Secret crush on my best friend.

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28. Why her?

Lou's Pov.

-before the accident-

I picked my phone up as it buzzed signaling that I had gotten

a text message.


L-Louis P-Person

P: hey Lou are you still at Diana's beach house?

L: Yeah why?

P: Well go out backkkk

L: Is someone gonna jump me if i go out back?

P: No no no hell no what the fuck is wrong with you?

L: Nothing Nothing I'll be right out. 

P: Okay please hurry ;)

L: no just- just no

--end of conversation--

I stood up and went out back rushing down the back stairs.

I turned looking for the one person I didn't

wanna see.

"Hey, I'm right here." She said.

Yes she. As in Eleanor


"Hey El-" Before I could even finish my sentence she had her lips

pressed onto mine.

"I missed you baby." She said. Ew. No.

I faked a smile."El we can't be to-"

Before I could finish I heard James scream,

"DIANA WATCH OUT!" And then I heard Diana scream.

I looked at El then dashed back up the stairs El right on my tail.

I ran through the house to the front to see

James sobbing with Diana limp in his arms.

A sob came out of my lips as I fell in the

sand next to my girlfriend.

"Don't you dare come and try to act sweet Tomlinson you did this."

James words ringing over and over through my head.

"But b-but El she kissed m-me not the other

way around." I started sobbing hysterically.

Alissa and Mikey came running out Mikey on the phone with an ambulance.

Alissa came over and made sure she still had a pulse.

Thank God she did.

Before I knew it I blacked out from crying so much.

But this time it wasn't  a normal black out.

It was more like I was asleep which I wasn't.

I blacked out with DIana on my mind giggling being happy and herself with

me and our children them all chasing after Zayn screaming uncle Zayn claming he rubbed

his head in the grass due to his green hair ( June 7th,2015 the birth of Zayns green hair), Niall at the BBQ, Harry swimming with his child, Liam smiling at Zayn yea did I mention those two are dating now? Luke Claiming

he wasn't a huge tree boy.

Michael laughing at him.

Ashton and Alissa also now dating while Luke and Michael date each other.

And Calum singing to his new born daughter she looks so perfect.

I had a dream predicting the future I know it.

Right afrer that I blacked out nothing in mind but I need to

regain Diana's trust.


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