In Vegas

Fake ID's. Check. Alcohol.Check.One Direction.Check.
How wild can a night in Las Vegas get?


1. 7 pm

"Did you find it yet?" Ashley asked me while she stood behind me and my laptop.
"I'm working on it." I responded while pushing my glasses up from the bridge of my nose.
"Well work harder." Ashley demanded while coming from the bathroom, drying her wet hair. "We need to find out which club they are going to be at tonight before it’s too late." She continued.
Few minutes later, I exclaimed, "Got it!"
"Where?" Ashley jumped off the bed and rushed to my side to see the laptop screen.
"They were last seen going into Club Ecstasy." I stated.
"How long ago was that?" Ashley asked.
"About 15 minutes." I answered. "Chances are, they are still there." I continued.
"Then what are we waiting for?" Ashley asked rhetorically, as she picked up her bag and open the door wide.
"Do you have your ID?" Ashley asked as we exited the taxi when we reached Club Ecstasy.
 I dug through my clutch to find mine ad lifted it up for her to see when I finally found it.
They aren't our real ID's. They were our fake ID's that we made in order to get into any over-21 club.
We are not that under age. We are in Vegas to celebrate Ashley's 18th birthday. I still had 3 months to go until my birthday.
We all told our parents that we were going away on a church retreat. It was Ashley's idea. It worked really well.
Ashley is the wild one in our little duo. She is the one who gets me to come out of my shell and have fun. She is really fun to be around.
Then there's me, Leila. I think I'm the smart, grounded one. Ashley says that I'm too innocent, but think that she is too wild.
"This line is so long, and my feet are killing me." Ashley complained.
"I told you not to wear those shoes." I replied.
"But they are so cute." Ashley said with a pout.
"They won't be so cute when they give you blisters." I directed to her.
"Let's just join the line." I stated while holding Ashley's arm so that she didn't fall over.
It took a long time to get to the front of the line. I am never going clubbing again. This is horrible. How does celebrities just get to go in as soon as they arrive? 
Right, because they are celebrities. Their presence at the club is good for the club's reputation. 
"ID!" The bulky bodyguard demanded as he prepared to let us into the club.
We all showed him our fake IDs hoping that they are good enough to let us in.
He glanced at the IDs then looked carefully at us. Were we suspicious?
He then lifted the hook and allowed us inside the club.
It was very dark with colorful spotlights all over.
“Isn’t this exciting?” Ashley squealed.
“It’s very illegal.” I responded.
“Just relax. It’s not like we are going to get caught.” Ashley responded. 
“Let’s us find the boys.” I said trying to settle the argument.


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