😈Preety Little Liars The Story😈

Rudderless without their missing leader Alison, four formerly tight high school friends named Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna band together when a blackmailer named A threatens to spill their dirt.
*Based on the TV hit series Pretty Little Liars*


6. Hanna's Old and New BFF

Hanna's Pov

I was looking at my self in the mirror and I looked hot! "Can I see the Pradas in the front?" I asked a cute guy. "I'll have to put some in the back" he told me. I took off my glasses and said "but they're all maybes." I said. Then Mona came out and asked me "hey is this me?"

"or a little too much your mother?" I told her.

I tried on another pair of glasses and smiled. I turned and saw Mona. " I am loving those glasses. How much?" she asked.

"350" I answered. She turned around I looked up and I saw Spencer. " I'll be right back" I told the man.

I walked up to Spencer and said " I can not believe Spencer Hastings actually has time to shop! I mean your interning for the mayor, taking classes at Hollis, and redoing the barn. And in your leisure moments, you Facebook and Tweet." I said. "You know me I like to stay busy." Spencer said.

"It's called summer vacay, Spence."

"You spent yours sunning and shopping" she said.

"Tweet-tweet" I said.

All we did was laugh. "Did you see the paper today?" She asked.

I nodded and said yeah.

"She's gone but she's everywhere" Spence said.

"I can't believe it's been a year" I told her. "Do you remember what Ali said that night?" she asked. "About our secrets keeping us close?" She added.

I nodded and she said something but I wasn't listening.

We talked some more but then we said bye and I left.

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