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Have you ever imagined that you were in a relationship with Harry Styles? Or did you go on great imaginary cruises with Taylor Lautner? Maybe a day on the beach with John Travolta would suit you. If you want your dream published just comment who your crush is (dead or alive, new or old), your first name, and where you meet or where you hang out. You can also add small details like your hair color or your favorite hobby. I DO NOT write sex scenes! You have to go to someone else for that. So keep dreaming on my friends!


2. Dolphin-Swimmer<3

You were a singer just starting out. You've had a couple of gigs. Ellen even invited you to sing your new single on her show.

After that great performance, you were more famous than Beyoncé! You Googled yourself and saw boys writing fanfictions about you. It was a little awkward, especially the dirty ones. But being famous was awesome.

Then you got your big break! You were asked to perform your single at the Billboard Music Awards! Knowing this is the award show that everyone watched, you gladly excepted.

After weeks of waiting for the night to come, it finally came! You strut the red carpet in your brand new designer sky blue dress. All the news reporters pushed and shoved their way to ask you questions about your life. How it went from singing on the street to singing on stage in front of millions.

You head backstage and get ready for your performance wearing jean shorts and a cute tank top. Just then, you realize what you're getting yourself into. You were sweating and shaking with anxiety. Just then someone put their hand on your shoulder.

"Hey, don't be so nervous! I was the same way my first performance."

You turned around and saw Ashton from 5sos! You thought he was the most handsome person in the world. One time you even wrote a fanfiction about him in your spare time.

You stammered, "Hi, I-I'm Lydia."

He smiled, "I'm Ashton in case you didn't know."

You laughed and he laughed. It was a great 30 seconds.

Just then, the director said it was time for you to get on stage. He wished you luck and all the anxiety washed away from you. And you had an awesome performance!

After the awards show and the after party, Ashton took you to his favorite restaurant. Then back to his house for a little fun!


You two end up marrying and having two kids. A girl named Clair and a boy named Johnny. You guys stay together until you die.


A/N Thank you Lydia for being my first request! I hope you like it! :-)

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