This is Ariana Summers here! I just won a competition that my best friend begged me to turn into. Well the competition is to hang with 5 Seconds of summer all fucking summer!! I said that if I won she would have go along, I do not want to be alone with four famous guys who thinks they looks good? They don't. But if you ask Alana they are "the freaking fucking hottest guys on this planet!" Her words not mine... Never will those words come out of my mouth.


1. the email

Ariana's P.O.V

I fall down from my bed as my little brother, as usual pulls my duvet and runs away with it. Well he is my little brother so I can't... What's the word? Oh yeah got it! I can't not mash his fucking whole body!

Now that I am up (thanks to that little snake!) I get up and sits by my MacBook, "got an email?" I say quietly to myself.

I click on the email to open it. "Dear Miss Summers you have won the competition to hang out with 5 seconds of summer with you best friend. You two will have to come to the airport closet to your town, and then the boys will come pick you up. Have nice day Love the boys themselves Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton." I read out loud.

"That sounds amazing AND save. You are going" my mom says

I close down my computer, and walks downstairs to get some breakfast. Guess what that little brat ate it all! Urgh! I'm so tired of this.

"Dylan! Stop eating MY eggs, mom made them for ME!" I yell I know he is somewhere in the house, hiding from me.

I walk back to my room and puts on the clothing I found yesterday, and after I get out into my car. I drive to Alana's place.

When I reach there, and park outside her house (yes she lives alone with her brother, who by the way is SO fucking hot!) Alana comes outside the minute I lock my car, and starts walking to their door.

"Ari! Omg!! I'm freaking out!" She says. I would tell her she looks really frustrated, but I don't think it's the right time.

"What's wrong?" I ask. We hug, and she gives me a sign like 'can we just walk for a bit?'

We start walking along the sidewalk.

"So, Asher just cheated..." - " OMG! That jerk!!" I yell.

"There's more! He broke up with me AND he said that he wasn't the problem!" She says breaking into tears. I hug her for a long time.

Asher and her met in high school, and they were deep in love from the first moment they saw each other. So no doubt Alana is crying about it, he is just such a jerk!

I wished I could do anything to make her feel better? Wait! I can. The trip! I almost forgot.

"I have the best surprise for you!" I say. "Just go inside and pack enough clothing for a month, and then you call me and I come pick you up, ok?" I ask well it's more of a demand.

I watch her walk inside then I drive home to pack myself.


My phone lights up on my night table, I take it.

To Ari<3 from Al<3

*Heey I'm done now! Know tell me where we are going?*

I read and a grin replaces my concentrated mouth form.

To Al<3 from Ari<3

*thats a surprise... I love you bby"

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