Dont Mess With The Clique...

A girl named Dakota is a strong and rough girl... She's apart of this group... They like to call themselves "The Clique", They are a group of Mischievous children... who grow apart at the ages of 13-15! They were 13-15 years old when they split up... Dakota was depressed but she didn't know how the others were feeling... Years pass... She meets some people... Whats Happens Next? You'll have to find out LETS GO START READING IT!! <3 :) :D ;)


1. When it was just us...

Dakotas P,O,V,:

I woke up this morning smiling. I didn't have a reason but it was just one of those mornings. I heard my alarm go off, so i rolled over and grabbed my phone. I slide the unlock button over and unlocked my iPhone so i could turn my alarm off. I turned it off and deleted it because its Friday and its Summer and yesterday was the last i was gonna be babysitting. I went on Twitter and I have NEW 5 followers and 3 DMs. I opened up the followers and I got a follow from some youtubers and one random girl. I checked Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and everything i had social media.


I was in bed doing that for about 2 hours it was 5 in the morning so the day is still young. I locked my phone when I noticed it was 7 o'clock. I rolled out of bed, i began to walk on the floor but i realised i must have kicked my socks off while i was sleeping. The hard wood floor was freezing in the mornings. I ran back to my bed quickly and put my bunny slippers on. I walked back to the and opened, i switched the light off and closed the door. I walked down stairs. No one was home so I snuck into the secret stash I hide with me and my friends. We walk around to random stores and buy random things. I went to the Mud Room and behind theres a door under the stairs Kinda like Harry potter. My mom doesn't let anyone in there because it stinks from my brothers cleats for football. I took those out and replaced it with our food. I opened the door and grabbed the Lucky Charms.


I took them to the kitchen. I placed them on the table then went to our bowl cabinet and grabbed my favorite bowl. It was a white bowl that had feet on it so it stood up off the table and I thought it was missing something so i got a stencil and outlined a mustache on it then colored it in with a Black Sharpie. I grabbed it then took it to the table where my cereal box was. I poured the luckys in the bowl. I put the cereal back under the stairs. I ran back and went to the fridge and grabbed the milk jug. I grabbed it with both hands because its heavy. I couldnt close the door so i kicked it shut. I put it on the table then opened the lid i put the bowl on the floor because i couldnt pour easily if it was on the table. I poured the milk in. I put the jug back on the table then tightly put the lid on. Grabbing it with both hands i turned around and thought "How do I open it?" it took me 10 minutes trying to open the door. So I was getting fed up with it. I put back on the table and grabbed my bowl from off the floor I grabbed a spoon from the door. I put the spoon in the bowl then sat down at our Island.


I played around on my phone while I ate. I wasnt close to finishing my food. I looked around and was thinking about how dull and how bluntly quiet it was. I got off of the stool and ran to the living room where our BIG stereo is and my DJ table was. My DJ table was hooked up to my Mac and then hooked up to the speakers. I opened my Mac and couldnt pick a song so i turned to the radio area and jacked the sound up to 50. When i was satisfied with the music I went back and sat down to eat. I picked up my phone and began to play again and sing and eat at the same time. A few minutes later I had finished my cereal. I closed my phone. The songs were going by fast. I drank the milk.


I put the bowl and spoon in the sink. I rinsed the bowl off and put in the dishwasher. I washed the spoon myself. When I as done with that I went ans turned my laptop and the songs off. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed my phone. I raced up the stairs and ran in my room. I flopped on my bed. I thought what I should wear. Its Winter so something warm. Im homeschooled me and my friends are. So I just put some Spandex on black ones. I had a burgundy big sweater which i threw on over a white cameo. I had some old dirty White converse. so i put those on. It is cold outside, so i put my white Frost hat on White only because it goes with my shoes. I looked at the hat on my head and i honestly don't feel like wearing it. "UGH!' I yelled as i got a call. i ran to my bed. I grabbed it and the caller ID said Cameron Dallas... I answered it: 

----- Our Conversation -----

Me: Hello?

Cameron: Hey!

Me: Whats Up Cam?

Cameron: Wanna hangout with us at the Mall today?

Me: Yes! Why wouldnt I?

Cameron: OK! I'll tell the others you'll be tagging along

Me: Okay. Where do you want me to meet you guys at?

Cameron: Uhh... Nahh we'll come to your house and we'll get nash's mom to drop us off.

Me: Cool deal! 

Cameron: O yeah I just asked she said she had to leave for work so shes gonna come get you now be ready!

Me: OHH! OKAY! Well i better go and finish getting ready! Cya!

Cameron: Aight cool, Cya

He hung up. I hit the lock button. I put my hair in a bun I put some mascara and some eyeliner (WING LASH) on then ra down stairs. I grabbed my money from the stash room! I put it in my wallet case for my phone. Its cute its chevron black and white. ANYWAYS!! I VERY warm so I grabbed a quick cup of coffee, then I grabbed my wallet and phone. Then all at once I heard a car horn. I rushed to the door and Cameron stood at the door about to knock. I laughed and he laughed "HAHAHAH!!" We said together! We raced to the van. He opened the door for me. "Thanks Cam!" I smiled I crawled in then at next my Secret Keeper named Aaron! I turned and hugged Aaron. Then hugged everyone else. "Heyyyy Guyyys!!" I yelled "HEYYYY GIRLLLL!!!" they all said We are a group VERY popular group around here. Known as "The Clique" We get into trouble and we NEVER care... When I see them I say Hey Guys! They say Hey Girl because I'm the only girl and theyre ALL GUYS!!<3 I love them. Anyways Cameron got in and sat beside Matt. The Clique was united once more... Let me give you some info on The Clique:

The members are Nash, Aaron, Matt, Cameron, Carter, Taylor, Hayes, Shawn, Jack Johnson, and Jack Glinsky, and last but not least MEEE!!!  anyways those are the peeps and me...

We finally made it to the Mall! We hopped out of the car. I smiled and hugged myself. It was cold. We all stood beside each other and began to walk inside... We all got to the door... We all looked at each and smiled we walked in and everyone looked at us. We kept walking and everyone went back to their busy selves... We went into Zumiez and all bought new Penny Boards.


We got them to hold them until we got ready to go home. We went into multiple stores... "My feet are hurting guys!" I said... "COME ONE GURL YOU GOT DIS!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FLAME?!" Nash yelled I said on the floor in the middle of the mall... "I think my flame fizzled out...' I said as i banged my feet on the table because they were falling asleep! "I got this!" Cameron said! He crouched down with his back towards me! "Hop on shorty" he said I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck... and wrapped my legs around his waist... he held my legs and stood up... We agreed we all had no more money so we just decided to walk around...we had been walking in circles for about an hour I was getting tired and it was only 12 o'clock!! I was still on Camerons back... I put my head down in the crock of his neck and closed my eyes! He smelt good... So I smiled into his neck... 


I noticed we had stopped moving. I smelt something that smelt really GOOD! I opened my eyes slightly so they wouldnt notice everyone in The Clique was looking at me... laughing and waiting.. I opened my eyes fully I picked my head up off of Camerons shoulder and looked around! I "Noooo Wayyy!!" I screamed "YOUUUU GOTTT MEEE A CINNABON?!" These are my favorite treats ever... "Cameron got it because its just how"he does"!" Aaron said... I looked at Cameron still i was on his back... I kissed his cheek and hugged his neck "THANKS CAMMY!!" I screamed That meant ALOT to do that to him! I coudnt tell if it meant anything to him "NO PROBLEM!" He hugged my arms becasue e couldnt hug me! lol

i ate it then we went to The build a bear store and we played with the stuffing... No one said anything tous... but we did get some looks from some people... But...

---------- Everyone Knows Not To Mess With The Clique ----------

It was 3:00 now and Nash got a call from his mom saying shes off work and shes coming to get us so we ran to the door and walked outside and waited... "Ill get off of you now Cammy Ive been on you for a LONG time... I'll give you a lil' break" I hopped pf stood beside him...

It was cold so i move closer to him and then i pulled everyone in and mad all of them hug me so i woulld be warm!! "Aww you guys rock lol!! I love You guys!" I said "WE LOVE YOU TOO!" They all said We heard a car horn we ran and hopped in. I was tired still even after like a 3 hour nap on Cams back!! I think he like rocked me to sleep! LOL we got home (well my house) We all got out then ran to my house. Nashs mom got which scared me... did she know what we did today? I thought we went inside and all of the Cliques parents were in the living room... "Whats going on?" I asked "Sit down guys and girl... We have to tell you guys that We are all aware of what you guys have done and we arent happy about it so we are all moving away from away from each other..." My mom said "WHAT?" I screamed I looked at the clique and i started crying... I turned around and hugged all of their necks... they hugged me "Ill miss you guys.. Please dont forget me okay?" "We wont" Hayes said "I cried some  more I backed away then whipped my tears I put a fake smile on then said "Bye Guys!" I said as I put out my fist "Bye Girl" They all said and all hit my fist "Ily guys please dont forget me!!" I said as I ran upstairs!! "MOM YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!" I yelled thre me tears!! "Oh yeah and guys! I LIKED IT BETTER WHEN IT WAS JUST US!!" I yelled again 

                              When It Was Just US                                  <3


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!  find out next time whats gonna go down LOVE YOU HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! <3

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