Secret crush on my best friend.

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11. the confessions

Dianas POV.

We went to my house and watched movies it was Friday so i just had them spend the night we watched movies and i cuddled with Luke and fell asleep in his arms. I think I like Luke Hemmings.

Lukes POV.

"guys can i tell you something?" Diana was a sleep thank god she didn't need to hear this. They all nodded their heads. "i-i think i li-like Diana." i said their mouths hung open. "i knew it?!!!!' Michael said. Diana woke up and smiled. Shit. 'YOU WERE FAKING!!!" i yelled and she nodded. "well this is awkward." i said "well..." she said "not really because...." we waited patiently. "Guys can i tell you something?" they nodded strangely at her. "i think i like Luke." she said and i smiled. i hugged her and she hugged me too. " AWE." they all said. i laughed and Diana giggled "Damn that gurl is cute!!!."i thought. Diana and the guys wouldn't stop laughing. shit. "i said that out loud right." they all nodded and i blushed. "AWE Lukie ur cute when u blush." Diana said kissing my cheek making me blush more. "Diana would you be my Girl Friend?." i asked and she nodded. "YAY." I said and hugged her. "I'M GONNA DIE OF STARVATION IF WE DON'T EAT NOW. I GET AGGRESSIVE IF I DON'T GET FOOD." Diana and Niall said. " where do you wanna eat Princess and Nialler?." i asked. "NANDOS." they both yelled. " great now i have two Nialls." i said and Diana looked at me. "you Walked up to me and almost gave me a heat attack you chose to have two Nialls."she said and we all left and went to Nandos.

Dianas POV.

I pecked Luke on the lips and got up to change but then Luke pulled me down by my hips and the guys laughed. "I have to change!!!!" i said and he sighed and let me go. Michael tried tripping my but i stopped and stepped on his other foot making him move his leg. The guys laughed. "THAT HURT!!" Michael said. "GOOD IT WAS SUPPOSED TO." i yelled back. The guys ohhhhhhed and all that. i went and got an outfit and was heading to the bathroom. " i thought u were changing." Luke said. "i am. but not out here" i said and went in to the bathroom and changed. i came out with two glasses of water. Calum fell asleep i tip toed over and dumped the boiling hot water on him and giggle and sat down fast. He got up and all of us were dieing of laughter. i toop my dipped tips and put them in the hot water and all the color came out. i blow dried the tips and then put orange in. "lets go."

Dianas outfit

i redid my make-up to match the out fit then we left and wen to nandos

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