In Vegas

Fake ID's. Check. Alcohol.Check.One Direction.Check.
How wild can a night in Las Vegas get?


2. 8 pm

“I’ll take the bar. Leila, you have the bathroom.” Ashley ordered.
“The bathroom?” I asked. “Which one?” I continued.
“I think you might what to start with the men’s bathroom.” Ashley advised.
“You want me to go into the men’s bathroom?” I asked incredulously.
“You don’t have to go into the bathroom. Just wait outside the door.” Ashley recommended as she turned to walk to the door.
Great. I am going to be the pervy girl outside the men’s bathroom.
I made my way through the crowd to find the bathroom. There was a long line of men waiting there. Can I going to just join the line? No, that would be stupid and draw attention. I settled to just stay in the shadow near the bathroom, where I could see clearly who went in and came out.
I stood like this for a while, when a much older guy came up to me in the shadows and said in a raspy voice, “Looking for someone, sweetie?”
I immediately shook my head.
“Are you lost, little girl?” He asked again while stepping closer to me. I tried to press myself back further in the wall. I could smell the alcohol on him. I closed my eyes for a brief moment trying to escape this dilemma. 
In this moment, I heard another voice, “She is with me.” 
I immediately opened my eyes. I was?
A guy passed the older guy and put his arms around my shoulder. I couldn’t see his face clearly. The older guy turned and walked away.
“Are you ok?” He asked me.
I nodded but I doubt he saw that because it was so dark. He tried to pull me from the shadows. 
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to go to the bathroom at clubs alone?” He asked jokingly.
I then lifted my head to look at the stranger. Oh. My. God. Louis Tomlinson, in the flesh.
I started to grin at him like an idiot. He politely smiled back and asked, “Will you be ok if I leave you here?”
I nodded carelessly. He then gave me another smiled and disappeared into the crowd.
“Thank you.” I shouted into the crowd.
I immediately went to find Ashley at the bar having a drink I’m sure shouldn’t be having.
“I saw him!” I exclaimed as I approached her.
She immediately turned to look at me. “Who did you see?” She demanded.
I looked around, before leaning into her and whispering, “Louis Tomlinson.” 
“What?!” She shouted. “Where is he?” She continued as she look into the crowd.
“Near the bathroom.” I replied.
“Why didn’t you text me?” She protested.
“Because…I was in shock.” I explained.
“That’s understandable.” She responded.
“So they are here. Let me tweet this. You should totally tweet it too. Imagine how much retweet you'll get.” She said as she took out her phone.
"Ashley, we’re supposed to be on a church retreat." I said showing that tweeting this experience was not a great idea.
Ashley looked at me and then putted her phone away, agreeing with me.
“Why did you not text me about it immediately?” Ashley complained. “We have no idea where he is right now.” 
I’m sorry, I was busy talking to a hot celebrity. 
“I do.” I stated while pointing to the exit.
“They’re leaving?” Ashley proclaimed while standing up from her seat and moving into the crowd. 
I threw twenty dollars at the bartender for Ashley’s drink as we proceeded to follow Ashley through the crowd.


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