Him im in love and pregnat at 14

When I found out I was pregnant pregnant wot his child will it ruin his life will he want the baby will be all on my own



1. the surprise

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh was the sound I making while having sex with him ugh ugh ugh ugh while he was thrusting in and out of me he said are u okay I was like keep going he was like but ur only 14 and I'm 20 ugh ugh ugh keep going babe just keep going he said but I can get in trouble

Harry keep going I don't care that u ca get in trouble I love u And anyways u have to stay with me for at least 18 years. Why do I have to stay with u

umm because I pregnant ur what ur pregnant at 14 with my baby I'm in a band that will ruin my career but I want to be here for u and the baby so we can keep it a secret right

Well if u don't want to embrace that ur having a baby well then u can leave and I will take care of this baby by my self or just move back to New York with my family

No don't leave London please stay just let me tell the mates first okay babe ok I love. I love u to

Baby I really want u to stay hazel please I really want to get to know u better " Harry pushed me into bed " he kissed my neck he went down my body slowly and passionately when he got to my legs he pulled down his pants and stuck it inside me we went on for hours and then he stopped because his phone rang

Was he cheating on me ) was there someone Else was he not satisfied with me all these questions popped into my head so I got up and walked away and he didn't say anything so I stated to put on my clothes and he stopped and was like oh ur leaving I was like I am now and walked out the door

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