Lucas Holland, an Erudite experiment. In hopes of building a army of perfect warriors, Erudite genetically modified young babies in hopes of giving them unique gifts. Tragically only one baby survived, Lucas. A boy who's special gift may very well save his life. ( Only Posting a few Chapters, Ive done this in my phone so please excuse mistakes. I'll only continue writing if people want me to.)


4. The Choosing

I rushed out the door this morning. Getting to the choosing ceremony was the key thing on my mind.
I hadn't really decided on what faction I would be choosing. Although I know I will not be choosing Erudite.
When I get to the Erudite assembly point, where the ceremony is being held.  All of the future initiates que up for the ceremony.
On stage are five bowls. Each filled with water. At the front of the bowls are tags with the name of the 5 factions on.
Whats going to happen is that our name will be called and we will be handed a knife, we will cut our palms and spill the blood in the bowl of the faction we wish to join.
The announcer starts calling people up. People perform the ritual and stand behind their chosen factors chairs. So far a Amity boy has been the only person to change his faction, he changes to Abnegation.
Then the announcer calls up an Abnegation boy. He cuts his hand and instantly he drops his blood in the Dauntless bowl. The people from Abnegation gasp as they watch him.
"So a stiff chose Dauntless." Eric said smirking, even though he's a head of me I can still feel his loathing smile staring at me.
A lot more kids are called but now its Eric's turn.
He cuts his hand swiftly and moves bizarrely to the Dauntless bowl. Hand hovering over the bowl. His head turns to me and he smiles saying.
"See you later…" he takes a break "Sooner than you think…"
He drops his blood into the Dauntless bowl and moves to stand next to the Abnegation transfer. Eric in his blue and the boy in his grey.
Then the announcer calls my name.
"Lucas Holland."
As I move to the stage I can feel the cold blank stares of my faction.
Who cares about them.
I think I know which faction I'll choose.  Amity, know one will judge me there. I'll be equal to everyone else.
I take the knife.
Suddenly in my mind I picture Eric and a jolt of electricity flies down my body, I swiftly cut my palm. It stings a little but after 5 seconds im fine. In my head I see Eric walk to the Dauntless bowl, without thinking my body does the same. My arm stretches out over the bowl. I pause. Its like im copying what Eric did exactly, my mouth starts to smile uncontrollably. I am copying him, does that mean….
Before I can think, my hand spills the blood into the Dauntless bowl.
I just chose Dauntless, a dangerous faction. I walk to be stood next to a Candor transfer. I should be thinking why on earth I chose Dauntless but I can't.  I can only think.
How. How did I copy what Eric did. I had my mind set on Amity but instead followed Eric's lead.


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