Secret crush on my best friend.

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13. True Love

Lukes POV.

After Nandos we went back to Dianas. It was arranged that we would all spend the night there. so we got back but we didn't have enough places to sleep. we went to my house by tree lol that sounds stupid. We got a couple air mattresses. Well one actually. Poor boys yes you read tht right. Diana and I get the bed. No nothing like that you and your dirty mind. We get back and get it blown up 7 people small mattress well i did try and find the smallest one ;). #sorrynotsorry it was so damn funny when they tried it get organized lol. I feel bad.... Not. lol. We watched Paranormal Activity 2 when we got settled. It was cold as fuck so Diana and I cuddled. It was cute when she got scared she hid her face in my shirt. So when it was over we went to sleep. about 5 minutes after i fell asleep Diana woke meh up. Its okay by me -holds hands up in defense-. " I can't sleep" she says. "wanna go down and get something to eat?" i ash her. "sure." she says and I get out and pick her up bridal style. She giggles. I step over the boys and leave the room quietly. We go down and get some thing to eat. I set her on the counter and look for food. "Babe??" i hear her say. "yes Princess?." i say and go over and spread her legs and step in between them and put my hand on either side of her. "Do you love me?" she asks. "Of course i do why wouldn't I?" i ask. "Because there are so many other girls cuter than me but you chose me." she say quietly. "but those other girls aren't like you....." I say and she looks confused and cocks her head to the right. "how so?" she asks almost scared of my answer. I kiss her biting her bottom lip making a low moan come out from her. I smirk. "Because this is true love." I say and kiss her again and she biting my lip piercing playing with it making me moan. She kisses me again and we get something to eat and go to bed.

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