Secret crush on my best friend.

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23. The Date

Louis POV: (you read that right)

I woke up and remembered what happened I sighed and looked at Diana.  I kissed the top of her head. I looked at her wrists almost all the scars are gone only the deep ones remain. Who could push such a beautiful girl to cutting. I remembered the date that changed from a dare to wanting to do it. I wounder if she'll do it. She snuggled closer into me and I embraced her in a hug. Diana woke up her eyes were no longer emerald green. They turned grey. "Hi." I said. "Hi she smiled weakly. "We have to get up out date is in 5 hours." I said. "I don't wanna get up." She said. Lottie came running into the room with Gemma. "We *gasp* saw *gasp* Luke *gasp* and*Lucy *gasp* Kiss." Lottie said. My heart shattered. Diana noticed and hugged me. Daisy and Phoebe came crawling onto the bed and Lottie,Fizzy,and Gemma just stood there. Diana squeezed my hand signalling it was going to be okay. I put my face in her neck. Daisy hugged me. "I'm So sorry big bro." She said. I hugged her back. Then Lucy walked in. I hid my face in Dianas neck.. "DIANA YOU THINK CAUSE LUKE BROKE UP WITH YOU, YOU CAN GO SLEEP AROUND WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!" She screamed at Diana. "YOU BROKE UP WITH HIM TOO I INVITED YOU TO MY BEACH HOUSE I INTRODUCED YOU TO LOUIS I CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF MY BEACH HOUSE AND SEE TO IT THAT LOUIS NEVER SEES YOU AGAIN." She said. "Somones sassy." I whispered in her ear smirking. "YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC!!!" She said. "AT LEAST WE DIDN'T KISS AFTER OUR BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH THEM!!!!" I said. "AND IN MY DEFENSE WE WEREN'T SLEEPING AROUND THERE WAS NO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE OKAY WERE FRIENDS WHOSE HEARTS JUST GOT BROKEN BY THE ONES THEY LOVED OKAY WE AREN'T THE PATHETIC ONES YOU ARE OKAY IM DONE WITH FUCKING LIFE WHY CAN'T PEOPLE FUCK OFF IM DONE SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!" Diana said trying to get up. "Louis let me go." She said. "Your all I have left don't leave me please Diana you can't." I said. I won't leave you know.Lottie help me with my out fit Gemma help Louis. I said and got up.The boys came running in after all the yelling. Diana looked at Luke and got in bed and started to silently cry she put her hand over her mouth so no one would hear her. I rubbed her back in circles. I sent the girls off to do as Diana told them. She looked Luke right in the eyes and said." I knew never to trust you." Ouch. She went to the bathroom to take a shower. When the door closed Luke tried to punch me but Zayn and Harry pulled him back."WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!" I screamed at him. "Don't touch Diana!" He said. "You broke up with her now shes single she can do what she wants."Gemma called me to my room to get dressed.  "You really like her don't you?" Gemma asked me out of no where. I just nodded. "When I think of her I think of our song Over again cheesy I know but I love her." I said sadly. "Why are you sad?" She asked. "I don't think she loves me back I mean I'm a huge disappointment." I said sadder. "No you r not." Now get dressed your date is." She said. "Wait. Maybe she does we were laying in bed last night and she asked if I wanted to go but not the dare just like we want to not forced to." I said and smiled my eyes lit up. 

Dianas POV:

"You like him don't you." Lottie said. I just Nodded. "He reminds me of their song Nobody Compares. Cheesy I know but I love him." I said sadly. "Why are you sad?" she asked. "I don't think he loves me back I mean I'm a huge disappointment." I said sadder. "No you are not your date is almost ready.

(Imma start putitn quotes in my chapters Or sad sayings)

I loved you when you didn't love me.

what did I do I can't handle my heart

breaking again. 

I had a REALLY short black dress with laced black quarter sleeves I wore Black flats with them.

Louis POV:

I wore Black skinny jeans. Black tank top with a unbuttoned suit top thingy over it unbuttoned. And Black Vans. Shut up my friends sister picked em out. We got ready to leave. I opened her door then she got in then I closed it and started driving. I reached over and grabbed her hand then let go Shit. "Sorry." I said. "Why?" She asked and reached over and grabbed my hand that wasn't on the wheel.  "Okay I have something to say." We both said at the same time "You first." we both said. "On three we will say what we have to say" I said. "Okay." She said.




"I kinda sorta like you." we both said. "Wait you like me." She asked shocked. "Yea sorry if I ruined our friend ship." I said. SHIT! "You didn't so we could consider this as our first date?" She asked. "I think so." I said we smiled. Her eyes turning back to her original Emerald Green. We got to Nandos and I ran around to her door and opened it for her. We walked in. "Welcome to Nandos. Reservation?" The guy at the counter asked. "For Styles." I said. "Come this way." He said leading us to our table. I pulled out Diana's chair. "Thank You." She said sitting down. "Your welcome." I said in an Irish accent. She giggled. "Why I didn't know Nial would be joining." She said in and Irish accent as well.  We both broke out laughing at how people looked at us.

Gemmas POV. 

"LOTTIE!!!" I screamed. "COME HERE COME COME!!!!!" I screamed. "OMG I HAVE NEWS!!!!" She said running in the door and closing it. "YOU FIRST!!!!!" I screamed. "OKAY WELL!!!!!! DIANA LIKES LOUIS!!!!! YOU GO!!!!!" She screamed. "LOUIS LIKES DIANA I RECORDED IT TOO FOR YOUTUBE!!!!" I screamed and hit play on the video. -video playing- "You like her don't you?." "I love her." He said sadly. "AND THAT'S WHERE IT ENDED!!!" I screamed jumping up and down. (picture Lucy Like Elanor.) "OMG OMG OMG THEY WOULD MAKE THE CAUTES (CAU..TES..) COUPLE EVA!!!" I screamed. "IKR!!!!" She screamed."Do you think they would start dating?" She asked. "I hope." I said.

Louis POV.

The waiter we had were Diana all that was doing the same thing to a different table. "God I wish I could go over and pop her fake ass boobs." I said. "Heres a knife have fun." Diana said holding a knife up.  "I wish" I said. "Awe that sucks that you can't believe me I would've wayyyy before now!!" Diana said. "Hey lets run for it. We can go some where AWESOME!!! But Don't tell Niall we ditched here kay?" She asked. "Lets go!!' I said. We got up and ran. "Wait stop at the car." She said so we ran to the car. "One second." She said holding up one of her fingers.  She got in the car and 5 minutes later she came out in a pair of high waisted shorts with a black crop top tucked into them and a red plaid jacket.and a pair of red toms. she also had a red head band in her hair with a bow in the corner. "Surprised neither Lottie or Gemma or Fizzy caught you but damn." I said looking at her. "Come on 1pick up ur jaw your going to get flies two LETS GO!!!!" She screamed. We ran to the old building where she gave us a key to. She unlocked it and we went inside. "Go look for a movie." She said pointing to a HUGE and when I say HUGE I mean HUGE rack of movies. She went into the kitchen and I looked for a movie. She came back with two big bowls of popcorn. "What movie??" She asked egarly. "This.Is.Us."I said holding up our (as in 1D) movie. "Don't Judge me you were really cute in that."She said eating popcorn. "I was wasn't I?" I said flipping my fake hair. "Yes yes you were now put the movie I wanna cuddle!!!" She said. Awe. I put the movie in. "CUDDLE!!!" I screamed and ran over and flopped down behind her hugging her from behind and put my head in her neck. She pushed herself back and cuddled into me more. "BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU I'M A LOST BOY!!!" I sang. Diana giggled and rolled off the couch giggling. "What band is your ex in 7 hours of fall?" I asked. She just giggled. "Yup."She said. the lock unlocked. "Shit they think we're on our date get the I'll turn the TV off you please put the popcorn away." She told me. We did as said. The door unlocked and two people came in. "Lucy shh Diana only gave the boys keys not any of the girls and you are really not supposed to be here." Luke said. Diana bit her lip and it started bleeding again.I looked at Diana and she had silent tears coming down her face. :(. "hold on."I whispered to her. "Well,Well,Well Broke Dianas rule I see I wonder how she'll take it when I tell her."I said walking over to Luke and Lucy. Luckily they didn't see where I stood up from. "Louis don't tell her." Luke said. "To late." Diana said walking over. "Why? I don't wanna know I don't wanna see you or Lucy's ass tight now Louis please leave after them and lock up thank you so much!!!" She said running out the open door. "Luke come the fuck on!!!!" You know that was her only fucking rule what the hell is your fucking problem!?!?" I asked. "You think you can know and trust someone and then boom they break up with you hook up with your ex and then lie to your old ex and bring her somewhere the only rule was and you broke it." I frowned. "Fuck you Luke. And Lucy Fuck you I'm glad we never had sex I would have never been able to live my life knowing this would happen." I said holding up my two middle fingers. I took Lukes key, Dianas, and Mine. "Bye." I said running out into the rain that appeared out of no where. Diana had her phone. Thank you!! I called her and she picked up. 


D-Diana L-Louis

L- Where are you?

D- Inside Nandos by your car

L- Damn you run fast and two stay there I'm on my way

D- Are they gone?

L- No don't worry tho I took both of Lukes keys, Yes both he had his copied and I got ours.

D- Thank you so much Louis I don't know what I would do without you

L- Your Welcome and same to you Stay there I'm on my way.

And with that the call ended.

I ran to Nandos. I was soaked. I ran in and found Diana. "Come on lets go back to home." (beach house) She nodded and we left. "Sorry I'm getting your car soaked." She said. "don't worry it's fine." Diana went into the back. "No looking." She said. "Promises.. there is none." I smirked. I saw out of the corner of my eye as she was putting her dress on and yes she had under clothes on her getting dressed. Dam she has a nice body. She crawled back up front.  "Okay I have an Alibi for everything don't answer any of their questions okay?"She asked. "Okay." And with that we pulled up to the house. We ran inside. "Soooo!!!! How'd it go??" Lottie,Gemma,And Fizzy asked. "Awesome." Diana and I said. "You guys should SO date and it wouldn't be like Lucy or Eleno-." Fizzy said before getting cut short by me. "What did I say about mentioning her name?" I asked sad. "sorry." She said. "it's okay. Diana wanna finish cuddling on the bed?" I asked. She just nodded. We got up to the room. "Okay please don't be pissed at me or anything but please answer me who was or is Eleanor?" She asked.  "Well lets get dried off and changed then I'll explain."  I said. "Okay and can I just get dressed here I don't feel like walking all the way to the bathroom and crap." She said. I nodded. "No looking." "Nothing I haven't seen before." I said. "LOUIS you looked" She asked giggling. "Yes." I said "Well then whats the need to tell you to turn around just don't stare at me." She said. She got dressed into shorts and a tank top and then I did. We laid in bed. "Explain."She snuggled closer into my side. "Well Eleanor was my first real relationship. I loved her at first then we started to be forced together by her and I's parents. I broke up with her for about three months till you showed me Lucy." I said starting to cry. She started rubbing my back. "Oh Lou-Bear I'm so sorry:(" She said."It's okay and like the girls said You would be WAY better than both of them." I said. "Lets go down stair for some cheering up hot cocoa." She said and got out of bed. We went down stairs to find Luke and Lucy. Diana ignored them and started making hot cocoa. I walked over and slapped her ass. "Louis!!" She said. Running and jumping on my back. "What Doll Face?" I asked. "Nothin." She said covering my eyes with ehr hands.I span around and wound up falling over the couch on my back."Ow." I said. "You okay Babes?"Diana Asked. "Yup. "I said hoping up.We ran and got our hot cocoa. I slapped her ass again. "Oh you want some of this." Diana said pointing to her body. "Maybe" I said. "Hurry and finish your hot cocoa."  Diana said. We went upstairs after we were done and lets say that night was magic.

Diana POV.

------------Next day-----------

Louis wouldn't wake up so i went and started to suck on his neck and when He woke up I finished and blew on the spot. "YAY I found out how to wake you up!!" I said. "Pleasant way to."He said. "Wanna hop in the shower?" He asked. "Why not?" I said we got up and got in the shower. We got done and dressed when I heard someone scream I just put Louis's Red beanie on. I ran into Lucy's room. She was holding a.... PREGNANCY TEST!!!! "It's Positive." Luke and her smiled. I ran out of the room and out of the house. I ran and sat in the woods sure James was there but he doesn't what part of the woods I  went to. I sat there and cried. I don't even know why.. OH YEA!! MY EX GOT MY EX BFF FUCKING PREGNANT!!!! I wiped my make-up off and smelled Louis's beanie. Well whats the point of staying here minds as well sit on the beach. I went and sat on the beach. "Babes whats wrong?" Louis asked sitting down next to me. "2 Days after he fucking breaks up with me the girl is already pregnant." I said crying into his shoulder. "Sorry it's a stupid reason I should just go back inside. " I said trying to get up. "It's not stupid at all and you do have a pretty good damn excuse for being sad." He said. "Well lets go inside and get this over with." I said pulling Louis up with me. "Okay my eyes aren't red make-ups not running. Lets ROLL!!!!" I screamed. He put his hand around my waist. We walked in. "I'm So happy for you Lucy!!!" I walked over and hugged her. I just looked at Luke.I just shook my head and went and made hot cocoa. "Thank you Diana I'm quite happy for me too." Luke said sarcastically. "I would be happy for you if you didn't  break up with me two days earlier," I said. "MAYBE I DON'T CARE ANY MORE DAMN DIANA!" He said. "WHY DID I TRUST AN ASS LIKE YOU THAT WAS THE BIGGEST FUCKING MISTAKE I'VE EVER MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! YOU KNOW AND TO THINK I TRUSTED YOU!" I screamed grabbing my coat and walking out the door.

Louis POV:

I heard Luke yell"MAYBE I DON'T CARE ANY MORE DAMN DIANA!" Oh no he didn! "WHY DID I TRUST AN ASS LIKE YOU THAT WAS THE BIGGEST FUCKING MISTAKE I'VE EVER MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! YOU KNOW AND TO THINK I TRUSTED YOU!" I heard Diana scream then a door slam. "LUKE WHAT THE FUCK DIANA IS MY FRIEND WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO TO YOU I MIGHT GET A FUCKING ABORTION BECAUSE I DON'T WANT MY CHILD TO LOOK LIKE THE ASS WHO IS AN ASS TO MY BEST FRIEND!" Lucy screamed and the door opened and slammed. "Luke you just lost Diana,Lucy,And possibly your own damn child. What is wrong with you she never did any thing to you." I said. "She didn't do anything I didn't wanna date a girl with fucking cuts all over her damn body!!!" Luke said. "Hmmm really because you started dating Lucy Her and Diana met threw counseling over cutting you jack ass!" I screamed.  The girls came back. "OKAY EVERYONE I NEED TO TALK SIT UR ARSES DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!" Niall said. "Okay we had a few break ups, a ton of make up, and a shit ton of yelling and crying. Now Lucy and Luke are having a child.. maybe. Diana and Louis are now dating. A lot of running was done also but back to my point. Okay Diana Invited us ALL here That was her choice. All we did this vacation was break each others heart and lower everyone's self esteem. Now Diana gave us a key to her little ware house thingy. ALL WE DID WAS ARGUE AND SHIT WE DIDN'T APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAD AROUND US WE JUST BITCHED AND BITCHED THE ONLY THANK YOUS SAID WERE FROM DIANA!!! We didn't say thank you for anything. Diana I'm sorry. While we have the last 4 days of this terrible vacation. Let's appreciate what we have and try to be nice please?" He asked/explained. "He does have a point."Everyone agreed. "NOW I'M HUNGRY IF YOU WANNA SEE ME MORE PISSED I WOULD STAY SEATED." He said. "NANDOS!!!!"Diana screamed running out to the car. "Yup!"Every one yelled running out to the car.

Nialls POV: 


------Skip car ride still Nialls POV.--------

We ate and left. "I'm tired!!!!"Diana screamed from the back seat. I found a dirt road and went wayyy above the speed limit we made it there 2 minute flat Louis put Diana on his back and took her inside.

Louis's POV.

I laid Diana on the bed and laid down with her. I woke up to Diana tracing my tattoos. "What cha doin?" I asked looking at her. She blushed. "Noting." She said. "Sure seemed like you were doing something." I said. "Ugh you are so complicated!" She said laying her head on my stomach. "you know you love it!" I said. "Mhm."

Lukes POV. (ohhhhh) 

I feel bad that I did that to Diana. And I got Lucy fucking pregnant I'm not ready to be a father. "Hey babe!!!!" Lucy screamed running down the school hallway. "Hi!" I said with less enthusiasm than her.  "Don't tell me your thinking of..."She said. "Her." She groaned like it pained her to say that. "I just feel bad I mean right after we broke up I got you fucking pregnant. I'm a horrible person."I said. "No you are not!!! That Diana girl or what ever her name is she's a complete bitch you shouldn't let her over come your life." She said putting her hands on her hips."I thought you guys were friends." I said. "We WERE friends until like right now because shes taking over your damn life."She said. "Don't take it out on her." I said kissing her. Things got heated then the bell rang. "Skip classes?" She asked raising her eyebrow. "Hold up!!!" I yelled and ran out the door to the beach house. turns out that we are staying there until the end of spring brake and that starts in about 5 months. I ran there and found Diana making breakfast with Louis behind her hugging her with his head on her shoulder. "Diana I'm really sorry the guilt is eating me alive and I'm so sorry please forgive me!!!! Also I need to talk to Lucy about her being an ass to you sorry!!!!" I yelled running out of the house back to school. 

Louis and Diana's POV. 

"What the fuck just happened?"


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