Love At First Sight

Hi My Name Is Hanna Marin I am 19. I was with my Friend Katherine. We were at the Beach in Miami but when I saw a cute boy I fell in Love very fast but I have a boyfriend his name is Nathan.

Who will Hanna chose...

Read On the Find Out More...


24. Final Chapter!!! (Part1)

Hanna's POV

I feel went to the bathroom and throwed up... I washed my mouth and hands and I took a pregnancy test and I waited for 5minutes

-5 Minutes Later-

I look at the test and it said...POSITIVE. I screamed so loud that Harry walked upstairs..

H-What's wrong?!?!

Ha-I'm pregnant!!!

H- Really!!


Harry ran up to me and hugged me... I am just so happy...

-1 Month Later-

We already have all the baby stuff and I'm 1 month pregnant the baby will be out any soon!!! Oh no my stomach start to hurt.. Harry ran upstairs cuz he heard me scream again.. He didn't ask he just carried me to the car and took me to the hospital...

I am in a hospital bed right now trying to get the baby out...


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