Dark Love

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 29 Dec 2014
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Did You-Know-Who really die? Or, did he fake it, plotting the biggest war the world, Muggle or Witch/wizard has ever known?

Dramione ship.


54. Hermione POV

Though I was perfectly fine, I was not allowed to leave the hospital for another week. Apparently I'm too frail.


There is a knock on the door, and Neville walks in.

Terror grapples my heart, squeezing and cursing it. It evinces harder and harder to breathe. Ice shoots down my spine as I put as much distance from him and me as possible.

"Hey, Hermione."

"Go away!"

"Wait, what?"

"I said, go away, traitor." I spit out the last word, like it's rotten.


"Don't call me by my name," I growl.

He puts his hands up in surrender. "Look," he begins. "I-I'm not whatever you think I am."

"Let me see your left forearm, then."

"I'd rather you not."

"Why not, Neville? Do you have something there me and the others can't see? A little.... Tattoo?" I had him trapped, and we both knew it. I give him a smug smile.

He sighs. "Hear that?"

"Hear what?" In my moment of pause, he darts out.

Of course.

I haven't updated this in so long! Lol I hope y'all still like this one XD love y'all

~ Grace Xx

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