Fire Heart

Inspired by the new Earth to Echo film trailer featuring some characters from Hidden Truths Hidden Hearts

What if you had a magical secret?

A girl discovers a mysterious stone in an abandoned burnt out house. It changes her life forever.
Discover a story of love, magic, adventure and the power of friendship.


1. Fire (19 years ago)

The flames hungrily licked the walls spewing dirty clouds of smoke. The whole place was ablaze. Sirens could be heard in the distance but it was already too late. Wood collapsed with a sickening crack as more rooms exploded into flame.
As the family fled they saw it. Large scaly wings, large fangs and razor sharp talons. As it spat more flame its roar chilled their blood. Flames reflected off its jet black scales. It stared at them with glowing fiery eyes. A look of fury and desire for destruction. They had stolen something from it and it wanted revenge.
"What did you do with it?!" yelled the man to his wife as they ran.
"I left it behind! Hopefully it will leave us alone now." she replied.
That thing had been cursed. Misfortune to anyone who owned it. The man had bought it at a car boot sale. A decision he had come to regret. Now their lives were ruined and their house had been destroyed by some black demonic creature. As they bundled into their car he took one last look back at the burning house. The creature glared at them rising out if the inferno like a demon from Hell. It roared again then leapt into the sky.
As the car sped away at top speed it watched them leave. Smoke billowing from its nostrils it flew away.

The house was left abandoned and burning. A single memory of the curse that was hopefully now destroyed. Smoke rising up into the black sky.

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