Her little secret

Rosie is a normal girl with a normal life. The only thing not normal is her background. Rosie has got a bad and dangerous past that she can't bare to relive. Her mother decides that it is better to move to get a fresh new start and one day a special boy walks into her life and makes it even better than normal. But will she tell him her past? Or will he find out himself?


7. chapter 6

Rosie's pov

It was almost 1 and I've already taken a shower so I just decided to change into high waisted shorts and a loose black crop top that barely showed my stomach and my high top converse. I went to the bathroom to do my hair. It was already 12:20 pm. I have time to curl my hair, to not waist any time I just curled the ends. I added some mascara and put lip gloss on. I looked at the time and it was only 12:30. Ugh I wanna go so bad I'm pretty sure he would mind if I dropped by early. I walked over there and knocked on the door.

"Come in" I heard a voice say. Which was weird because it did not sound like Harry at all. I came in slowly and just stood at the doorway. I texted Harry that I was here but he never replied so I kinda just wandered in the kitchen. I double checked the address he sent me. I heard someone coming I looked up and I saw a guy with a towel wrapped around his waist with his arms up and he yelled "Pizza!.....oh" he said and then pouted.

"I'm hi, I'm looking for Harry do you know where he is?" I asked him.

"Yeah why?" He asked back.

"Well he invited me over and he's not here. Did he go somewhere?" I asked a little annoyed.

"Yeah why?" He smirked knowing it was annoying me. Which was working, I put my phone in my pocket and looked at him.

"Look he invited me over, I am not some crazy psycho women. He wanted me to meet you guys but now I'm kind of regretting it. " he had stopped smiling by now. I walked away towards the door, until he grabbed my wrist.

"What the heck? Let go of me!" I yelled angrily.

"Look I'm sorry it's just-" but he got interrupted when his towel fell.

"Oh my god." I said and looked away. I tried to release from his grasp but he was frozen from what just happened. He was just starting to release when Harry and three other guys walked in with what I'm guessing, pizza.

"Um what's going on?" Harry asked half jokingly half serious.

"Um noth-" when I looked up I saw something that was so unexpected.

"Hey Rosie you alright?" Asked Harry.

"Um um um" I was frozen and so was the person behind Harry.

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