Secret crush on my best friend.

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6. why me?

Diana's POV.

stares because I'm standing next to him everyone knows they leave. But Luke didn't he stayed by me. It's funny because we have the same classes and lockers next to each other. Lucifer,Mikey,Ash,and Cal. Are popular. And funny thing is they are my friends. I didn't think this year would suck until I got to my locker. Damnit. " who the hell did this?" I asked and on the locker says whore. I look at Luke and he's staring at my locker. I open it and a note falls out. I look at Luke and he takes it instead. He knows I can't read it. Only because if it says anything I automatically break down. He shows it to me and the only thing on it says: payback. We look at the writing. Ashton. "Luke come with me to talk to him." He nods and I put my books away the first day you can just walk around and get used to it. Typical Ashton. By his locker surrounded by the sluts. He sees Luke because I'm literally behind him. He shoos the girls away and they all go over to Jake besides the boys he's the next cutest. He doesn't see me and starts to blab about what he did. The halls are cleared only Luke the guys and me. We found the only Hallway where no one was. "I can't wait to see her reaction to when she sees the locker." Ashton smirks and laughs. "Well you missed it."I say and Luke moves. Ashton looks worried. "How much did you hear?" He asks and I smile. "All. Of. It. Every. Little. Bit." I smirk. "What do u think the principals gonna say hmmm Ash? You didn't think I was gonna let this slide EVERYONE saw it. Do you know what that means. The beginning of my bullying." I say and hold back tears. I've gotten good at that. "You get bullied!?!?" Cal, Mikey, and Ash say/exclaim. Me a Luke just nod.

•later that day•

I get papers thrown at me I ignore it. Off to the office I am. With all the boys. We get there and the principal looks at us. "What can I help you with?" She asks. We walk in. "Well, Ashton put the word whore on my locker and now people are starting to bully me again." I say. "Who helped?" She asks Ashton. "Only me." He said.

"One week detention and I'll go on the loud speaker and tell the kids an assembly." She says. Ashton looks at the ground and walks out we go to my locker and he takes everything down. And throws it away. We all walk around. Until the assembly. She talks about bullying and stuff then she says if there is bullying the person who starts it will be expelled and their parents will be called. We eave and head home.

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