All She Wants

"I know that they worry, they all worry that i'm lonely, or that i'm sad, or whatever. But i'm not. I don't think they understand how happy I am just to be around them."|
Emma Grace Styles has had anything but a normal childhood. Being the daughter of pop sensation Harry Styles, she's grown up around the monumental success of the hit band, One Direction. At eleven years old she has already learned about the world around her, the good things and even the bad. With wisdom beyond her years, and the sarcastic wit she's acquired thanks to her Uncles, will Emma be able to finally adjust to the simplistic life of a normal eleven year old that she so yearned for? Or will change prove to be too much for her to handle?
Book II of the She Taught Me How To Love Series


15. Oops



Emma's P.O.V

The next morning, I find dad and Uncle Niall asleep on the lounge floor. Uncle Niall's arm was wrapped around dad, and around them were glasses and wrappers. I tried to be mad, I really did. But it was just too funny.

"Dad." I whispered, getting down to their level and nudging him on the arm, "Dad?"

"Hmmmm?" Dad looks up at me sleepily, "Oh, baby. Good morning." He looks at me and then at the arm around him. He sighs loudly and unwraps himself from Uncle Niall.

"Rough night?"

"The roughest." he says rubbing his temples and sitting up. 

Uncle Niall snores loudly and I roll my eyes. Dad simply hits him on the back, really hard, and Uncle Niall jumps up. 

"What the bloody hell?!" Uncle Niall turns to look at dad with bloodshot eyes, "Harry what the fuck!?" 

"Swear jar." I say looking at him. 

"Ems, not the time."

"It's not my fault you both were drinking and fell asleep on the floor." I say starting to pick up the trash around them. 

They both get up and leave me behind, cleaning up their mess. I pick up wrappers of crisps and empty bottles, swearing I'd never drink like them. 

And that's when I saw it.

Mum's favorite vase, shattered into four large floral pieces. Oh, they were gonna pay for that one. 

I decided to leave it on the floor, not really wanting to be involved in the crime.

I turn to walk into the kitchen with myh baggie filled with trash, an spy Uncle Niall placing a few pounds in the swear jar. I hide behind the wall and peek at him, smiling to myself. He actually put the money in the jar willingly, it must have been because of the vase.

I wait until he goes to finally throw away the garbage. I didn't want to walk in on him placing the money in the jar, I guessed he didn't want me to know.

He probably should have cleaned up the pieces then.

I tie the garbage up as dad walks into the kitchen. He groans loudly and walks over to me, taking the trash from my hands, "Go get dressed, baby. I'll make breakfast."

"Dad, it's noon. And I am dressed." I say pointing to myself and showing him that I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. 

"I'm sorry, Ems. I'm not quite right today."

"I know." I adjust the scarf on his head and smile, "I thought you said you weren't going to wear these anymore. Mum hates them."

"Yeah, but mum's not here. And we both know I just don't have it in me to fix my hair at the moment...Oh shit." Dad looks at me wide eyed and suddenly remembers, "We have to go see your mum!" 

He puts the trash down in a panic and races to his room to change. I smile to myself and shake my head. I had already called mum to check on her and tell her we'd be there later in the afternoon since dad and Uncle Niall weren't up yet. 

"Princess, you may want to calm your dad down." Uncle Niall says as he walks into the kitchen. His eyes were less bloodshot and he actually didn't look like he had slept on the floor last night. 

"Why, what is he doing?" I say grabbing a banana from the fruit bowl and sitting on the stool by the counter.

"He keeps muttering 'She's going to kill me' and 'what the bloody hell is wrong with me' I think he might be having one of those panic attack things." he says grabbing the orange juice from the fridge and drinking straight from the carton. 

I'd tell dad that I had already called mum, but I figured this was payback for cleaning up his mess.

"I already called mum. I told her we'd be there later on in the day. She was fine." 

"And you didn't tell Harry?" 

I shake my head and Uncle Niall smiles, "Oh, well then. We should get a move on then." Uncle Niall walks up the the stairs and I could hear him yelling at dad, "Get a move on Harry, Edie's waiting! How could you leave your pregnant wife at the bloody hospital, Jesus Christ. She's probably worried sick!"

Uncle Niall comes back down the stairs and winks at me, I burst out laughing. But as soon as dad ran down the stairs and I saw his shirt was on backwards I completely lost it. 

"What?" Dad says looking at me and Uncle Niall laughing at his expense. 

"Dad," I say trying to catch my breath, "I already called mum this morning. She's fine, I told her we'd be in later."


"And your shirts on backwards." I say trying not to laugh.

"Oops." He says pulling it off and putting it back on the right way, "Well are we going or what?" Dad says grabbing his car keys. 

I nod, "Wait, you guys go ahead, I'll catch up." 

I run to the bathroom and go through the cabinet until I find the aspirin. They would need those later, I was sure of it. 


"Ugh, my head." Dad says leaning his head against the steering wheel in the parking lot of the hospital. 

I pull the bottle of aspirin out of my bag and hand it to him, smiling to myself. Right again.

"Ems, you're a lifesaver." He says struggling to open the bottle. Uncle Niall ends up opening it for him. 

"Why did you guys stay up so late anyways? Where you having a chat?"

The both look at each other, Uncle Niall as if he were going to say something and dad slightly shaking his head 'no' at him.

I knew they weren't ever going to tell me. 

"Oh, nothing that's concerns you, baby." Dad says swallowing the pills dry and leaning back against the seat. He puts his sunglasses back on and tries to open the car door, failing. 

"Harry, you have to push the unlock button." Uncle Niall says reach across dad's seat and pushing the button for him.

"Bloody new technology." Dad mumbles.

I shake my head, knowing that today was going to be a long day.


"So how are we feeling today?"

"Amazing." Mum says with a rather serious face as she looks at dad. She was trying really hard to hide her smile, smirking instead.

"What's wrong, love?"

"Harry, what did you and Niall do last night?"

Dad looks at Uncle Niall and Uncle Niall loudly states, "I'm going to the loo."

Mum doesn't take her eyes off dad once. 

She was determined, I'd give her that.

"Didn't we agree you'd take care of Ems while I was here?"


"How can you do that if you're bloody pissed off your arse?"

I try not to laugh, but a giggle kind of escaped. Dad smiles at me and winks. 

"I promise I won't do it again, love."

"I know you won't, because I'm being released today."

I smile widely, already having known the news.

"Really?" Dad says approaching her and wrapping his arms around her. 

"You would have known this already if you hadn't been up all night with Niall." Mum says accepting dad's hug and hugging him tighter to him.

"I'm sorry, love. But the important thing is you're coming home tonight."

Mum pulls back and smiles at dad. I roll my eyes and  squeeze mum's hand before leaving the room to let them have a moment. Mum couldn't pretend to be mad at dad, she was pretty terrible at it. 

"Hey Ems, is your mum done letting Harry have it?" Uncle Niall says looking up at me from one of the seats in the waiting room with an amused look on his face.

"I let them have it out." I say with a smile as I take a seat next to him, "Dad doesn't usually drink. Why did you guys drink yesterday?"

"Oh, well, um." He looks away, "Your dad's just having a rough time, princess."

"But, well I know why, but not really..."

Uncle Niall grabs my hand and turns to look at me, "Emma, all I can say is, don't worry. I know it looks like we're having a tough time about it, but we'll get through this. That I can promise you. Okay?"


"So, how should I tell your mum I broke her vase?"










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