Lucas Holland, an Erudite experiment. In hopes of building a army of perfect warriors, Erudite genetically modified young babies in hopes of giving them unique gifts. Tragically only one baby survived, Lucas. A boy who's special gift may very well save his life. ( Only Posting a few Chapters, Ive done this in my phone so please excuse mistakes. I'll only continue writing if people want me to.)


3. The Test Begins

The testing room, a wall of mirrors and two silver chairs, one for me and the examiner.
"Please take a seat." A Abnegation man says. He is blonde and dressed fully in grey.
I sit down and he takes out a syringe.
"I normally expect a guy to take me out to dinner before I let him stick me with a needle." I say trying to ease the tension that fills the air.
The man doesn't laugh he just holds his hand out.
"Okay…." I say breezing past the attempt at a joke.
I pass him my hand and he shoves the needle in my forearm, it stings for a second.  Then the  room starts to spins and instantly I pass out.
I wake up in the middle of a road. My eyes a little fuzzy.  A city surrounds me. I get up, holding my right hand to my head.
No people around. Strange. I begin to walk down the road. When im stopped in my tracks by what seems like a factionless man. A person who doesn't belong in any of the five factions become factionless. Being factionless is worse then death.
"Help me please." The man said, holding his right arm.
I rush to him, grabbing his left arm to support him.
"What happened?" I ask him, lowering him down to the ground.
"I was attacked by a group of kids." He panted.
"Well your okay now, I'm here. I'll protect you." As the words left my mouth, I was unsure whether or not I would be able to keep the promise. "I'm Lucas."
"I'm Larry..." He managed to say his name between breathes.
"Leave that factionless pig alone." A voice called.
I stood up to face the voice and was greeted by 5 boys. By the looks of their clothes they were from different factions.
"And you are?" I ask in my normal calm voice.
"That doesn't matter, what matters is that we need to punish this factionless clown." The Amity boy says with disgust in his voice.
"And why do you have to punish him?"
"Because he deserves it." The Candor boy snapped.
"Well then, I suggest you leave him alone." I grit my teeth.
"Or what!" The Abnegation boy yelled.
"Or else you deal with me." I pull my hand through my hair, readying myself.
The Abnegation boy charges at me. I hold my hand to my side. Suddenly I feel something firm and solid in my hand. A knife handel.  A knife appeared in my hand.
If I use the knife at close range it could be fatal not just for him but for me. Besides I don't want to harm him.
I look to my left, showing a stop sign. Maybe if I throw the knife at the sign hard enough, it could bounce off hitting him. The downside, if I miss im defenceless. Also to do it I have to risk the only defence against the attacker. As well as its quite an impossible shot. I have to try otherwise this man could be in serious trouble.
I sling the knife at the stop sign. Now all I need is for the handel to hit it.
The handel hits, propelling the knife at the Abnegation boy. Ramming into his shoulder.
A second after he falls to the ground. The others look at me in awh.
In unison they turn around and begin to walk off.
"Hey! Are you just going to leave your friend!" I yell but they ignore me.
I run to the Abnegation boy and leap to his side.
I slowly take out the knife from his shoulder. They boy yelps with pain; his breathing heavy.
Then I tear my shirt at the bottom and press it against the wound.
After 5 minutes his breathing steadies. A sigh of relief flows from my lips.
"Why…" The boy spits out, not in anger but out of pain.
"Because…. No matter how much I dislike you. You still deserve to live." I reply, closing my eyes.
My head starts spinning. Then I collapse to the ground.
I slowly get up. My head aching a little. I search for the Abnegation man and I find him. He sits across from me smiling.
"Weldone! Truely impressive results." He says with a hint of excitement in his voice.
"What?" I ask holding my aching head.
"You got the best score known to man. You passed successful for all five factions. "
"But how?"
"By helping the factionless man shows selflessness (Abnegation) by thinking about your attack shows knowledge (Erudite). The taking a chance on a risky plan, bravery (Dauntless). Telling the Abnegation boy why you saved him despite him being your enemie, honesty (Candor). Making right with him by saving him, peace (Amity)." The man says so fast, the words just fly out his mouth.
"So what does this mean?"
"It means you qualify as an initiate for all factions, I suggest you go home and think about your options. "
I nod. I get up and walk out of the testing room.
I can choose from all the factions. My chances to leave Erudite are now officially unlimited.
Although, now I must choose what faction I belong.


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