Writer's Review [Closed]

This movella is all about finding that perfect movella for you and helping other Movellas get noticed! I will give constructive criticism and suggestions. Also shout outs and other things will be given.
Author of the week.
Cover design competitions.
Movella of the week.
And much, much more.
Competitions will be held when enough people have favorited the movella.

Each movella will be graded 1-10 in the following categories:
Title matching story:
Plot and story:
Grammar and spelling:

How to get noticed is in the first chapter. Fill out the form and comment when done. Simple.



1. Introduction



Welcome to Writer's Review, a movella that gives other Movellas ratings on how well written they are. This movella tells people which Movellas they should read and helps get people's writing noticed. As a writer I understand what it's like to have a movella you want people to read and like but you simply don't know how to get noticed. Well this is the way.

•I will also post Author of the week, Cover of the week, and Movella of the week. To get noticed comment on this movella.

•Your movella will be graded on: Cover, Title matching story, Blurb, Plot and story, Grammar and spelling.


-Fill this out and comment when finished. Thanks.





Approx reading time:

When you want it by: (must me at least 24 hours)


-No explicit sexual content

-Please no 1D or Justin Beiber fanfics if the story line is 'OH MY GOD! It's one direction! *Falls in love with band member*' type thing. It needs more than that. I will still review them, though.

-No excessive self harm. I hate that people hurt themselves. I don't think writing about it will make it any better. (Just my opinion. Agree to disagree) I will still review of coarse.

-No commenting hateful things about other people's writing. I can tolerate it if it is at me but I don't like when people are mean to each other. It's pointless. Why can't we all be friends? (I actually don't think people on Movella are that immature but that was just a cautionary measure)


I can't wait for the first costumer. As a bonus they will receive Author of the week just for being the first customer! Hurry!

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