Secret crush on my best friend.

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22. Clubbing sucks

Diana's POV.

Ugh. Saturday. Bored. Nice dress. Bored. Drunk. BORED! Clubbing... I went down and made break fast and before I knew it Niall came and fell down the stairs screaming food. Typical Niall. Then the boys and the girls. "Hey guys we should go clubbing." I said and they all nodded. "How about around 4 so in about 6 hours?" I said checking the clock and they all nodded. "So until then the girls and I are going to get our dresses fixed *cough* boys *cough*." I said earning glares from the boys. "YOU KNOW ITS YOUR FAULT SO SHUSH!" Caroline said. "Thats it bae no need to swear." Ashton said rubbing her shoulder. "MICHAEL FUCKING GORDON FUCKING CLIFFORD PUT MY FUCKING PLATE DOWN!!!" He screamed. "Thats its bae no swearing." I said mockingly. "ha ha CLIFFORD I MEAN IT!" He said. "NAW IRWIN!" He said and started eating Ashtons food. "PUT THE FOOD DOWN!!!!" I screamed and Mikey dropped the fork then he put the plate on the table got the fork put it next to it and backed away. "Bravo Edwards (ya her last name is this lool she has like 3) you got Clifford to listen." Luke said. "Thank you Hemmings." I said sitting on the counter and pecking Lukes lips. "OKAY OKAY STOP I LEARNED MY LESSON!!" Mikey yelled. "What lesson?" I asked confused. We all broke down laughing. Everyone got done eating so I said I'll do the dishes. Everyone was down at the beach and I was watching while I washed the dishes. I felt some one come behind me and and wrap their arms around my waist and snuggle their head into my neck. "Hey babes!!" Luke said. "HAII!!!" I said turning around and wrapping my arms around my arms around his neck.He started to kiss me but Mikey came in. "WHY ME!!!!" He said covering his eyes. I just laughed and pulled away. "Ugh!" Luke said. "Why??? Mikey whyyy!!!!" he continued. "Well if i knew you two were gonna start making out i would've made one of the girls come in!!" He said. "What ever." I said in a basic girl tone with my hand on my hip and my hand out like im looking at my nails. I put my bikini on and ran out side. Luke already was dressed. Some one threw a grape at me and screamed fruit ninja and I hit it and screamed "fruit ninja has arrived.!!" Luke came over and threw me in the water. "LUKE THIS IS FUCKING FREEZING WTF!" I said. "Bae its like 70 its not cold." he said. "sorry thinking of the pool at home." I said.

(2 hours before clubbing dresses back)

We get dressed and head down.

"MIKEY CHANGE THE STATION!!!" Ashton yelled.

"KEEP IT!!" Niall yelled.








We get there and Luke goes to the bar and the guys go with their girl friends. And I go to the bathroom to fix my make-up.

She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of runnin' wild
How come she's so afraid of fallin' in love
She's not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
But she's so afraid of f-f-fallin' in love, love

my phone went off. I picked it up. -skip call-

I walked out and saw something I wish I never did. Perrie was kissing Luke. I looked at him the guys were as shocked as I was. They looked at me make-up running and I ran out. I ran out and sat in the car and cried. I hid when the boys came out with Luke. I hid under the seat hah none of them saw me.

 "LUKE YOU FUCKED UP!" Mikey yelled. "So who cares?" He said. "Well we do and I'm pretty damn sure Diana does too!" Ashton said. "Well I did but if Luke doesn't why should I?" I said and sat on Nialls lap. "Sorry Brooke I needed some where to sit." I said. "It's all good." She said and I smiled. "Diana how much did you hear?" He asked. "All of the crap that left your mouth." I continued. "Why Luke why what did I do you obviously want me to leave what WHAT DID I DO!?" I screamed the last part and started crying. Niall started rubbing my back. "I'm sorry I got your shirt wet when we get back I'll wash it I have other things I need to wash." I said to Niall. "No it's okay you don't need to." He said. "Are you sure?" I asked and he nodded his head. I turned around and hugged him. "Sorry again Brooke I needed to hug something." I said. "It's fine." She said. I called Perrie. "Hey you know how you and Luke kissed yea well he wants you more than me." I said. "Figures cause your such a slut." She said. "And ugly and worthless and Luke would never date a cow like you I'm surprised it lasted." She continued. "Okay." I continued. "I hope you and Luke are happy together." I said and ended the call and cried in Nialls shoulder. " Luke why would you do this to her just why?" Mikey asked. "You two were inseperatible." He said. "Key word were." I said. Luke just rolled his eyes. In about 5 minutes we got back and I ran in side and closed my door I don't care if it's locked or not. I found one of Luke's shirts and hugged it. I cried. Then I heard a soft knock on the door. "Come in." I said wiping off my make up and looking in the mirror. "Hai Mikey." I said trying to sound happy. "Hi." He said. He came over and started to rub my shoulders. "How are you?" He asked then I realized I was still holding Luke's shirt. "Okay I'm going to be honest with you. Suckie terrible." I said. He just nodded his head. "What did I do to fuck up Mikey what ik I'm ugly and all that but what else did i do?" I asked starting to cry. "To be honest you didn't do anything. You two were perfect. Look at you your clinging to his shirt for dear life. Hold up." He said. I stopped crying and I was looking like normal just clinging to his shirt I smiled I don't know why but I did and he took a picture then left. What the fuck. Then like five minutes later Luke came in. Great note the sarcasm. "What Luke it's bad enough I'm bagging on my self what?" I asked. "Diana I'm sorry I really didn't mean it. Okay I was drunk please for give me can we please go back to what we were?" He asked. I just nodded. "Never ever let me go to the bar alone." He said. I nodded agreeing. "GET DRESSED YOU AND I ARE GOING TO GO SOME WHERE SO I CAN MAKE THIS UP TO YOU OKAY?" He asked. "OKAY." I said. The guys and girls ran in. "DUKE IS BACK TOGETHER!!" They yelled. "MAYBE MAYBE NOT!!" I said jumping on Luke's back. "O MG Diana I'm so happy!!" Dakota screamed. Just then the royal bitch walked in. " Perrie what the fuck do you want?" I asked. " my boyfriend. Luke.." She said in a duh tone. "Sorry what the only Luke i see is my boyfriend for what will almost be 3 months." I said. "He's mine." She said. "How neither of u asked each other." I said. "Actually Luke asked me." She said and I got chocked up. "Oh." I said and grabbed a few of Luke's shirts and half if my things without them noticing I also managed to get my purse. I went to the spare bedroom next to my room. I went in there and thought about the time Luke almost had to confess he had a crush on me.


We were in math class. The boys knew how to piss me off. They kept trying to piss me off. "Guys leave her alone." Luke said. "Luke has a crush. Luke has a crush!!!" Ash,Cal,and Mikey said. "No." He said after a few minutes passed. I blushed.


I walked over to the mirror. "LOOK AT YOURSELF YOU WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH FOR LUKE GOD DAMN HEMMINGS!!" I screamed. I broke the mirror and picked a piece of glass up. "I'm sorry." I whispered.  I brought the glass to my wrist and started cutting. I moaned in pain but continued going. I stopped after 10 cuts i went and washed my wrist and wrapped it. i got a sweater that said" Don't got fucks to give SORRY!"  I walked down stairs. I went and sat on the beach. I felt someone sit next to me but I kept my eyes closed. "Diana I thought you stopped by now." The person said. That that voice.. MY BFF FROM HOME!!! "James then you would be wrong." I said. "Why this time and don't say the cat because I know you don't have one." He said. "Perrie." I said. "As in Perrie Edwards?" He asked nervously. "Yea why?" (Diana and Perrie aren't related.) I asked. Then someone else sat down. "Hey Bab- WHY IS SHE HERE!" Perrie screamed. "I WAS HER FIRST AND BITCH IF LUKE ASKED YOU TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND WHY ARE YOU WITH JAMES?!?!?" I screamed furiously. Good thing we were the only ones here. "I DID NOT!!!!" She screamed. "I HAVE PROOF I WAS GONNA HAVE A RECORDING OF LUKE AND I GETTING BACK TOGETHER THEN U CAME IN AND IT WAS RECORDING THE WHOLE TIME!!!" I screamed. She turned lighter than pale.  I hit play. And right as it was about to come and say Luke asked me she took my phone and chucked it into the water. "PERRIE!!!!!" I screamed. I was gonna get my phone but it was to far out. And sinking. "I'm done Perrie." I continued. "You win." I said. I went back and got my purse and went to the drug store to get a news paper. I got it, paid and walked back. I walked in and every one stared at me. In my hoodie. "FINE" I said and took it off sure I was in short shorts and my bra but idgaf. "Look at my arm look at what I did i broke a promise. Who cares ya know they'll heal." I said. There was a knock on the door I found one of the boys t-shirts and just threw it on and got the door. "HEYYYY JAMES!!" I screamed. I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He walked in side still holding me. "BOYS JAMES BOYS THAT ARE LIKE TODDLERS AND I'M THEIR BABYSITTER IT SEEMS!!!" I screamed. "YOU STILL LIKE SCREAMING DON'T YOU!??!?!?!" He screamed back . "ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING THAT?" I scream asked. "GOOD POINT!!" He said. I hopped down and got a glass out. I got out some ice and a pitcher of lemonade. I set it on the counter and did all the things you do when your getting a drink (sorry I'm lazy). I put everything away. I put the things away and went to the counter and hit my wrist the one that i cut of course. "HOLY SHIT that hurts." I said. I looked down and my wrist was bleeding a little i took out gauze took off the old stuff and put back the new stuff after i re wrapped my wrist. "Your got faster at that." James said. "James,Hun, I have been doing that since i was 11." I said and he just nodded.  "YOU'VE BEEN CUTTING FOR ABOUT 7 YEARS!?!?" Luke asked astonished. I just nodded. "You can't blame me." I said. "I skipped classes I skipped weeks of school because people bullied me to be honest I was scared to go home." I said. "This only happened once my dad had slapped me. I try to forget how do you do that I would have to get amnesia." I said. "Diana I would lie if I said the same thing didn't happen to me." Liam said with tears in his eyes. I walked over and hugged him. "Liam I..I'm sorry i won't bring the topic up." I said. I ran and grabbed my purse and sweater and ran out the door. "DIANA COME BACK!!!" Harry screamed. I ran tears fogging my vision I ran and ran and into the woods. I sat my back against the tree. I wiped my tears away. -2hours later- 

I got to the beck house. I knocked on the door and Zayn opened. "Sorry we can't he- ITS YOU ITS YOU OMG!!!!" HE screamed and picked me up by my hips and carried me inside. "LUKE SOME ONE IS HERE FOR YOUUUUU!!!!" He sang out hiding me behind him. "IDC!!!" He said. "YOU WILL REALLY CARE WHEN YOU SEE GET UR ASS IN HERE!!!" He yelled the boys got up cautiously pulling Luke with them. "SURPRISE!!!" He screamed and moved. Luke glanced at me then looked down then looked up again. "DIANA!!!!!" He screamed. Running over and swinging me around. Mikey came over put me on his shoulders and ran. Louis tried tripping him but I kicked Louis and he moved. "FOUL PLAY!!!" He screamed. "BOO HOO YOUR JUST WEAK!!!" I screamed. "LOUIE TOMMO ISN'T WEAK!!" He screamed.Well then Mr.Tommo you are ling to your self. " LOUIE TOMMO DOESN'T LIE TO HIMSELF!!" He screamed. Throwing a football (yes football not soccer ball) at me but i caught it and threw it at him. "Mikey can you do something for me?" I asked. "Depends." He said. "I just need to stand on your shoulders and you to hold my hands till I tell you to let go." I said and he nodded. I stood on his shoulders. "okay let go!!" I screamed jumped off and in mid air did a front flip and landed it. All the boys stood there amazed except James I used to do this 24/7. "Didn't know you still had it in you Edwards." James said. "Well I do Zank." I said. I went into the kitchen and was getting something to drink. Someone cam behind me and wrapped their arms around me and put their head on my neck. "I have a surprise for you Babes." Luke said rubbing in between my legs. "Babes the guys are here inside and my old best friend he DOES NOT need to know what we have planned." I said. "After he leaves?" Luke says kissing my neck and rubbing my inner thy. "That'll be late you know that and at night you don't wanna wake up to all of their complements do you?" I asked. "How did you sleep last night between Harry and Ash." Luke said. "I didn't." I said. "Make him suffer then!!!" He said. "Fine BUT after he leaves." I said moving my hips a little against his bulge. "NOT FUNNY DIANA." He said. "To me its hilarious." I said moving faster. He let out a low moan. "Your lucky I don't fuck you on this counter." He said.  I moved my hips faster one more time before grabbing my sherly temple and walking back out onto the porch. "DIANA AND LUKE HAVE PLANS TONIGHT!!!!!" Mikey said. "CLIFFORD I WOULDN'T KNOW BETTER IF I SAID UR HAPPY CAUSE YOU THINK WE'LL MUTE ALISSA AND YOU!!!" I said and he blushed. "MHM" I said. "An Edward and a Hemmings." James smirked. "Who are you my father?" I looked at him "No why" He asked. "Because thats what my dad said." I said play hitting his arm.  "OUCH" He said. "Sorry boo." I said kissing his cheek. "AWL BWETTER!!" He said. "Better cover your pal there buddy." I whispered and smirked to Luke. "Your fault!!!" He whispered. I just shook my head. I went in and changed into my bikini and went a laid on a lawn chair. I felt something cold hit my back then someone scream."DIANA DID HER ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!!!" Louis I think. "Louis. You better have your ALS ice bucket challenge done. BECAUSE UR ABOUT TO KICK THE BUCKET GOODBYE!!!" I screamed getting up. I ran after him and tripped him and then sat on his back. "WELL WELL TOMMO HOW DO YOU FEEL DIANA EDWARDS VICTOR THE FIRST TRIBUTE TO VOLUNTEER TO TAKE TOMMO LOUIE DOWN!!!! AND I MUST SAY IT FEELS AWESOME!!!!" I screamed. "DIANA DID YOU STEAL MY HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!???" Niall asked. "IN MY DEFENSE WE BOTH THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT FOOD GET OVER YOUR SELF!!!!" I screamed. "NOW LOUIE I COULD TAKE AWAY LUCY AND HIDE HER OR I NOMINATE YOU FOR R ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!!!!" I screamed. "ILL TAKE..... THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!!!!" He screamed. "AWE BAE YOUR TAKING AN ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE FOR ME!!!!" Lucy screamed. "What ever." He said like it was no big deal. "BOYS YOU HEARD TOMMO!!!! GO DO AS HE WISHED!" I said shoeing them away.Luke got the water. Zayn and Harry held him down. Michael video taped. The girls were in a corner giggling. And for me I was dumping the water on Tommo. I was just about to dump the water on Louis when "I VOLUNTEER. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!" Lucy screamed pushing past the guys. "I volunteer as tribute." She said walking forward. "Captain goes down with his ship." Louis said opening his arms. She ran into them. "This is Louis Tomlinson's  and Lucy Calder's ALS ice bucket challenge. Yes this is the real Louie Tommo. Are we ready Captain and Captains Right Hand Assistant?" I asked. "YES" They said huddling together. "MAKE THAT THE LOUIS TOMLINSON, LUCY CALDER, AND DIANA EDWARDS ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE." I said. I walked over and dumped the bucket on all of us. "CAPTAIN MUST GO DOWN WITH THEIR SHIP!!!" I screamed as the water hit us. I walked away and into the house and up the stairs. "HAI BABES!!!!" Luke said as he came in. "I'm glad its you and none of the other boys God." I said.I changed into a different pair of short shorts that said sass on the ass and my shirt that said can't handle the sass can't handle this ass. I put on my favorite boots. I ran and jumped on James back. "MUSH JAMO MUSH!!!" I screamed.He started running but tripped. -some one knocks on the door.- " I'll get it ALONE!!" I said. The boys sat down. I went to the door. "John. WHY ARE YOU HERE!!" I whisper yelled.


J-John D-Diana

J: Since when do you start standing up to your bullies.

D: I didn't I asked a question why are you here?

J: Because

D: Because??

J: Still annoying as ever. 


--end kinda of conversation---- 

I turned around to go inside when I felt someone grab the wrist that i cut. They grabbed it. Hard.

"I'm talking to you don't turn around." He said. I winced hoping he wouldn't see. "Diana I didn't even grab you that hard whats wrong?" He asked confused. I turned my wrist around to show him my cuts. "DIANA WHY WOULD YOU CUT!?!?!" He asked angerly. "I've cut since I was 11 I cut because when you started bullying me. I used to like you i moved on when you bullied me. then when i heard you call me those words and beat me when i had to hid at home cause I didn't dare let my parents see. I hid in my room and cutting was the last thing I had." I said. He raised a hand and i shut my eyes. " P-Please do-don't hi-hit m-me." I stammered. I waited and I didn't feel anything. I opened my eyes. He had a sad look in his eyes. "I wasn't going to hit you Diana." He said. "Sorry instinct now when  I see you raise your hand when your close to me." I said quietly. "Why don't you come out back James is here and I'm assuming thats why your here. Follow me." I said opening the door. He followed me out back. "JAMES!!!!" I screamed. "SOME ONE IS HERE FOR YOUUUU!!!" I screamed again. "WHO IS IT?" He asked. "THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE AND SHE IS A MODEL!!!!" I screamed. He came running up the stairs tripping. "JOHN IS NOT A MODEL ALSO NOT THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!" He screamed. "Your wayyyy different when your happy." John whispered in my ear. "I also am when I'm not being beat." I whispered back. "GUYS GATHER UP GIRLS TOO!!" I screamed and they all ran up the stairs. "GUYS GALS OTHER." I said. "This is James a VERY old friend. James this is Niall,Liam,Louis,Harry,Zayn,Calum,Ashton,Michael,And Luke." I said pointing to the guys. "Their girlfriends Lucy,Caroline,Alissa,Ash,Sophia, Brooke,Dakota,and Sarah." I said. "AND THE STARS OF THE SHOW DIANA AND JAMES!!! Shit you know them nvm." I said. "But about being a model I do have the legs." John said posing. "Nice to see the old you." I whispered elbowing John. "Same" He said doing the same to me. "Niall Irish people aren't supposed to twerk so ur next gig you can't ask Ashton." I said. "I kid I kid. You can thats what makes Niall Niall well besides Nandos." I said. "speaking of nandos I'm hungry.. LETS GO TO NANDOS!!!" Niall and I said at the same time. "Okay Niall stop doing that." I said. " Well Boys go with James girls with me and I can have two boys. Luke and John IN LE CAR SEE YA AT NANDOS!!!" I said and we ran to the car. Luke sat next to me and the rest in the back. He put his hand on my thy. I held his hand and drove with one. "This seems back words normally the guy drives ya know hah were different." I said to Luke. "i agree." He said. We got there and got out. "Diana got herself a boyfriend." John whispered in my ear and winked. "Maybe." I whispered back. They waiter her boobs were like almost legit hanging out. She came over gave us our menus and like bent down cause she drooped one so Luke would look down and see her boobs. "Hey I see you think my boyfriend is pretty cute." i said kissing Luke. That pissed her off I got up and she was about to punch me when i caught her fist.  "Try again sweet cheeks." I said giving one of those smart ass smiles. She tried again with her free hand but i caught that one. I hit behind her knee with my foot and she fell but not injuring herself. I got up and sat down. The boys looked amazed. "What girls can kick some ass waitress's ass too." I said. "Why didn't you do that when I did it." He whispered. (john) "Because you could kick my ass 2x harder and you had back up." I whispered back. Luke was talking to Niall about idek everyone had their own convos. "I'm sorry Katie said that you were using me when we were friends and she kept saying you said shit about me and she said I should get revenge. I'm sorry." He said. "I forgive you."I said. "Oh and I moved here." He said. "What road?"I asked. "(insert road here.)" He said. "Cool thats my road." I said. "Next to them besties?" He asked. "Always were always will be."I said. "Maybe always can be our forever." He said. "YOU ARE SO CHEESY!!" I said play punching his arm."Yup that's me cheesy Chester." He said. "What you know what never mind."I said. "okay Diana I dare you to stand on a chair and tell your darkest secret." Louis said. "Challenge accepted." I said. I stood on a chair."Hello Everyone Tommo has dared me to tell my deepest secret." I said getting everyone's attention."My secret is Before I moved here I liked my old best friend and i did confess to him but I already moved on and I now have the best Boyfriend ever Hemmo. It's not embarrassing but thats the worst secret i have and the other one I swore not to bring up the topic again. Peace out bichachoes." I got done. We left and I thought Luke would be pissed but he's happy. I texted Luke not wanting every one to hear the conversation. 

D-Diana L-Luke

D:I thought you would be pissed

L- Why would I be pissed  you gave that Hemmo dude a GREAT shout out 

D- I try

L- What ever 

D- were here act natural... wait there is none >.<




----End of convo---- 

I just sighed and put my phone away. I walked in and laid on the couch and went to bed. I felt someone sitting on my back about 3-4 hours later. "Get off or I will ingure you." I said. They got up. I went back to sleep.

(AN. I'm pissed so from now on this chapter will probably suck I am really turely deeply sorry) 

--------------Next day-----------------------

I woke up with the sun shining on my face. I don't know why but I felt like crying. I bit my lip and kept thinking 'suck it up'. I bit my lip til I felt the metally taste of blood on my tongue. I got up and went to the bathroom. I put a wet paper towel on my lip. I put my average make-up on.  I put on a blue mickey mouse shirt with white short shorts that say sass on the ass. I put on some navy blue converse w/ white laces(sorry detail). I brushed my hair put navy blue in my tips of my hair. I went down and 5/9 of the boys were eating. "Haiii!!!" I said as i hopped off the last step. I reached around Luke and took a piece of his bacon. "Really? OFF OF MY PLATE!!!!!" Luke said. James and John stayed the night and they tried their hardest to conceal their laughs. " YES I TOOK IT OFF YOUR PLATE WHAT IS IT SACRED!?!?!" I asked. Luke leaned over and kissed me. "DIANA FINALLY HAS A BOY FRIEND!!!!" John said I just giggled. "So John hows your 'co-worker' Josh?" I asked. I only said co-worker because he used to back John up..Well still does. "Diana he wasn't or isn't my so called co-worker." He said. "But.. I left out one tiny detail when I told you I moved here....."He said. I waited patiently. "Josh also moves here." He said. "John tell me your joking...You are right..."I said unsure. He just shook his head. Holy.Shit. My Ex moved in on the same street as me."Does he know we live on the same street?" I asked, Thank God we were the only ones in the house everyone went to the beach. "No..."He said, "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!!! JOHN Luke LIVES ON THE SAME FUCKING STREET AS MY Ex!!! No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No. NO "I said. "John....I'm gonna regret this.. but could you possibly take me to Josh's house?"I asked. He nodded. I wrote a note and put it on the table. "Don't mention my cutting please he already thinks I'm a skank and an attention whore." I said. "Okay."He said. We got there and holy crap I was nervous. John obviously noticed and put his hand on my knee. We started walking to the door. His mum answered the door. "Diana it's been for ever since we last saw you. John nice seeing you." She smiled. She doesn't know  that he has physically and verbally hurt me. "Come in. Come in." She said. "JOSH COME DOWN HERE 2 PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!" She yelled up the stairs and went into the kitchen. "Hey John... Whore." He said. I bit my lip and it started bleeding again.I licked the blood away. A tear fell I instantly wiped it away. "John why did you bring that skank of a human to my house?" Josh asked. "Josh I thought you were better than this I know I'm ugly. I know I'm the last person anyone would ever want to date. I know I'm a fucked up mess but really all grade school and starting high school you did crap to me. You don't know the scars you left even when I moved. I just wanna know why?" I asked crying. "I'm sorry." I said and ran out the door. I collapsed on the stairs crying. "Why can't I just die. Please someone kill me. Thats all I ask please."I said. I felt two people sit down. "Josh I think I had enough crap right now I don't wanna go lay in the road and commit suicide but we're working on it. I bet you want that to happen so what?" I asked. "Diana what do you mean I left scars even when you left?" Josh asked. "Okay you'll think this is ridiculous but when you did those things to me for about 5-6 years i cut and I'm just trying now to break the habit." I said. "YOU WHAT!???!??!?!?" He asked. I showed him my wrist. "I gotta go."I said and ran back to the beach house. I ran inside and up to my room everyone was out side still. I laid in bed and cried. John came in with Josh at his side. "Go away." I said they cam closer. "I said Get THE FUCK  away from me." I said. Josh came over and started kissing me. "She has a boyfriend bro." John said pulling him off of me. He was about to slap me when i grabbed his hand. "I've been away from your sick game Josh for almost 5 years. I learned a thing or two." I said. "Josh just..just leave." I said. "You can't make me. This isn't your beach house." He said. "Actually yes it is and I have 10 people you can ask not counting my parents." I said, I dialed my parents number and put it on speaker. "Hey mum this beach house is ours right one of my friends asked." I said. "Yes dear that is our beach house." Thats it bye!!!" Bye. And with that the call ended. "Get.Out.Of.My.Beach.House.I will make sure you leave." I said.  I took out my phone ans texted Zayn,Liam,Louis,Harry, And Ashton to come inside. "Okay Diana What do you need?" They asked. "Can you pwease mwake hwim weave hwe won't gwo awnd mwe wanna cwome owut wif woo gwuys." I said. "Really Diana stop being the stupid brat you are and fight like a girl." He said. Harry was fuming. I calmed him down. "Okay maybe I will." I smirked kicking him where the sun don't shine. "Despite all the things you did to me I'm gonna stop." I said walking out. 'I feel bad for your boy friend I wish I could save him." He said. "I feel bad for your future wife." I said. "Why?" He asked. "Because you won't be able to make any children when I''m done with you." I lunged at him but Zayn pulled me back."Josh dude leave." John said. "Whos side are you on mate? Her whore ass or mine?" He asked. "The Beautiful standing in front of me I'm on her side. WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU IF I WAS HER BOYFRIEND I WOULD NEVER BE AS HAPPY AS I WOULD'VE THEN!!!" He screamed. "Thank you John." I said. "I'm leaving." Josh said and left. "How about the have a beach party just us and the others. " I said. "Okay." they said.Every one walked out and I stopped John. "Okay we know I'm not beautiful and I'm the last person you would wanna date. Good acting." I said pecking his cheek. "I wasn't acting..." He said. "So I'm not that terrible?" I asked. "Nope." He said and I smiled. "LETS GO WE'LL MISS THE PARTY." I yelled running with him out the door to the back.  "HAIII BAE!!!!" I said running over to Luke. "HAII!!" He said. "GUYS LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" Zayn screamed. "OKAY!!! ILL START!!" He said. "Diana Truth or Dare?" He asked me. "Dare." I said. "I dare you to kiss John." "Wait what?" I said. Luke nodded for me to do it. "It has to be 10 seconds." He added. "Bitch you gunna pay." I said. I went over and kissed John. Just then Gemma Harrys sister comes running out with Louis's sister Lotttie. "GEMMA LOTTIE!!" I screamed. Yea they are like my best friends. "DIANA!!!!" They screamed. "You should date Louis." Lottie whispered in my ear. "Lottie I can't!!!!" i said. "PWEASE!!!!" She said. Fine we'll play truth or dare come up with your sick minded dare."I said she just giggled. -Skip to Lotties Dare!!!- "Diana I dare you to go on a date with Louis!!!!" She said. I looked at Luke then Louis. "When?" The guys gasped that i accepted it. "tomorrow 7 at Nandos. I'll get your outfit." I mouth sorry to Luke. "Diana will you see me in the kitchen?" He asked. "Sure." I said. "Diana this isn't easy but I-I think we need tiem from each other." He said. "Are you breaking up with me?" He nodded. "Oh okay." I was stunned. "Guys I'm gonna go to bed." My voice cracked at the end. A tear slid down my cheek. Only Louis noticed I ran upstairs to my room Louis said he had to use the toilet. He stood in the door way of my room. Louis was crying too. "Come here Lou-bear." I said opening my arms he came and hugged me. "Lou-bear why are you crying?" I asked. "Lucy broke up wi-with m-me." He said. "What about you cuddles?" He asked me. "Luke broke up with me." I said. "Hey Lou do you wanna you know go on that date but not as a dare... Never mind i probably ruined out friend ship sorry "I said. "I would love to."He said. "Okay." I said he was about to get up."Cuddle?" I asked? "Cuddles we can cuddle." He sadi and we fell asleep like that.




















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