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~ It doesn't matter what you are or how you look on the outside, the inside is what matters ~

~ don't be scared i won't hurt you ~


3. "A new mission"

Kat's pov:

The bell rang, i grab my bag and hurry out of the classroom. The first day was over, i actually talked to a few girls in class. They were really nice but bc i'm a protector, i really can't trust people or hang out with them, it would be too dangerous. Because we protect people, the gangs try to kill or hurt us badly, then they could get easily to the people they want to kill if you know what i mean. The whole day was so looooong. Seriously horrible, i had 5 more lessons with James. FIVE. And the most worst part was that i had to sit next to him. AGAIN. Ugh i hate that guy. It suchs a creep like i mentioned before. I walk out of the school and see Perrie standing there, leaning against a tree. I walk over to her. "Heey Perrie" i say but when i see her face, i stop. Something was wrong. "Where are the girls?" i say. "I have no idea Kat. Flora was here.. "

~ Flashback ~

Shit, shit, shit. Why is this always happening to me WHY. i put my knees up to my chin. Today was a party in school, like a sleep over in the school. Of course i was coming but there is one thing i forgot, it was full moon. And the moonlight reaches me and could feel my wolf shift, so i hurried to the girls toilet. And now i'm sitting here, my whole body in pain. Shifting. I finished shifting as i sighed in relief. My wolf is white, as white as fresh snow in the morning. My wolf eyes are purple, and i'm a lot taller than the most werewolfs. I'm the only excisting wolf that is pure white + purple eyes. Some people believe that that wolf is an legend, but i don't think that.

Flora's pov: (yayay new pov ^^ )

I was sitting with my friends, Kat, Lily and Jasmin. I looked at Kat, she looked so uncomfortable and.. nervous? She was moving in her seat up and forth, something was wrong but i couldn't tell what was wrong. Then out of the sudden Kat jumps up from her seat and starts sprinting away. I followed her. I ended up in the girls toilet, where i hear weird noises. Howls..? i was confused and a little scared.. "Hello? is someone here?" i ask.

Kat's pov:

Then i heard a familiar voice. "Hello? is someone here?" fuck that is Flora" i curse in my head.

*Kat we are trapped, she is standing in front of the door where you are hiding in, my wolf Diana howls in frustration.*

what can i do? i ask my wolf, there is no window here.

*unlock the door, use your wolfspeed, she won't be able to see what the thing (you) are and reach the the woods, i'm hungry* Diana growls.

I unlock the door with my paw, like a dog would do, and sprint out the door, using my wolfspeed. I almost reached the door as i bumped into someone. *oh shit, its Flora..* my wolf howls, scared.

Flora's pov:

I hear someone unlock the door, trying not to make a sound. I backed back, still scared. I saw a white flow as something knocked me to the ground. I flinch in pain, i could feel a headache already. I open my eyes, and i was frozen..

Still on me there was a wolf standing, his huge paws on my chest so i couldn't move. It was white as snow, and absolutely HUGE, bigger than the biggest dog. But what scared me the most were those eyes, purple eyes that were boring into mine. I was too scared to move. I tried to scream but the wolf put his huge heavy paw on my mouth so i couldn't scream. What the hell is happening to me..? Where is Kat?

~ End of flashback ~

Kat's normal pov:

And that was the first time Flora met me as wolf, i had explain everything that day. She was scared at first but that faded away soon. Flora knew now that we were protectors and has helped us many times. It is very helpful. Flora lived now in London, she helps finding important information about gangs. We all haven't seen her in half a year. If she is here, then it must be very important.. but what is it?

Flora's pov:

I sat with Paul. In our packs hideout, a little house of wood in the forest. He is one of the bodyguards from the boyband One Direction. They weren't really famous. Paul told me about that the boys were in danger. The most dangerous gang tries to kill the boys. The name of the gang is Shadowhosts, when Paul mentioned the name "Shadowhosts", shivers went down my spine. The same gang that is after Kat. People believe that a white wolf with purple eyes is a legend. The legend of the lost flowers. The legend says that the wolf has enormous power with the nature and animals. The gang is after that power. But even our pack, with El, Dani, Perrie and Kat don't know about the power or that the legend is true, even Kat don't know. We met the gang a year ago, when we protected a boy named Alex, who could see into the future. Its a long story but Alex is safe now and that is the most important. Paul continued and a hour later he stopped. The girls have a new job and a really dangerous one too... i had to tell the girls. I thanked Paul for everything and called El. She was coming with Dani, as fast as possible. They were already in the woods, they had not seen Kat and Perrie yet. I saw two wolfs running towards the hideout. Dani's wolf was cream brown with forest green eyes, El's wolf was light grey, with white paws and ocean blue eyes. They shift back, "I texted that you were here, they can come any minute" El says smiling. We gave each other a big hug. "C'mon let's go inside, i have to tell you guys sometime important, but first TEA! And why not? Perrie and Kat haven't arrived yet." I say smiling.

Perrie's pov:

C'mon Kat, Flora is in the hideout, with El and Dani. They are waiting for us." i say smiling, it was a long time ago that i saw Flora. We walked to the wood and shift. Every time that Kat shift was amazing, her wolf has something.. magically? Her snow white fur sparkles in the sunlight as we start to run. We use our wolfspeed to reach our hideout in the middle of the woods. A minute later we reach the hideout and shit back, we walk in and see Flora with the girls. "C'mon sit down" Flora smiles, and we sit down. "To make a long story short, we have a new mission" We all start cheering. Kat was silent, was something wrong? "Are you okay Kat?" i say worried. "Yeah, i guess" and she turns her head to look at the windows. "maybe she smells enemy's in our territory?" I think in my head. Kat starts to pay attention again to the conversation. Flora continues talking. "We have to protect 5 boys, the are in a band, they aren't famous but well known. A gang tries to kill them, the man i spoke to earlier is Paul, he is the bodyguard of the boys. He don't know why the gang tries to kill them. "Which gang?" asks Kat curious. Flora was silent and looked worried at Kat. Now we all knew who the gang was. "i don't care about the gang, if they want to hurt me or kill me, the boys need us, we have to protect them, no matter what." I looked at Flora, also worried. It is the same gang that tries to hunt Kat down. "I think we can do this, if we all work together.." "and protect each other with their lifes" and we all looked at Kat. Kat looked confused, i don't think that she got it, but the other all do, we have to protect Kat with our lifes. No matter what. This could be dangerous...

mystery pov:

You had one job you fucking faggot! The man clungs at the other man who screams in pain and falls on the ground. "Now get this job done!" the other man growls, and the man stands up slowly, holding his troat as he growled in pain, shifted and disappeared in the darkness. The other man laughed dark. "You are going to be mine soon little wolf, you and all your powers" "We will meet soon Kat, very soon..."

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