Secret crush on my best friend.

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17. truth or dare?

Diana's POV.

The guys and Perrie and Alissa have been at my house since well for the boys since the week off and Perrie last night and for Alissa yesterday afternoon and yes I ship Zerrie and Melissa (Michael and Alissa) I ship them both all the way. "Guys imma go talk to my mum" I say and get a lot of okays. "Mum can we take the Rv and call the driver to take the guys Perrie Alissa and me to our beach house for the last 4 days?" I ask hopefully she takes about 5-10 minutes then she finally says alright."YAY!!" I yell and run upstairs. "Guys gals how do you feel about taking a 4 day vacation to a beach house you guys and I'll take us shopping for outfits." What do you say?" "Let's do this" they all shout. I giggle and Luke runs up and kisses me and time freezes I notice the sparks I feel the love but unfortunately life hates me so we have to stop for breath. "Let's. Shop. Right. Now. Girl. " Perrie says. "Ik wuke won't wanna cwome bwut iwf hwe swaid wes cwould hwe cwome?" I asked putting my lip out and she nods I look at Luke and he nods. "Lukeyyy come!!" "Okay buttt only if I can help you pick out one outfit pwease!" "Okay" "let's go" Perrie says. "Shot gun" me and Luke say. "Fine we can both just sit in the back seat. " "Deal. " I agree. "You guys are the cutest couple ever!!"Perrie says. We both blush. We go into the mall and look around then Perrie and I stop and stare at each other "FOREVER 21" and we born grab Luke's hand and pull him. WAIT DID PERRIE JUST GRAB MY BFS HAND!?!?!?! I'll let it slide but if she asks how a shirt is then shit gets real. I go far away saying I need to go to the bathroom. I just hide in a clothes rack. I watch her flirt I watched her try to hold his hand and he pulls away she asked how a tight short mini skirt like 2 sizes to small and she feted it in and showed him. I heard him tell her to short and to tight. She walked back and when I pretended to come out of the bathroom I saw something I could never forget my own best friend. She leaned in and kissed him. He pulled away and looked disgusted. "PERRIE HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ZAYN YES IM GOING TO TELL HIM. HOW MANY PEOPLE DID YOU HOOK UP WITH WHEN YOU WERE GONE?" I yell crying at what I looked at and witnessed. She slapped me. She just slapped me. I felt a stinging in my cheek. "Why was I ever you friend you obviously don't care about me." (I love Perrie don't get me wrong I'm in the moment tho rn.) "don't tell Zayn or I'll tell Luke here ur secret you know 4 summers ago" I can't believe that slut. " fine I'll shut up. I can't believe I trusted you. " I said. "Diana what happened 4 summers ago." Luke asked. "Nothing it's nothing." "Oh I'll tell you we went out to the local bar and yeah and we went and Jake you know just about the hottest guy in the school besides Ashton she went up to him even though he had a gf and kissed him." She said. " I'm going to fucking kill myself you just ruined my life I hope ur happy I'm gonna. Tell Zayn and nothing nothing will stop me. " I said. " also that same summer she hooked up with 5 guys." "Bye guys I'm gonna need the keys from all of you to the place and I'm going to need any pictures memories anything either erased from ur phone or physically real thing burned smashed or torn." "I'm gonna go tell the guys." " and the trip is off" I say crying. And running out good thing the mall is like a 5 minute walk and I have toms on so I'm good. I start walking and eventually get there. Luke and Perrie haven't shown yet and mums not home thank fully. Neither is dad and the guys are the only ones I go and they are all watching TV so when I come in they see my running make up and ugly self. "DIANA what happened." Michael said coming up to me. "Zayn I need to tell you something and you'll be heart broken she's okay but she did something that I won't forgive her for. And I don't want to tell you but ik I have to." "We got there and went to forever 21. And when we were about there she grabbed Luke's hand and I let it slide. But we got there and I sensed something so I said I had to go to the bathroom and I hid in a clothes rack. I watched Perrie flirt with Luke and she kissed him and I'm going to need you to burn delete any pictures or memories from ur phone or life because I'm not sure if I'll see you guys again and the end it goes for all of you and I'll need the key to the place." I say and start crying again. And when I start Luke comes back with Perrie trailing behind. I hold up my middle finger to her and I look at him and cry again and run up to my room and lock the door.

Luke's POV.

She was flirting with me and she tried a skirt on that was two many sizes smaller and she kissed me and that's when Diana shows up. Perfect just perfect. They start yelling until I hear Perrie say something. "Don't tell Zayn or I'll tell Luke what happened 4 summers ago. " she said. " fine I won't tell him. " Diana retorted holding her cheek because Perrie slapped her. "Diana what happened 4summers ago. " "nothing nothing happened." "I'll tell you. " Perrie started. " we went to the local bar and Jake the hottest guy in school had a gf and Diana went up and kissed him." She said smirking. I can't believe I heard what I heard Diana say after. "I'm going to kill my self I hope ur happy burn delete erase rip tear destroy any memories you have of me and I'm gonna need the key back. Good bye. " and wait for it. "Also she hooked up with 5 guys that summer" that's when Diana had enough she left she ran. I just started walking walking away from Perrie and now my gf might commit suicide. We got there and she was crying and hugging Michael for almost what seemed for dear life. And Zayn poor Zayn he looked heart broken like his heart just shattered. The guys just glared at me. Diana wouldn't even look at me. And Perrie she just smiled like nothing was wrong. The guys hand there keys over and it's sad. "Diana please don't do this I wouldn't break up with you ik you trusted Perrie ik you loved her like a sister but please don't take it this way we can be happy with each you have the guys their future gf me please don't leave life don't leave us. " I said. "Don't worry babes I won't." She said kissing me. "Let's pack and it's for three days." I said and the boys agreed to meet here by 3 which is 3 hours of packing.

Diana's POV.

"Luke can you stay and help me pack?" I asked him and he nodded his head. "Let me guess you think I'm a slut and you won't break up with me until after the trip?" I ask completely catching him off guard. "No no no no. I'm not going to leave you. Okay babes I would never leave you. " he says. "Okay."I said. "Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit." I say. "What?" Luke asks. "I didn't call the driver so I'll be back" -skip call-

"Whatcha doin?" I get back and Luke sits down fast. "Nothing." He said. "Luke." I said tauntingly. "Nothing!!" He said. I'm not convinced. I go take out my suitcase. And go and get two dresses,two bikinis,four pairs of ripped skinny jeans and ripped shorts. I grab some crop tops and my "special" things and grab some under clothes. I grab some sandals and some boots. Yes I absolutely love boots. Luke left to go pack so I go and take the box that has my razors and stick that in there. I grab bathroom supplies (makeup razor shaving cream perfume etc.) I get some dye and put that in a special bag. (A.N BOOTY HAD ME LIKE!!! sorry stuck in my head!) Luke finally came back and I was sitting on my bed with my phone and out of no where Luke tackled and tickled me. "CALUM ASHTON MIKEY ALISSA SOMEBODY HELP!!!" I said in-between laughs. Alissa and Mikey come up and see us and Mikey attacks Alissa from the back tickling her. I finally pinned Luke and sat on his stomach. "Come on kids the driver just got here and the others." My mum said. "OKAY!!" I screamed. "LUCIFER LET US GO!!!" I yelled again and Luke ruffled my hair. NO THAT IS NOT OKAY. I pinched his ear and grabbed my stuff and ran down the stairs. I put my stuff down and at the end of the bunks and at the top Luke got the one under me (5 on each side) Mikey got the one under Luke.  Mikey and Alissa shared one. (#Melissa) (Luke and Diana= Luna (Idek..) ) Calum took  the top one on the other side across from me. Niall under him and Ashton under Niall. Liam and Zayn slept next to Niall (Sorry if confusing setup,) and then Louis  under Melissa. (Sorry had to and didn't wanna write well type both names) after we got done getting settled we were bored so we played truth or dare we all sat in a circle.I sat on Lukes lap and Alissa sat on Mikey's lap. Melissa and Luna (lol idk) "UGH Guys and their gf " Niall complained. "Your just Jealous." I said and he didn't argue anymore.  "Okay I'll start."Zayn said. "Alissa truth or dare?" Zayn said with a smirk. "Dare." she said. "I dare you to dye ur hair light blue all the way." He said. "Okay!!" She said happily.She got up and yed her hair and came back. "I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID IT!!" Zayn said in disbelief. "Zayn darling I'm not a pussy I'm not gonna go and turn down an awesome dare." she said. "Okay u are spending wayyy to much time with Michael." Calum said. "Naw this is only the beginning."She said and kissed Michael. "Alissa choose someone!!" Ashton said. "FINE! Uhmmm Diana." She said with a smirk. "Truth or Dare." She said. "Dare." I said and she laughed. "I dare you to have a make-out session with Luke right here." She said and laughed. "Okay this is like the first dare I won't regret." I say and turn around. Luke and I start to make-out. I play with his lip ring. "Guys come onnn." Louis said covering his eyes. "Fuck you." I said and held up the middle finger to him. "Okay hmmm CALUM!!" I say. "Truth.' he says. "If you were a girl who would you date and not including yourself?" I ask. "Ashton or Niall." He says. We played truth or dare until we got there.

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