Wanting to go back to yesterday

I've always been in love with my best friend Harry Styles, but he's also been like a brother to me to and i didn't want to lose him, but then again one fight can change everything


3. Boarding the Plane


  Carrie's P.O.V.

 I can't believe Harry is leaving for tour again. I mean I always knew he would have to go back, but I just don't get why it had to be so soon. It seems like just yesterday Harry and I were only 15, dreaming about what we wanted to do when we gro-

 "Carrie? Helloo...?" Harry interrupted my thoughts.

 "Hmm?" I answered and looked up at him.

 "I think it's time for me to go." He said gesturing to the intercom blaring above.

 "Yeah... yeah sorry." I faked a smile and stood up. "So are you ready?"

 "Yeah, I guess I am." Harry paused and smiled. "But, you know I'm gonna miss you."

 "Well I'm not going to miss you." I crossed my arms and joked.

 "Yeahhh. Sure you aren't." He chuckled.

 I laughed back and embraced Harry in a hug. I am really going to miss him. As I was about to let go Harry held me tighter. I felt a tear creep down my face as I heard Harry sniffle.

 "Now don't have too much fun while I'm gone." Harry joked as he let go.

 "I'll try." I smiled. "Promise me you'll call or skype me every once in awhile? I want to hear all about the amazing places you'll be visiting again."

 "I promise." He smiled and left a long small kiss on my right cheek.

 We paused as we heard the last boarding call for Harry's flight.

 "I better go." He said as he picked up his carry on bag.



 "I love you." I managed to get out. 

 He smiled and turned around. I bit my lip as I watched Harry walk away. God, I'm so stupid. But he smiled? Does that mean he loves me too, or did he just think I was funny. What ever I think I should just go.

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