threat and I didn't attracted him with a sexy body. I just existed.

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