Secret crush on my best friend.

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3. Can I come over?

(Both 19) Diana's POV.

I grabbed my phone and txted Luke.


D-Diana L-Luke

D- hey


D- I'm like really bored can I come over?

L-I'd have to ask my mum because the boys are here

D- oh then I'm probably interrupting sorry :(

L- it's okay ur not interrupting anything legit what's happening here is Michael and Ashton are arguing over the remote in my house and Calum is on his phone recording the whole thing.

D- sounds like ur having fun. Like are u sure I'm not interrupting things I don't wanna ruin ur 'guy' time.... :)

L- guy time?

D- yes guy time I legit said guy time and u legit said legit

L- I'll ask my mum

D- make sure I'm not interrupting thingssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

L- brb

D- tyt

L- okay I'm back mum said it's okay and let me guess ur home alone?

D- how'd you know?

L- no cars in the driveway.........

D- ohhhhh sometimes I think I'm mental

L- u are mental

D- 😮 lol ik :)

L- ok window or are you going to go threw the front door

D- I'll go with the window I'll be over in like 10 I have to txt my mum and get dressed

L- okay I'll inform my mum and tell the boys oh and Niall and the others are coming over.

D- Kay and tell ashton i said he's a bitch thanks ;)

L- will do but might wanna hide he will be on the hunt for you and my mum went to the store so when u get here it will be me the boys and Niall and the rest shortly probably after you get here.

D- okay any good hiding places?

L- lol nope good luck ;)

D- Kay then ill die thanks

L- yw get ready we'll be in my room and close ur curtains because of Michael lol he needs help.

D- I'm gonna tell him u said tht btw :)

L- fuck you

D- leave me alone to get dressed

• end of conversation•

• conversation•

D-Diana M-mum

D- I am going to Luke's. See you later.

M- Kay hunny txt me if u go anywhere else

D-will do bye:)

M- bye

•end of conversation•

I walk over to my window and shut the window and close the curtains. I put black shorts on, white t-shirt, black vest with diamond gem looking things under the boobs, and some ankle high black boots. For my hair I curl it and do my natural makeup.

Luke's POV

I txted Diana and she's coming over. " Ashton,Michael, and Calum. My room Diana is coming over." I say. "Oh and Ashton Diana wants me to give you a special message. And I quote your a bitch." I add. He just laughs. We all go up to my room and wait for Diana.

Diana's POV

I go and make sure the door is locked. And then go and climb out of my window and knock on Luke's window. He opens it for me and Ashton legit pulls me into the room. "Thanks for helping me into the house last time I checked I can get into a room by tree." I said. "Hey Ash did Luke say that I said u were a bitch because if he did he turned it around." I say and he glares at Luke. "I'm bored...." I say and they all agree. "Michael,Ashton I heard u were arguing over the remote well guess what forget about it kay?" I ask/say. "Why?" The both say and look at me. "This is why....." I say and run down stairs and grab the remote with them all chasing me. "And now u see why." I sit down and sit on the remote. *knock..**knock*. Some one knocks on the door and Michael answers it and sees Niall, Liam, Harry , Zayn and Louis. He lets them in. "Hey Nialler?" Luke calls. "Whaaa?" He asks. "Diana stole the remote and is sitting on it and won't give it back he point at me and whines like a little 5 year old. Niall walks over to me and throws me over his shoulder. As he carries me past Luke I give him the middle finger. He smirks. Niall lets me go and I run and jump on Liam's back. He almost falls over "holy fuck Diana!!" He yells and I giggle. I jump down and we have the idea if watching movies and Liam yells finding nemo we choose saw the. We watch finding nemo and then Luke's mom gets pizza we eat then I say good by confess I called Ash a bitch not Luke and that Luke said Michael needed help I thanked mrs.hemmings for allowing me to come then I left. I go home shower wan my face and brush my teeth then get dressed and lay down for bed.

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