Secret crush on my best friend.

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26. a.n

Third Authors note in a row holy crap I suck well I got out of school three days ago and made 20$ so far soo, I feel terrible for not updating but I will after this but I wanna thank you. For what you may ask? 705 fucking likes you guys are awesome I never thought my story would get this far. God I love you! So from Luke, Ash, Cal, Mikey, Liam, Harry, Louie, Niall, and Zayn Thank you!! We -yes I mean the boys and I- want to thank you so much for everything! Like all of these reads and for actually wanting to listen to the Boys and the boys write this. Call me crazy but without the boys I would be no where with this story. If none of the words they said to me didn't come I would be no where. So thanks Now here's a message to you guys from all our favorite 9 boys! (sorry its above movellas does that!!) ^^^^

also there will be 1-3 more chapters then book two will be coming out!!! I love you. We love you. Bye guys.


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