Wanting to go back to yesterday

I've always been in love with my best friend Harry Styles, but he's also been like a brother to me to and i didn't want to lose him, but then again one fight can change everything


6. figuring things out

Carrie's P.O.V

*the next day*

i texted Harry and had asked him to meet me at our secret place in the park.

Not even ten seconds after i sent that text to him i received a text back saying that he'd be there soon.

So i quickly got ready and went to our secret meeting place, and when i got there he was standing looking just as handsome as he was the day i saw him when he left for the start of his new life.

then once he saw me he came up to me and then he hugged me and said

"i've been wanting to do this for a while Carrie but will you be my girlfriend"

"i don't know Harry i mean your always gonna be gone and i'm hardly gonna see you"

"please Carrie i've wanted to do this since that moment we had at the airport before i left"

"how about we do this as a trial run before we agree to anything official just to see how we would be together"

"that sounds good to me"

then he kissed me and i kissed him back and then he brought me to a diner down the street from my house and then we just stayed there until it closed talking about old times and the future.

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