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7. Demonic


By: ExquisiteHarry

This movella was the BOMB! I'm literally about to fall off my seat! I can't wait to find out what happens! Everyone should really read this!!! The writing style was so adept and it had me entranced once things started to get going. Everything is described so well! A truly great movella by ExquisiteHarry!

It started kind of slow, but that's coming from a fast paced person. You describe thing beautifully. Once things started going I couldn't put it down!

"Then screaming was heard again but it could not have bred the dead child because they were dead so I quickly look around to see who it was but I saw no one…" should probably be written as "just then another terrible scream erupts through the heavy air. It couldn't have been the poor dead child. I look around frantically but I saw no one… how could this be?". The question adds extra mystery. "Murderers" should be "murderer's". When you say, "Also that he didn't have a weapon, but I noticed he had claw type things on the tips of his fingers." I believe, "the fact that he didn't have a weapon perplexed me, but my eyes darted to the bloody claws protruding from his fingertips." Would be more a effective. "…as the man drew closer with every step he took, my heart beat faster and faster.". "He seemed… inhuman like." Could be written with out the word "like" to make more sense.

COVER: 10/10

Simply gorgeous! Idk if you made it but I love it!!!


I don't think there is a better title for this story!

BLURB: 8/10

It's good but it should have a little more to it and that wasn't said it the book yet. I'm sure it will be but until then this is the score.


I LOVE this movella! It is very well written and I can't wait for another update!


Great grammar and spelling! There were a few mistakes but no major errors!!! The spelling was perfect!


My new favorite movella! Great job, ExquisiteHarry!


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