In the sidelines (neymar & oscar)

Danielle and Esma recently graduated college as journalists. Their lives change when they were offered a scholarship in sports journalism at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They will have to work closely with the guys in the national football team, what will happen when they meet two of the players and fall in love?


1. Danielle & Esma

*A/N* I had been wanting to write this fanfic for a long time, when I was watching the World Cup I liked the attitude both Neymar and Oscar have, and they are soooo cute right? haha 

So here's the first chapter of the fanfic, I hope you like it :D. I made a contest to get the names for the two protagonists and five secondary characters. So congratulations to Danielle and Esma for winning Oscar and Neymar!


Danielle entered her school on a Monday. She had applied for a really big journalism scholarship and she was going back to her school to find out if she got it or not. She knew lots of people had applied, but she was pretty sure her well-written petition would make the people at the journalism agency to consider her for the job.

She found her teacher sitting outside his office talking to another teacher Danielle had seen around before at school. "Mr Greene?" she said. "Oh, Danielle! Good to have you here, let's get you inside to talk" Danielle entered his office and sat down in front of the desk. Her teacher followed shortly after, taking out a yellow envelope from his drawer.

"I just got this package from Brazil" Mr Greene said, a big smile on his face. Danielle frowned. "But, I applied for Spain, not Brazil" she whispered. "I know that, but all the spots in Spain were filled up before they got your application, so they sent it to Brazil. I think you should read this" he handed Danielle a white letter.

"Dear Ms. Danielle

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted in the journalism program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have to tell you this is a great opportunity for recently graduated students to widen their horizons and gain some experience as soon as possible.

You've also been chosen for the special divison, more information in the matter is enclosed in the package we sent you. We hope to hear from you soon.

João Botelho

Head of the scholarship department."

Danielle looked at his teacher and took the package. "What is this all about?" "The special division is an one in a lifetime opportunity, you'll be in the sports section like you wanted and you'll have the privilege to work with the soccer players themselves" Danielle nodded.

"You have all the information in the package, along with the plane tickets for tomorrow so I need your response now" "Yes" Danielle said smiling. "What was that?" her teacher asked, widening his eyes. "I said yes, I'm going to Brazil. What do I have to lose?" Danielle said, shaking her teacher's hand and heading home to get prepared for her flight. 

She almost never took risks, she always wanted to play it safe, maybe too safe. She somehow felt she was missing something in his life, and maybe sudden and random events could bring that spark she needed, and the Brazil trip seemed amazing to start with this new ideology.


Esma looked at all her bags in the airport floor, she was supposed to meet with her scholarship partner half an hour ago, but she was late. Not that Esma was mad, it gave her more time to go through her traveling list. She checked if she had her passport, cellphone, and most importantly her notepad. She wanted to keep track of all the things that happened during the trip.

"Hey, sorry for being late! The traffic was a nightmare!" someone said behind her back. She turned around to find a girl around her age. "Hi I'm Danielle" she said. "I'm Esma" They shook hands. "I guess we're in this together, huh?" Danielle smiled. Esma nodded. "Let's go!"

The trip to Rio de Janeiro wasn't that long for them, they spent all the trip talking about their lives back home and how excited they were for the trip. Danielle found out that Esma also studied journalism and that they were both assigned to Brazil's national team.

"So, do you know any of the guys in the team?" Esma asked. "Just a few of them, Thiago Silva, David Luiz.. do you?" Danielle replied. "I know Neymar, that guy is so cute. If I had to interview him I would never let him shut up, his voice is magical" Danielle laughed. 

"I don't know who he is, but he sounds fine" Danielle blushed. "Oh girl, he's more than fine, you'll see" Esma replied, grabbing her chicken and giving it a bite. Danielle laughed.

When they arrived to Galeão airport in Rio, they called the scholarship office to get the details for the place they were staying. "Hello my dears, I'm João Botelho, the head of the department. I want to welcome you to Rio, before you go to your apartment in Ipanema, we need you to come here to meet the first three guys you'll be working with, is that okay?" Esma looked at Danielle.

"Where will we leave our things?" Esma asked. "They'll be taken to the apartment, don't worry" he said. "Okay, who are we meeting?" Danielle asked. "We have Willian, Oscar and Neymar here" Esma widened her eyes. "You.. you mean Neymar as in Neymar Jr from Barcelona?" she said. "Yeah, sounds like you know him" "I do yeah" Esma replied. 

"We'll see you here, there's a car waiting for you outside, have a safe trip" the manager said. Both of the girls headed to the truck that would take their things to the apartment and then made their way to the car.

"You seem really excited for this Neymar guy" Danielle told her friend. "I told you, he's a cutie, besides he's one of thebest players in the world" Esma said, jumping in her seat. "I hope they like us"




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