Him im in love and pregnat at 14

When I found out I was pregnant pregnant wot his child will it ruin his life will he want the baby will be all on my own



5. baby Vanessa

Okay I am due in a week and we r all so excited she will be here soon

We t on our way to the big interview the boys have today but I'm feeling really moody and I'm havering really bad cramps babe are u okay yeah I'm fine I think we have to go home right after the interview tho

We are at the interview me and the girls are sitting there when water came dripping omg my water just broke guys get Niall the baby is coming we have to got to the hospital

Niall get me to the hospital we have word nails wife is in labor omg all the boys came running we all got in the car and drove an hour to the hospital

By the time we got to the hospital I was 8 centimeters dilated and was ready to start pushing

Zayn went to the house and grabbed the seat and diaper bag

Push push push omg I se the head Niall shouted I as it to Perri said I wanted all of them in there with me I'm 15 I had nobody else u know

Finally she's here Harry said wanting to be the first to hold her because he is her father but I wanted my baby girl first then Niall ten Harry can hold her

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