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6. Yours Infinity

Yours Infinity

By: Ms. Anonymous

This Movella is sooo touching, I nearly cried (Nearly). The writing is practically perfect! Honestly everyone should read this. The emotion that is stored in the words was unlocked and came tugging at my heart strings.

There isn't much to nit pick on this one. I usually go over board with pointing out errors. Hell, if I reviewed one of my own Movellas I would probably be able to fill two or more pages with errors, but this is really well written. I think it could be published as it is but without it being a fanfic. I think you could change the character from being Harry Styles to a person you create and develop on your own. Idk, maybe it's just me. I'm not a full out one directioner so idk much about them and maybe it is better with the name being Harry. But if you use Harry you should use all the other boys' names, like instead of Derrick use Niall. Maybe you could have use something to describe Lily and Harry. "I remember the way the early morning light made your golden hair glow and your pale blue eyes gleam." That's really it tbh, I couldn't find much wrong with it.

You do a fabulous job of showing Harry's point of view as well as his love for Lily. This movella is a true tear jerker. I would recommend it to anyone of my friends!

COVER: 8/10

It was appealing to the eye. The image was a bit strange. Yes, he appeared sad, but there were people in the background and he looked like he was combing his hair. Idk. The font could be a tad challenging to read but other than that it was really nice.


The connection was flawless. You did a great job tying what he signs the letters with and the title. I really thought this was going to be a story of love, but it turned out to be a story of Love, Grief, and Regret. Nice.

BLURB: 8/10

It was more of an explanation as to why he signed the letters with 'Yours Infinity' and less about what happens in the book. Why he signs the letters the way he does should be explained in the book not the blurb. The reason you still scored highly is because I found it touching and there weren't any grammatical errors.


The idea is very original and heart felt. The way it is written make the reader feel as if the were feeling what Harry was feeling. Also you should continue and add a bit of a plot twist: another girl. Idk, just a suggestion.


Amazing job! No one is perfect grammatically but this was ridiculously good! There were virtually no mistakes!


Congrats!!! Best rating so far! Awesome job, Ms. Anonymous!

I really loved this! Everyone should read it if they are in need of a good heart felt broken love story. I nearly cried!(it's a good thing to make the reader cry. That means your writing is good)


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