😈Preety Little Liars The Story😈

Rudderless without their missing leader Alison, four formerly tight high school friends named Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna band together when a blackmailer named A threatens to spill their dirt.
*Based on the TV hit series Pretty Little Liars*


7. A Flashback

Aria's Pov

Dad dropped us off at school and we had a conversation the last words words he said were 'I hope you can forgive me' I got out of the car and while my dad was driving away I saw the yellow print on the back of his car and had a flashback of that day.


"Aria! Hey guys! Alison! Hey!" Mona yelled. "Do you hear Mona?" Ali asked. "Hey Aria!" She yelled again "maybe we should wait" I told Ali. "Hey guys!" She yelled again.

"Oh my gosh is she ever gonna get a clue? what a loser! Come here!" Ali told me.

We ran into and alley and Mona stopped following us.

" hey isn't that your dad's car?" Ali asked. Then I saw it. I saw my dad kissing a blonde making out having sex in his car.

End of Flashback

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