Her little secret

Rosie is a normal girl with a normal life. The only thing not normal is her background. Rosie has got a bad and dangerous past that she can't bare to relive. Her mother decides that it is better to move to get a fresh new start and one day a special boy walks into her life and makes it even better than normal. But will she tell him her past? Or will he find out himself?


4. Chapter 3

Harry pov

I am so happy that I meet Rosie. She is so nice and so beautiful I would love to see more of her. Especially her gorgeous brown hair.

"Hey who was that back there" asked Louis as we got into the car. Right now we are on our way to the park to play some football.

"Oh just a new neighbor" I said as if it weren't a big deal hoping they won't ask more about.

"Are you sure not another soul mate" Niall said while laughing. Then the other boys joined in.

"Ha ha ha very funny you guys." I said very sarcastically.

"Oh c'mon hazza you really think you two are really gonna last?" Liam asked.

I lifted my eyebrows and nodded my head saying 'duh'.

"Dude, guys he's serious" Zayn said.

"Of coarse I'm serious why wouldn't I be" by now we are at the park walking towards the field.

"Well you tend to make a big deal about the girls in the past and then get over them 3 days later. It's really hard to take you seriously that way..." Said Liam. I kinda get what they are saying but Rosie is different. I feel a rush every time we touch and her smile is just unbelievable. Of coarse I still agree with them.

"Okay look I get where you guys are coming from but if I prove to you that it isn't like this time, then, then you guys owe me twenty bucks" I told them. They all gave each other looks and then looked at me.

"Okay"they all said at the same time.

"Each"I smirked. They gave each other looks again and I heard Niall say yolo and they agreed. I am not doing this for the money I am doing it because I wanna really want to prove to them that I am better than that, plus it can't be that hard because I am slowly developing feelings for her every time I think about her.

"Okay so are we just going to stand here like a bunch of bozos or are we going to play some ball?" Asked Louis. We all said alright then tackled Louis for the ball on who gets to start.

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