Cursed (Justin Bieber) Fanfiction

Emily Watson is a secret witch. Her Mother and her Family are the only who know she's a witch. She is a secret Beliber too she loves Justin Bieber but when she curses him everything will changes. Will He and Emily ever be together? Will they ever live Happily Together? Read and Find out


2. Hidden

In School 


So Emily what are you going to do with Justin Jenni Asked. I don't know maybe

 hide him if my parents find out they'll kill me and I'm just 17 and he's 19 I don't know what to do Jenni can you please help me I said pleasing her to help me. Just imagine you and Justin in a bed together having Sex then you get pregnant and have a baby with him it's all his fault. Jenni Why are you saying that I'm too young to get pregnant and noo 






śörrÿ ïf ït wäś śhørt 

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