Love At First Sight

Hi My Name Is Hanna Marin I am 19. I was with my Friend Katherine. We were at the Beach in Miami but when I saw a cute boy I fell in Love very fast but I have a boyfriend his name is Nathan.

Who will Hanna chose...

Read On the Find Out More...


5. What Are You Doing Here

Hanna's POV


Katherine and I both went upstairs and got ready for Lunch with my BoyFriend Nathan. I wore a red t shirt with red shorts and red Adidas. I went downstairs and Katherine was wearing the same thing but in black. I saw Nathan coming downstairs.

"Hey babe"

"Oh Hi"

"What's wrong"

"Oh Nothing don't worry about me"

"Ok babe let's go ok"


~Inside Of The Car~

I lied about nothing was wrong. Something is wrong. I broke Harry's heart by says that I have a boyfriend. It also tore my heart apart because I REALLY LOVE HARRY j don't know what's wrong with me I don't know who I want. But right now I know I want Harry and NOT Nathan. But Nathan is my boyfriend. IM SO CONFUSED ON WHO I WANT RIGHT NOW.


We went inside until I saw... HARRY AND ZAYN. Harry walked up to me.

"Hey Hanna I didn't know u were coming here"

"I didn't either"

"Do u wa-"

"I'm with my BoyF-"

"I know it was nice running to u again"


Harry and I both went to different directions.

"Who was that boy"

"Harry the boy who it met in the Beach"

"Your conversation with him seemed awkward"

"No it di-"

"Yes it did and h know it 2 but u just don't want to say it don't u"


"It's alright"

Nathan hugged me we walk to out table and guess what it was right NEXT TO HARRYS TABEL.

"I need to us the bathroom"

"K babe don't take that long"

"Oh k"

I walked up until I saw Harry doing the same thing I bumped into him.

"Our conversation was awkward"

"Yea I'm so-"

"It's ok"

"Harry I Love u"

"I Love u 2"

Harry and I kissed for a long time.

"And I'm not kidding I REALLY do love u more than my boyfriend"

"I'm not kidding also I REALLY do love u"

Harry left. Than I left I kept looking at Harry and he kept looking at me. I saw Nathan looking at me.

"What was going on between u and Harry"


"I saw the way u 2 look at each other"

"Ok and"

"U like him don't u"

"I don't like him I LOVE him"

"More than me"

"Yes cuz he pays for me and u don't he opens doors for me and u don't he shows me that he loves me and u DONT. We NEED to break up"

"Fine but I'm gonna tell u 2 thing"

"What is it"

"U r NEVER gonna find someone who loves u more than I do and your gonna miss everything that I did for u"

"Whatever bye"

"Fine bye"

I left the restaurant with Katherine and Harry saw us and left the table and ran toward me.

"What's wrong"

"Nathan is such a Bitch I'm glad that I found u"

"Me 2"

Harry and I kissed for a long time.

"Why don't u move in with me and Katherine can move in with Zayn"

"Ok but will Zay-"

"Zayn will let her live with him cuz he loves her"

"Ok we will go home and pack and u can pick me up and Zayn can pick up Katherine"

"Ok bye love u babe"

"Love you 2"

Katherine and I left the restaurant and went home to pack.

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