Hidden secrets

*one direction not famous*

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~ It doesn't matter what you are or how you look on the outside, the inside is what matters ~

~ don't be scared i won't hurt you ~


1. The new kid

Kat's pov:

My alarm beeps, i turn it off and sigh, ugh i hate mondays. Today was the first day on my new school. Our parents died in a car accident, since then i'm living with Mona and Steve, along with my 3 "sisters": Danielle (Dani), Eleanor (El) and Perrie. We all got adopted 4 years ago, we are friends since we were little so we are pretty close, so thats why we call each other "sisters" Why we were adopted is hard to explain, you will hear it later.


Oops, i forgot to introduce myself. I'm Kat, my full name is Katrina, but i HATE that name, so everyone calls me Kat :) I'm 16 years old and i like to run and be in the woods. You maybe wonder why? Well, i'm not a normal girl like you are but i'm a werewolf, so are my 3 "sisters", Dani, El and Perrie. We were born as werewolfs. We have grown up together and had a hard time. We are protectors, we defense people from gangs who try to kill them. We had to learn how to fight and how to defense and all that stuff. Being all this isn't easy at all..


Kat's pov:

"Kat, you have to hurry otherwise you don't make it in time!" Mona shouts. Ugh i'm not deaf or something i mumble to myself and get up. I change into my skinny jeans and a starbucks top, i put my sneakers on and brush my blonde curls. I put on some natural make-up and grab my bag. I walk downstairs and start to eat. Mona goes to her work and 5 minutes later El, Dani and Perrie join me. Perrie sighs "It's so annoying that Mona don't know that we can make it in like one minute. I still can hear her annoying shouting voice, GIRLS WAKE UP TIME FOR SCHOOOL!" as she mimics Mona's voice and rolls her eyes. We all burst out in laughter. We all hate Mona and Steve, and so do they hate us. We finish our breakfast and grab our bag. We lock the house and walk into the forest, that is not so far away from our house. We shift into our wolfs and run to school. The forest stops 50 meter before our school, we shift behind a big tree and walk into the school. Dani and Perrie already have their schedule so they walk to their math class. El has geography and i walk to my history class. I knock on the door and see that everyone already had taken a seat. "Miss Rose, its your first day here and you are already late.." Miss Bouvray says disappointing and shakes her head. "Sorry miss, it won't happen again" i say. "wow great job kat, your first day and already late" i think by myself. Miss Bouvray points to a empty chair and i sit down. I look around, the people look nice. *BAM* everyone turns around, a very hot guy is standing in the door opening. Miss Bouvray lift up one of her eyebrows "And you are..?" the boy laughs and speaks with his dark voice "i'm James, the new kid" "Hmm so we have two new kids in the class" miss bouvray mumbles and searches down her list. "You can sit next to miss Rose" she says and start with the lesson. James sits down next to me and comes closer. I could feel his hot breath in my neck. I try to move away from him but he holds my chair so i can't move. "so you are the new kid huh" he whispers in my ear in a teasing tone. I ignore him and pay attention to the lesson. I always have been the good girl at school, and since i was late this morning, i want to pay even more attention to the lesson.


the history lesson almost ended when i feel a hand on my tight, i try to push his hand away but he grabs my hand and squeezes it, "ur keeping ignoring me huh, i won't do that i-.. The bell rang and i push my hand away, grab my bag and hurry out the classroom. "Iew what a creep, history lessons are going to be a hell." i think by myself. Something was different about that boy, my wolf could feel that, but what.. ?

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